Back Pedaling? Sure Why Not and Here's Why

Last Update: February 15, 2014

Honestly, feeling relieved! Here's why.

On February 9th I found myself thinking I'd created a setback for myself because I had not captured some critical training elements from Kyle's training videos. After creating my website (and investing all of that work) I was confronted with a decision to keep the one with dashes in the URL or to start over again.

Somehow I missed that getting indexed and ranking is not as effectively accomplished if there are dashes in my website name. So upon receiving the link to the lesson it was covered in

I went back to do it over. Good Grief! How did I miss that point that Kyle very clearly stated? I know I have been anxiously doing the lessons but that wasn't the only thing I'd missed.

Kyle had this to say:

"What is the domain you chose? It is not necessarily the end of the world if you chose a domain with - in it. They can still get ranked.

If it is a .com I would not be overly concerned, but no dashes within the domain is definitely a bit better and obviously .com domains do rank the best."

Even still I want to maximize my potential to be found and to direct traffic to my site so...

I found the URL that matched my site name was available and decided I should recreate with that URL. Then I was confronted with the overwhelming feeling that I might have to rewrite every single word into the new website. It was then I discovered that just writing in the Wordpress editor isn't a good practice.

I'd gotten stuck on a point I did hear in the lessons that there is background programming in MS Word that would create problems on the page. So here's the lesson that covered this and guess what, there is a way to do what I wanted to in Word and still be able to correctly insert it into Wordpress. And I was encouraged by a generous Ambassador that to

"go to paste a MS Word doc into your Wordpress editor you have to first click on the "Text" tab and then paste it into there. Then you can switch back to the "Visual" tab."

And for goodness sake, the lesson I missed this point in was

So...I just started back where I goofed and redid all of the lessons to make sure that in the new site I'll have it right with Google Authorship and all. Now I feel like I can begin my level 3 lessons with choices that will all marry up. I go again but before I jump back in just want to thank Nathaniel for posting about this concern (about the dashes in the name) and Robert for being willing to PM me through my stuck place. Did my back pedaling and recreated...I did so because I want to benefit from the sage advice and recommendations we receive from our WA community! That's why!

So, let's sit back now and again, breath in the beauty of our awe inspiring world and remember, as I have had to remind myself, that as long as I learn from my mistakes...well that's still progress!!!

Here's my new/revised website:

I'll be seeing you again soon, after I drink in the memories from this Hawaiian sunset I basked in a couple of years ago...and of course, breath again. "-)


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Kyle Premium
This is all part of the learning curve that we all go through Linda. Sometimes...actually, quite often we will do something that may be wrong or viewed as a failure in our journey to success. The reality of this is that this is just a learning experience and it only makes us better as a result.

You are doing just fine and I think you are making some awesome progress. I love your realistic approach to business and I think that moving forward, you are going to be in very good position with your website and with what you have done thus far! :)
lindasea Premium
Hello Kyle. This is a thoughtful and most welcomed response to my blog. You know what is cool about your the sync up with the 'water under the bridge' attitude I've adopted since I put up this blog.

You are right on target when saying "this is just a learning experience and it only makes us better as a result." Thank you very much for that reminder and for the words of encouragement about my progress! And also for the feedback in Chat, was it just yesterday?

I continue to be 'shocked and amazed' at how much is offered to us as Premium members. What you have created in this community and with the education you and Carson have made available is nothing short of absolutely remarkable. So ... THANK YOU very much!

Jenna7 Premium
Glad you have it sorted. :)

I looked at your site-what an excellent idea for a site-love it. I only wish it was around a long time younger sister was a special needs child, but since passed from her disease.

I know your website will help so many people, and I look forward to following it.

Take care.
lindasea Premium
Hello Jenna. This is wonderful feedback. I so understand your feelings about your precious sister. There is so much in this 'special needs' world that is evolving now so I hope i can be of service to someone along the way.

Thanks much for taking time to look at it!

Karyskis Premium
Your site is great! Glad you got through the first few humps, I think we all have made mistakes and had to redo things. We just keep on keeping on. ;)
lindasea Premium
Thank you Kary! Yes I have seen this in the flow of other comment threads. I have been anxious to create and see any little thing come from my efforts. So...I'm going to "just keep on keeping on" with you and other WA members. Its the right path to be on, that's for sure!
nomda ploom Premium
your site is excellent, and I can see how it is going to garner a growing audience. Many congratulations- when you add social sharing and Facebook elements it will skyrocket, I am sure...
I am sure that you have at least 3 Kindle books of content waiting to be published from your site material alone. Setting aside what is lodged in the gray matter...
Great post, and thank you, Andy
lindasea Premium
Hello across these many miles, Andy.

Thank you for taking time to look at my site. Having you say that it is "excellent" means a lot to me as I remember you have been developing sites for others for some time and apparently already have a great deal of experience in this IM world. So your feedback is truly valued.

I expect there is a lesson coming up that will teach me how to get that social sharing plugged in. And how encouraging to hear that things could potentially skyrocket. WOW...SO encouraging to hear since I'm so new at this.

I'm very blessed to be my granddaughter's adoptive mom and grandmother! Every day is a holiday with her. Now I have other celebrations that are touching my having good folks to give me a boost and cheer me on. There are more than one but you are most certainly one of those cherished new friends!!! I consider you to be a "gem".

nomda ploom Premium
wow flipping heck crikey blimey wow, woah, darn and more- Linda, that is so kind. I am running a temperature, got little sleep and I have a cranky elder person throwing toys out of the pram...but now they have made room in the pram, they might just get in it and go to sleep...

We never know when our words are going to lift others. Thank you for yours.

I think that you can gain massive trust with your site, and your library and resources section- which I am sure that you will add will convert like crazy as a consequence.

Twitter will really help you and Google Circles, and yes the training and search results bringing up helpful member training and blogs will too.
Go go go!
lindasea Premium
Hello Andy...sorry to hear you are under the weather ;-( with a fever and all. We spent three weeks in my household getting through whatever flu bug hit. Heal quickly and thanks for the words of encouragement even while you weren't feeling your best!

I really like the idea of creating a Library and think it will work well in the Resources page. Awesome suggestion and most appreciated.

Keep are such a GEM.

autumn56 Premium
Hey there, sorry you had to redo all that work but I aim glad that you are getting it figured out and continuing to learn new things. And yes, Microsoft word is infamous for including a lot of back ground code. If you are formatting things in Word though and would like to keep that formatting I would suggest you look into this plug in if you arent using it already

It has a paste from word option which will let you keep the text formatting and such. It also makes it a million times easier to customize the text and such on your posts/pages without having to be code savvy at all.

As for missing stuff in the videos, you are not the first and you will not be the last lol. Many people do the lessons more then once just to make sure they catch everything but at least you know for the future! =)
lindasea Premium
Hello Autumn! How nice of you to respond to this little blog about the back pedaling path I've been on for the past week.

THANK YOU for giving me this 'tinymce' plugin. I will go and look for it and start using soon. It is so frustrating to be intimately familiar with MS Word and after the cut and paste through the "text" window to have to reconfigure paragraphs and some formatting. I'm looking forward to customizing the text too!

Your kind and supportive response is VERY much appreciated.