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I am surprised and grateful that since December 2013 I have been a member of this community. Surprised because I didn't have a clue when I began this education. Grateful because I have learned so much and I see light at the end of this journey toward a successful online business.While my last year has been one of the hardest, again drawing on my time and drawing me away from work on my site, I am still committed to making my way to a successful online business. Indeed, it is even more urgent
December 02, 2015
YIKES! I have made a change in my WA account that will better ensure my annual payment is cared for with no glitches. I have had the persistent and terribly troubling red bar across the top of my screen for two days and it was freaking me out. An automatic deposit into my checking had not been made so when WA drew on the account for my annual payment, YIPES, insufficient funds! Look this was freaky to me! I don't want to loose my momentum here or my progress. The good thing is that it was
UPDATE: January 22, 2016 Wealthy Affiliate, the only online organization that gives so much to its membership that its brilliance and integrity continues to amaze and surprise members. This platform and what it offers to anyone willing to learn how to launch an online business just keeps shining brighter and brighter ...and, yes getting oh so much BETTER!The below original post of the great characteristics on the first and front page of Wealthy Affiliate needed to be updates to include the marv
Just want to briefly send word out as seeing one another's successes helps to keep one's enthusiasm up! Right? Right!I posted this just one day ago. When I checked through my Jaxxy account, I found my brand new post on page 1 position 1 in Google. WOW.I followed the methods learned from Jay in composing 'evergreen' content on my important subject of preventing autistic children drownings.Here is the magistudios link to the class that helped me compose this.
June 01, 2015
Well, I have been out of the WA loop again. The world and its many challenges threw another curve my direction and I had to hunker down and handle a couple of legal matters. One is in the hands of a judge now, the other is still looming, but I just wanted to reconnect here in my WA world.Checking IN!As always there are MANY new faces since beginning my brief hiatus. I have only been skimming along here being inundated in my personal world. If you are new to WA then I send you a hearty welcom
February 20, 2015
I have been plugging away, not knowing really how my efforts were scaling in the big wide world of the web. Here in our Wealthy Affiliate community you will hear it repeated many times, "just keep writing". Create content that helps people, solves a problem or reaches out to touch and engage with them. I'm not going to belabor this, I just want our new Wealthy Affiliate friends to know and my lovely network of supportive people to see, especially the new folks, that ...What we are trained to
Now I do enjoy a nice glass of wine next to a crackling fire in my fireplace. Guess what I am doing tonight? Ummm, after a crazy week with the kids it especially feels oh so nice. And you would get what I'm saying if you had teens. Love 'um but oh my ... well no more needs to be said, right? And then there is my precious and precocious almost 6 special needs daughter. WHEW! Man o' man, I made it one more week! Let's celebrate!Reflections on Blessings No, but tonight what I reall
January 13, 2015
In what can sometimes be a juggling act, do you sometimes find that you aren't getting to the things that are priorities. Its all a balancing act to be sure, but something that many have found helpful is to tap into music. I don't play an instrument. I sing! But someday I want to learn the piano as it has been a passion of mine since the third grade when I was taking lessons from my school's music teacher and loved what I was learning. I would stay in the auditorium after my lesson and p
As 2015 begins I was musing about stress and its relation to my success here with my Wealthy Affiliate courses and community. And then a well worn statement came to me...'knowledge is powerful'. Okay, I know that has been said ad nauseum but....Sometimes knowing something doesn't change that something. Stress Can Undermine Success Do you live with an undercurrent of stress in your life? It is a well established fact that stress induces poor health, is even a precursor for dangerous degenerat
When you think of the time you have, do you sometimes feel like you don't have enough time? How do you define time? As we engage with the classrooms and information in our WA learning curve, being able to manage our time is critical to growing our business. So what kind of time do you have? There are only two kinds: Clock Time Real Time We all have clock time. Its that 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year ... time. We all have it! But you