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What lesson can we learn from this dumb business idea?

What lesson can we learn from this dumb business idea?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

A respected colleague of mine forwarded this to me.

If people buy it its a great idea. I read the owner of thiswebsite makes more then 10.000 a month with this idea so you can say all you like i think this guy is absolutely not dumb. We may could try some of these crazy Ideas in the WA communtiy to see what we come up with!

Lol. It shows that there are no dumb ideas. People buy what they want to buy. People follow people. If it's trending then that's where it's at. Wish I had that dumb potato idea though lol.

You could all ways come up with a tomato idea lol

Lol! That potato idea got me thinking about some Good dumb ideas lol

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How can I change wordpress user password?

How can I change wordpress user password?

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Everything Wordpress

I used to be able to go to my Wordpress user profile and set a custom password for the login. I cannot do this anymore. Does anyone know what happened to the password fields?

You can reset your password which will generate a new strong password for you but you cannot choose the password using the normal wp-admin method.

To reset it just go to your website manager page, (blue site Rubix button on left sidebar then site manager) click on log in, and in the pop-up box, there will be a little button that says reset. Click that reset to reset the password.

No, you cannot change your passwords anymore. This is part of the security measures of WA. Sorry, I cannot find the blogpost anymore...

Chees, Kay

Anyone used ebook copy protection software successfully?

Anyone used ebook copy protection software successfully?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I will be finished with an eBook soon. It's so easy to copy eBooks and share them with friends. This can hurt your sales.

There are eBook copy protection software out

Whatever you do don't make your eBook into an executable (.exe) file because people won't buy it or they'll ask for a refund. .Exe files can contain viruses, worms and other malware so your customers won't want to have them on their own hard drive.

In my experience you'll never be able to stop people from sharing eBooks so I don't ever try to make mine into anything other than .pdf.

If you don't already have the software to create your .pdf then you can use my recommended open source office suite for free. http://prefertoworkathome.com/creating-ebook-free/


You can get this, but at the end of the day anyone that is going to share your ebook is going to share it anyways. It is very easy to see if someone is sharing your ebook with a simple Google search and I would not be too paranoid about this (in my opinion).

Hi Kyle, thanks for chiming in.

The eBook will be expensive because the how-to information in the book really works and solves many problems. I'm a little concerned about how to protect this information from thieves.

Most people are honest, Lemm, so as Kyle says I would not worry too much about having your content copied by a few of your customers. Besides, why would they do it? To help friends? When you are in a theft mentality you do not have that many friends and you do not care much about something that does not bring back a tangible profit to yourself.

In short, it seems to me you are thinking about your audience in a vague way (hence your present worry). Targeting the right people for the right thing at the right time is, I think, all what you need to worry about.

Hi Phil, You have a very good outlook on this. I know this fear is not positive. It sounds like you already have experience in this area. Thanks for commenting.

If you find it, let me know please. I'm putting everything in word right now then I am going to convert it over to pdf. What Ebook program are you using?

Nuance PDF Create 8

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Suprising new google ranking factor???

Suprising new google ranking factor???

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Search Engine Optimization

I received something in my email this morning that surprises me a bit. They claim that the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in your Google ranking is not your content, linking or social n

I think Kim hit it on the nail! Ultimately it still goes back to quality content!

Well the clicks I have in Webmaster tools for specific pages and posts raises the CTR percentage, ones with out clicks are still 0% CTR. Here is the Wikipedia definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Click-through_rate
I think that he may have a valid point to this.

Thanks for commenting. The main point of the presentation was that Click Through Rate was the MOST IMPORTANT RANKING FACTOR in Google's eyes, and this was largely determined by captivating title and meta description from our side (which causes people to click).

So the underlying question is: Is content still Google's most important factor for ranking or is click through rate more important now?

Obviously content is what drew the audience in and gave them a reason to give it a click, so from a visitor stand point without content there would be no reason to click in the first place, both are relevant factors to compliment one another. :))

I agree with the sales pitch theory.

Yeah, Barry's right! Just another sales pitch. Ignore it!

Just a sales pitch from an SEO company


I thought so too, but just wanted to make sure, since the sales pitch was so blunt. He also mentioned that links, content and social media was also important but was not as important as the Title and meta description from Google's standpoint.

the ranking factors are 200 in number, every SEO wannabe guru well tell you they know best, fact is they know no more than anybody else


Only 200? I thought it was a lot more like a 1000.

That sounds completely backward to me, but if that's the case I should be ranking really well!

Well then...your titles and meta description must be quite captivating, and nobody is clicking them, right?

I'm not sure they're captivating. They have a low QSR and are relative to the content. It's hard to do both.

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