Made some fundamental mistakes at the start

Last Update: May 29, 2017

Hi Everyone

Well.. I'm on a steep learning curve at the moment... am going back to the basics and kinda starting over. After getting horribly depressed at my dismal traffic stats in google analytics the other day (When I check out my google analytics I just want to cry), I started looking into what I may be doing or not doing that's slowing down my progress.

Thanks for all the help and support, Isaac @IsaacSc Paul @paulgoodwin Michael @MKearns Jovo @jvranjes and Anke @AHohaia

Turns out I skipped a vital step right upfront - I never created a sitemap for any of my sites and submitted them to the search engines.

I got this sorted today.

I started with Marion Black's quick, simple training.

Sitemap: Using All in One SEO Plugin

To ensure that I was submitting to Google Webmaster Tools correctly, I also did Kyle's Training.

Setting Up & Submitting a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Kyle recommended using a different plugin: Google XML Sitemaps and I found this plugin had more functionality, so I used this plugin for my main site (Inspiring Mompreneurs).

I then realised I hadn't even verified my sites on Bing!

So I also did Kyle's training. How to Create a Bing Webmaster Tools Account

Verified my sites on Bing and added sitemaps for each one.

My verdict:

Sometimes you re-inventing the wheel is EXACTLY what's needed.

If I compare my site on Google Webmaster Tools before today it looked like this:

Now it looks like this... WOOOHOOOOO!!

Decision made:

This week I'm taking a break from posts to go back to the basics and fix as many errors as I can on my websites. Perhaps then I will see some traction in google analytics.

Thanks again to everyone who reached out to me in my hour of need. I will implement your suggestions too.

All the best


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DarleneB Premium Plus
Good to hear things are turning around for you.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Darlene.
lynnsam61 Premium
Glad you got it all sorted out Lauren.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Erica. Getting there, step by step.
paulgoodwin Premium
Hi Lauren and GREAT pics!!

Now are you on Google, Bing, Yahoo AND Yandex??
laurenjean Premium
Huh? What's Yandex? Ha ha... will look into it. Thanks Paul. I understand from Kyle's training that once I'm on Bing I'm automatically on Yahoo. So 3 down.
IsaacSc Premium
That's a great news Lauren. Hope this will bring the traffic your site deserves! Btw, don't forget to fetch with webmaster every time you publish a new post =)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Isaac. Yes, fetch is the next step I must master. The google consol has been my nemesis for a while. I struggle to navigate my way around it. Find it super confusing. I don't think its designed for non-techies like me. Was relieved to find that Bing is so much more user-friendly.
Loes Premium
Right on!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Loes.:)