Dazzled by LinkedIn Success

Last Update: November 13, 2019

Oh. My. Word. LinkedIn just keeps getting better and better for me.

Last night I received a request from the personal manager of a celebrity!!

He asked me if I would interview and feature one of the celebrities he manages.

I am over the moon excited!! I am bouncing off the walls!

I'm struggling to focus on anything else today. So I created this little image of how I'm feeling...

Why I'm so Excited

I have three reasons I'm so excited about this win.

1. Realisation of Longheld Dreams

The first is that I set an intention about 2 years ago that I wanted to interview celebrities on my website.

And I was very clear when I set this intention that I didn't want to have to call them up to ask them for an interview. I wanted them to come to me.

I wanted to offer so much value to the Mompreneurs I feature on my website and promote on social media, that Inspiring Mompreneurs became a sought-after place to be featured.

A sign of prestige. A stamp that you've made it.

Receiving that request made me feel I'm beginning to realise that dream.

I'm well aware that I may be counting my chickens before they hatch. The interview isn't published yet.

But hey, if I don't celebrate the small wins along the way, who will?

2. Validation of My Hard Work

The second reason I'm so excited is because this is validation of all the hard work I put into my interview posts.

I'm convinced this request came directly as a result of an interview I just published of a Mom Inventor - because the request came just after I shared the post on LinkedIn.

And both Moms - the celebrity Mom and Kate Spivak, the Mom Inventor I just interviewed -(who is also a Public Figure, by the way) are IBCLC's (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants).

I've been working on this post for nearly 2 months.

I created two infographics for the post, the usual one I create for all the Mom Entrepreneurs I interview and another one to showcase the product Kate invented.

We also shot a video on Zoom to embed in this post.

Unfortunately the video came out horribly because I used my laptop webcam and I had to do the interview after dark (because of the time difference) so the lighting wasn't great.

As soon as my Black Friday expenses are covered, I'll be investing in lighting and a proper webcam so we can do a re-take.

3. Validation that LinkedIn Works!

I'm answering a question I asked back in April, Does LinkedIn Work? with a resounding ABSOLUTELY!!!

This isn't the first amazing thing to happen for me on LinkedIn.

I started a little group on LinkedIn called Fempreneurs Unite a few weeks ago and I've had 70 amazing power women join me.

  • One of the ladies is an Author of 3 books and invited me as a guest on her 15 Minutes of Fame Show on Facebook which was such fun!
  • Another one of the ladies runs a popular podcast and she invited me as a guest on her podcast which was also awesome!

A Very Important Lesson

One point I'd like to make here is that all this work - the interviews, the hours and hours I invest creating graphics for my website, the LinkedIn groups, the shows, the podcasts, is UNPAID work.

It's not the work that pays the bills.

But it's probably the most important work I'm doing as a Digital Entrepreneur.

Because it's the work that helps me get found online.

And aAs I've been growing my targeted connections on LinkedIn, I've met the most incredible women.

When I launch my Virtual Summit next year, I'll be able to promote these women in a huge way. And at the same time, I'll grow my email list and launch myself as a name on the net. And oh yes, money will be made.

Does 4 years seem like a long time to achieve success online?

The doubters think it's taking me an awfully long time. They can't understand why I work so hard for so little monetary reward.

That's because they don't understand entrepreneurship. They don't understand the secret of the wealthy. They don't understand the curve.

Put in many hours for very little reward upfront - to receive many rewards for very little work down the line.

Some Encouragement for You

By being impeccable with everything you do, by showing up on time for every appointment, by giving your all and giving your best.

By serving others first and foremost.

And by doing this expecting nothing in return.

This is the work that builds authority online.

This is how you get to showcase your abilities and this is how you give your gifts to the world.

And you might go for months, for years, thinking this is never going to pay off.

But it always comes back to you.

This is the work that will pave the way to your success.

To Your Success

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Lauren, it seems you're doing very well--any naysayers just don't understand that you're building a solid FOUNDATION for your digital empire! Kudos to you and keep up the fantastic progress!!

laurenjean Premium
Thank You, Jeff. Yup, I agree wholeheartedly - that's what we are all doing - building the foundation for our digital empires. And supporting each other through those foundation stages.
HenryPing Premium
Wow awesome and so nice to hear that and all this 4 years hard work payoff. I am thinking of using LinkedIn. Wishing you a success in your coming interview😊🙏😁👍🎉
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for your kind words, Henry. All the best as to you as you join LinkedIn and start building powerful connections in your niche.
Debbie46 Premium
Congrats on this achievement Lauren. This is very interesting. Wishing you many more.
laurenjean Premium
Thank You so much, Debbie. Lovely to meet you!
davehayes Premium
First of all, congratulations on your success on Linkedin, excellent work

I like the way you want THEW to come to you, absolutely no better feeling than being the Hunted and not the hunter

As you are discovering Linkedin is THE premier business social network in the world, which has 500,000 Plus users and ALL of them expect to do some sort of business, or at least get one recommendation, so well done to you for it

Its amazing because its the ONLY place I know of in the world, where you can network with Major and Significant figures in the business world from CEOs to the organ grinder

Make sure you share the blog with us.
laurenjean Premium
Brilliantly put, Dave. The hunted and not the hunter. CEO's to the organ grinder. And Thanks too for the great idea - to give out more recommendations on LinkedIn.
davehayes Premium
The recommendations work very well Lauren, obviously as long as you do it the way you would if you were meeting face to face and not being spammy, not that you are of course, but you get my drift : )
laurenjean Premium
I get it, good point. Thanks Dave.
Helen123 Premium
Great blog Lauren and super congratulations! Today’s efforts are tomorrow’s results! Good on you!
laurenjean Premium
Hi Helen, Thank You so much for your enthusiastic response!

And warmest Congratulations on becoming an Ambassador 36 days ago...please forgive the delayed Congrats. I've been out of the loop for a while. How's it been going?