Does LinkedIn Work?

Last Update: April 11, 2018

Does LinkedIn Work?

I know I should be wholely and fully focused on the Super Affiliate Challenge... so I hope this isn't avoidance behaviour... but...

Networking Breakfast

I spent yesterday morning at an Xtraordinary Women Networking Breakfast.

Networking with other women entrepreneurs is equally important, right?

LinkedIn Expert

And the Guest Speaker was LinkedIn Expert, Sharon Atkins, a fellow blogger who recently taught me how to optimise my LinkedIn Profile.

It was Sharon who inspired me to switch from "Mom Blogger in the Mother City" to "Visionary Digital Entrepreneur". We came up with this while we were optimising my profile.

Sharon got me all fired up about LinkedIn and what it can do you for my online presence.

I know, I know, Tony Hamilton's been talking about the power of Linked In for ages.

And Sean Greentree published this post recently with the alarming speed at which LinkedIn is growing right now.

Which Social Media Platform is Growing the Fastest? You'll be Surprised

Fired Up About LinkedIn

So anyway, I just spent/invested another entire morning on building up my LinkedIn Profile.

  • I added company pages.

Here's Tony's awesome training on this:

Create your Linkedin Business Page

  • And connected with a bunch of likeminded women.

And within a few hours I'd gone from 171 connections to 238 connections on Linked In. Yay!

The first target is 501 Connections on Linked In because then you get a completely optimised Profile. i.e. It will say 500+ Followers when someone glances at your profile. They have to visit your profile to see how many more than 500 followers you have

So... Does LinkedIn Work?

Well... I just received my first enquiry on LinkedIn and have just emailed her my rates for Paid Guest Posting or a Featured Interview.

If she decides to go for it, that means I got business from LinkedIn on the very first day I meant business on LinkedIn.

Fascinated to see what transpires and where this leads me. Will keep you posted.


Did You Know?

That of the 530 Million+ LinkedIn Users, only 1 Million are posting on LinkedIn?

Definitely publishing a post on LinkedIn Publisher next. Didn't even know it existed until I met Sharon Atkins. (And she just happens to live in the same Residential Estate as me, lucky me!). So more training is definitely on the cards.

Don't worry, I'll be passing on what I learn to you... actually, I've been hoping Sharon will do that herself. She's been toying with the idea of joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Over to You

Have you optimised your LinkedIn Profile yet?

Is LinkedIn working for you?

To Your Success

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KMrwashu1 Premium
Hi Lauren,

Seems like you are onto something great there. All the very best!!!

I have a profile on Linkedin but am not that active, I think it's about time I update my profile and connect with other entrepreneurs. Thanks for the post.


laurenjean Premium
Thanks Kele! Yes, I'm excited... Especially as I have a very special project I'm planning to launch in a few months and LinkedIn seems like the perfect place to do it. Have fun updating your profile and growing your connections.
Bimby Premium
Thanks for this post.

I'll definitely check out that training.
laurenjean Premium
Hi Beatrice, pleasure. Fab.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Always post there but never thought much about it. Will need to check it out.

Tried and true

laurenjean Premium
Hi Elaine, I share my posts on LinkedIn too, with limited results. But Sharon mentioned something interesting, LinkedIn favours straight text, with no links or images as they want you to stay on LinkedIn. Links to post get less views. So I'm testing out asking questions on LinkedIn and adding text only posts.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
No wonder cuz my posts are full of images and internal links.

Tried and true

SeasideFunk Premium
I have been on linked in for many years. It's value to connect with like minded folks is unmatched. I have been helped and helped many people finding a new job. I think I have close to a 1,000 connections.

I recently posted a blog from my website, Seaside Funk, about Guitars For Vets.

My goal with my post is to bring this organization to the attention of literally anyone as I think it is an awesome program to fight PTSD.

I just looked at my stats on LinkedIn and the views are up to 444 and I have 9 likes. Checking Google Analytics, my click through has tripled. By the way I have a very new site and I am pretty new to WA so getting any clicks excites me :-).

It is not Facebook so be cautious how you approach it. It seems you are getting some great coaching so I look forward to hear more.

Send me a private message if you would like to connect on LinkedIn.

Good Luck!
laurenjean Premium
Wow, Rick, sounds like you are well on your way with LinkedIn.

Will definitely share or encourage Sharon to share her knowledge with us as her stats are amazing.

I am very strategically only connecting with women and focusing on women entrepreneurs.
SeasideFunk Premium
I see. I will just say I happen to know a few of those women entrepreneurs and they are in my network.

Best to you!
JerryMcCoy Premium
I have never tried it.
laurenjean Premium
Hi Jerry, which social media channel do you favour?