Affiliate Credit System Update.

Last Update: Dec 23, 2015


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on a change we have just made to the Affiliate credit system here at WA. It is not going to impact you in any way here, just offering you some clarification on the update and why we are making these changes.

We Have Doubled Your Credits and Halved The Value

You will now notice that “affiliate credits” have been doubled within your account if you have any existing credits. You can check your affiliate credits within the affiliate stats page.

These now carry a value of $0.50 each.

In the old system:

1 Credit = $1

In the new credit system:

1 Credit = $0.50

Credits still will behave in the exact same way, so nothing has changed outside of the actual credit count you will see within your Affiliate Credits and the actual value of them.

Now when one of your referrals completes their profile and description, you are going to earn TWO affiliate credits valued at $0.50 each (total $1 value).

Why Are We Doing This?

We are getting ready for some really awesome and exciting stuff that is going to take place here within WA in the year ahead. As per usual, we have been working on some really awesome stuff behind the scenes and will continue doing so as we push forward the evolution of WA.

The credit sytems all needed to function in parallel with one another, with various credits having different purposes within the system (SiteComments, SiteFeedback, Training, Affiliate) along with any new systems that are rolled out that are “credit” related, we wanted a centralized value of a single credit to streamline things here.

I can honestly say 2016 is going to the most exciting one yet for members here at WA! We are going to continue to push the envelope!

If you have any questions about this update, please leave your questions/comments below.

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Recent Comments


I nearly finished my first tutorial and botched it at the end. too much work I don't think I'll be doing another.

Good luck in getting more and more people into WA.

Looking forward to all exiting new stuff coming at us Kyle:) You and Carson are both Awesome!

Very exciting news Kyle. I'm starting to share some WA content over on the SM side, and am still searching for the best way to describe the commitment you and Carson have to continuous improvement ... pushing the envelope as you say.

Folks are so used to the over hyped under delivered stuff out there that the opposite (under hyped over delivered) is hard for them to get their head around.

what is this pushing the envelope thing? heard it before but just dont get the metaphon..

It's well covered on Google ... "To attempt to extend the current limits of performance. To innovate, or go beyond commonly accepted boundaries."


Take things to the next level...innovate and evolve...

Awesome Kyle,

I am excited for all of us for 2016 and beyond!

WA Community Rocks & keeps getting better, I am so looking forward to my first full year at WA and helping others by referring to WA as well.

I will earn the Free Las Vegas trip in 2016 & this is the first place that I have proclaimed this as fact.

Thank you Kyle & entire WA Community for all that You do for us all,


I don't doubt it Tony. Look forward to seeing you in Vegas next year!

That's awesome Kyle, I am looking forward to 2016 and beyond!


2016 FTW! Awesome stuff Kyle. :)

Oh that is good. I hope it goes like this. Let say the referral only put the picture $0.50, and when the referral complete the profile that's another $0.50. Vice versa. :)) I really thought it's a Christmas bonus. lol.

When a referral completes BOTH, you get 2 credits worth $0.50. It is not for each individual item.

Thanks Kyle. Looking forward to 2016. Merry Christmas to you and yours .

Looking forward to more awesome stuff, Kyle!

Kyle, I'm all in. I do whatever it takes to get to Vegas. I want to have the experience of walking on the Red Carpet. I'm excited about that.

Would love to have you there next year and I will be here to help you (and motivate you) every step of the way in 2016!

Sorry math isn't my strong point so i had to read that whole blog post twice. LOL So basically we're still getting paid the same per lead for our referrals that complete their full profile. It's just you've changed the value of a credit to accommodate for all the cool new and upcoming ways credits can be earned and used within WA. Gotcha!

Numbers make my head hurt. lol But this is even a better way of explaining the change Kyle! Thanks!

LOL. Exactly!

1 x $1 = $1 (old credits)
2 x $0.50 = $1 (new credits)

Exact same thing, just the value of a single credit is now $0.50 versus $1 within the system.

You still get $1 when people complete their account setup as you always have, but now that $1 is split between 2x $0.50 credits vs 1x $1 credit. Same same :)

Yup, Gotcha!

and there was little old me thinking I had just got 19 new referrals

Then there was me thinking, oh, Kyle and Carson gave me a xmas

In Thailand they say same same but different. lol

Merry Xmas!

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