500 Million New Opportunities Per Day. That's Messed Up Dude.

Last Update: Nov 12, 2015


Google gets lots of searches every single day. In fact, around 3.5 Billion total daily searches.

Pretty big number right? Huge in fact. My brain actually has a tough time processing this sheer amount of searches taking place, all within different niches, all representing opportunity.

But there is something that amazes me FAR more…

If that blows your mind, I am going to give you a whole new level of context to the opportunity that exists online. Not just that, but untapped opportunities.

Of all of these searches, 500 MILLION are brand new keywords (or roughly 15% of all searches). Keywords that have never been searched before. Keywords that have next to no competition.

This boggles my mind and it should absolutely boggle yours.

I never realized how obscure, yet targeted some of the things that people type into Google are until I took a look at some of the things that I typed into Google. Here are just 18 of my last searches.

  • what time is it in los angeles
  • does moto 360 come in different colours
  • fantasy football injury reports week 10
  • nba hats
  • best pizza places in phoenix arizona
  • bumble bee halloween costumes kids
  • big bad wolf face mask
  • how to watch toronto blue jays vs. kansas city royals game 6 online
  • top craft beers of 2015
  • iphone6 apple care duration
  • fox sports online
  • canadians don't know how to catch
  • homemade booster seat
  • green tea affiliate program
  • is guam a territory of the us
  • funny penn state football fan videos
  • types of exotic wood
  • full wall collage picture frames
  • the current world population
  • muscles connected to lower back

Pretty random, I know!

We are all part of MANY different audiences and niches. In fact, I would say through the course of a year I am navigating and a lot of the time buying stuff from 1,000' s of different niches. In just the past few days I have created new opportunities for folks online within a wide scope of niches.

A Natural Feeling: Opportunities Are Running Thin.

I had someone come to me the other day and declare that there were NO KEYWORDS left in their niche. It is a natural worry when starting a business online. Is my niche a profitable one? Is my niche running out of keywords and opportunity?

The opportunity is growing in absolutely every niche...and growing at a pace we have never seen before in our lifetime.

I think the fact that there are 15 BILLION brand new keywords being created by users of Google alone each and every month should send you to bed every night with a smile on your face.

The opportunities are far from running thin, keywords are in abundance, and folks continue to prove this case over and over here at WA with the unique niches they are entering and creating very successful businesses within.

In fact, I took a niche many would think is "obscure" and has limited opportunity and I exposed how vast this niche is. If you want some extra reading here, I suggest you check out this post:

AWESOME READ: Need Help Finding a Toothbrush - Are You Serious?

There is more though...

We Can't Forget About Bing/Yahoo.

Remember, Bing and Yahoo still own about 33% of the search marketing. They are likely getting BILLIONS of brand spanking new, never seen before keywords every day as well...search terms that are completely different than those within Google.

You can take the 500 million number and multiply it by 50% to get the total "never seen before" searches across all search engines.

That number is 750,000,000 searches. This is the number of new opportunities that are being created every day online.

The law of numbers would suggest to me that there are not just a few keywords left in your niche, there is an infinite number. A number that continues to scale quickly with every day.

I Have 99 Problems and Keywords Are Not One.

My problem has never been keywords. It has been having too many keywords, with not enough time to every take full advantage of them.

If you institute the exact keyword research processes that I teach here within the training you will be able to uncover brilliant lists of keywords within any niche. 100's of low competition, high quality keywords at a time.

And if I ever feel even remotely stuck for ideas, I leverage the Alphabet Soup technique…

The Official Video: The Alphabet Soup Technique

As you move forward with your business and your campaigns you are also going to be in a positive keyword position. There is no reason at all to fear lack of opportunity, the only fear should be your day ending before you can complete all of the work you want to get done!

The opportunities are far from thinning. They are expanding and doing so quickly!

I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback below (so don't forget to leave it!).

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Thanks. And a bit inspiring in that if we study hard it's quite possible to be able to profit from virtually any niche.

Thanks Kyle, I guess I should get busy, this really helps and makes one think about a whole new way to get keywords.

lol Jay could be could "Canadians do not how to catch a cold"back to Kyle's find this is mind blowing and I need to look how I can make this work for me .. thank you it is inspiring

Katie, There's a keyword phrase/niche "Why Canadians don't catch a cold". No charge for the tip.

lol thank you maybe I should look at that

It's ironic that Harold Reynolds says 'Canadians can't catch' because he led the league in errors for three straight seasons when he was playing ball.. lol

But I digress..

This certainly is a great reassurance that (500 million daily) opportunities are available to leverage. I think we proved this within our latest month long case study.

Who would have thought that football snack helmets are in-demand!

I was going to ask a bout Kyle's search on Canadians and catching but I didn't want to get too personal .... thinking back he did tell us about his toothbrush so maybe I should have asked. :-)

"I Have 99 Problems and Keywords Are Not One" ...
... word!

Thanks Kyle. Good to know.

I started building my website thinking my niche was saturated and that I was never going to be able to find keywords... especially since I knew NOTHING about keywords when I joined WA lol... but as time passes by, I find myself worrying less (if not ever) about keywords and having fun being creative and searching for ideas... I believe that the fact there are 500 million new opportunities or already established businesses online doesn't mean you can't find room for your own business. Many opportunities out there are scams for starter lol and if you are creative and persistent, I believe you can make it online, no matter what your niche is.
I am amazed with the numbers and examples you've come up with =O and it makes me want to go get back to work right now lol... but keywords will still be there for me tomorrow, I have friends over tonight and I need to stop thinking about ideas for more content... thanks for this post, it was really interesting ! Cheers

Thanks Kyle. Keyword research is one of my weakest points. Time to go through the training again! And practice-practice!

What a great way to start the day! Just wish I could expand my day to 32 hours, maybe then I could fit everything in that I want to accomplish. "-)

This is just another example of the awesomeness of WA and what both you and Carson bring to us!

Thank you for the heads up! Now I'm off to a Special Olympics event for my granddaughter,..be back soon to do some more keyword research!


These numbers are really mind numbing - thanks for sharing. It has definitely made me think twice about content creation.

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