Sad Day for Canada

Last Update: October 23, 2014

Yesterday. October 22nd, 2014, a young corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces was part of the honor guard detail at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa when he was murdered by a recent convert to Islam. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot in cold blood doing a job he was elated to have had the honor to do... The shooter's name and information was tweeted out by ISIS. Their "new converts" in countries around the world have been encouraged to take up arms against anyone in their own country, especially targeting those in the military. When these converts have no access to weapons they have been encouraged to use their vehicles to run people down.

Just earlier this week another member of the armed forces was murdered in Quebec when he was run down by yet another Islam convert.

In both instances the shooter and the driver of the car were shot and killed by our police forces.

The war on terrorism has been brought to Canadian soil! All of our military needs to be ever cognizant of the potential threats that may exist now! We as Canadians need to be diligent and more determined that these young people have not died in vain. We also need to do a better job weeding out the extremists and pro-actively removing the threat. This is a war unlike any other with invisible enemies and strange weapons of choice. Be careful Canada but be wise!

Proud to support our military in their effort in the fight against ISIS!

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WillingToTry Premium
Thanks for the information Ken, I'm afraid its only going to get worse..the level of global insanity and evil is just unbelievable!
kennnyb Premium
Wow. Thank you for the info. I feel for our troops in this kind of warfare.
Debbi26 Premium
I'm so sorry. As Josey warned......I$I$ is evil!!!!!
KevinYoung Premium
Thank You Carla!
CarlaIves Premium
My heart is with Canada during this painful time, Kevin.