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Last Update: June 26, 2018

Even though I am in my 4th year here at Wealthy affiliate and now heading into month 5 with the SWAG (Super Wealthy Affiliate Group) training, not only am I seeing the vast improvements here but I am also seeing a growing trend of the same sort of questions creeping in more frequently, so I would like to share some of my thoughts on them.

The biggest one seems to be "when will I make some money" no one can tell you this as it all comes down to many factors, such as are you following the training, how much time are you investing in building your business, are you posting to your website on a regular basis and do you understand what Wealthy Affiliate is.

If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate or you are not yet familiar with all the new updates please take the tour, if you need to ask a question again please do it, the only silly question is the one you did not ask. Use your free access to all areas wisely, when you take the walk through it will give you an idea what is included with premium membership, I know people who are paying just as much for their hosting only.

Want more training or information on topic use the search bar or go to training tab on the left of your page, there is also the live events which are webinar's by Jay the wealthy affiliate trainer.

Looking for Keywords or idea's go to research, you can brainstorm idea's there.

Need help with a template for your content go to Website tab and check out content a good writing platform to help you, there are thousands of free images included as well.

Need Quick answers you can check out live chat, however remember this is a bit limited in some ways for example some problems may need an image for someone to look at this cannot be shared there, please remember to always be respectful in there, there has been a few posts about members not taking care as to what they say to others.

What is Wealthy Affiliate in a nutshell it is a training platform that is designed to suit beginners to the more advanced budding entrepreneur's.

What Wealthy Affiliate is not is a pop up store creator where everything is done for you, even if you buy one of these types of e-commerce stores just remember you will still have to do the marketing and driving traffic to your site.

Do you value your membership here in other words can you see the true value you get for your money, I often see people panicking about covering the cost each month, if you are under financial pressure this will not make you lots of money overnight.

I would certainly not recommend anyone to just quit their job and do this, see this as a college course. Have a plan, set goals work out how much you need to achieve each month to live comfortably.

Work at a realistic pace especially if this is a completely new experience for you, take regular breaks, do not skip any of the training modules, if you do not get it the first time go over it again, even if you do not quite get the steps just follow them as it will come together.

As well as good training from Kyle, Carson and Jay there are numerous experienced members in the community who reach out and help every day.

Patience is required building your business trying to rush the process will only set you back, the only real failures are when you give up trying, mistakes are part of learning and whilst it is frustrating it teaches us new ways. Acquiring new skills takes time.

Take time to understand yourself and what makes you tick, going through the training here has helped me identify my strengths, weaknesses and more about who I am, it has also given me a new direction in life.

There are many resources available here to help you succeed and remember problems are only solutions you have not found yet.

Wish everyone the successes they are seeking.

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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Katie,
Thanks for sharing!! Great post.

Tried and True

KatieMac Premium
thank you for stopping by Elaine hope all is going well with you
MojalefaR Premium
Lovely material for encouraging our newbies out there and potential recruits.

Thanks, Katie.

KatieMac Premium
Thank you Mojalefa
firstlearn Premium
A good indication of what we can expect to find here Katie. Unfortunately, there are still far too many people after instant success and instant fortune who don't realise the internet is just a vehicle to help you reach your dreams.

KatieMac Premium
That is true Derek , I sometimes wonder if they think they get an instant business, appreciate your input
Nickoy Premium
Hi Katie. Thanks for sharing this great post. You have reminded of the wonderful access to free training that is available here at WA and that we should take the advantage to grow our businesses.

How do you make that design if your name?
KatieMac Premium
I used cooltext to do my name, they have some great designs eh. thanks for stopping by
Nickoy Premium
OK. Thank you. How do I access cooltext? Do you know if they make logos? I would love to make a logo for my website.
KatieMac Premium
It is free to use and very simple here is the link, you can also create logo's at canva..
shazzaWA Premium
Hi Katie,
Great post and a good reminder for me to set my goals and to stick to them! Everything we need is here, and as I have said many times before, the best place to be!
Cheers, Sharon
KatieMac Premium
Thank you for stopping by Sharon it is a shame but sometimes people cannot see the value of what is available here which is a shame