The sheer advantages of using read more tags!

Last Update: November 20, 2014

Hey guys,

Just some really helpful advice

Some of you need not worry about this as this is automatic in some themes. But for many like myself, you will need to do this while you are writing your posts. And I'm talking about inserting read more tags into your posts. If you do not understand what I'm talking about here is an example below highlighted in a red box

Here are a few advantages of this.
  • It tidies up your homepage.
  • People viewing your site don't have to scroll through all posts to find what interests them. Instead they can scroll through easily picking only to read the posts they want.
  • It really boosts up the speed of your homepage in both loading and scrolling speeds, which for me I found this awesome.

And this is how you do it: In your post editor click your cursor at the end of the sentence where you want it ( I usually do it after the first paragraph). Then click "insert read more tag" and hey presto, a broken line with "more" will appear. I have a screemshot below to show you.

I hope this will help some of you out.

All the best


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rufat Premium
Thank you. Never known of that.
armann2u Premium
thanks for sharing Jason
Sibyll Premium
Thanks Jason, most helpful tip! My theme does break it automatically, but I'd rather be in control. Having said that, I am not sure that I'll retrofit my 90+ posts, but from now on forward....
jasontw111 Premium
I did only the ones that appear on the homepage recent posts for now, but I may do more later when I start to categorize stuff.
Har0ld Premium
Thank you Jason! I'll be checking it out for my site.
kholmes Premium
Great advice theme doesn't allow me to use those, I have to create a blog roll in my settings in order to get the read more affect.