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Hey guys I am really glad I found this place, I have learned so much and met so many great people.At present I have not yet made any money worth talking about but that does not mean I don't believe it is possible. I actually seen it happen to loads of people here. In fact I know a guy who makes a couple of hundred per commission.But anyway I have to look out for my family and take any opportunity I get to make decent money right now.When I came here first I was about my previous jobs and said I
I have developed a system write great content with indepth detail. I will also show you a few extra steps I take to ease up content writing. Firstly I read briefly on Wikepedia Then I go search out my photos which gives me more inspiration. Then I watch some Youtube videos (sometimes I include one of these if I find it striking enough|) Then I google it and read a few articles to see if Wikepedia missed out on anything, it also gives me inspiration on how to put a more casual spin on the post
I have to admit I use to find the thought of writing content a little daunting . As many of you know I had a plan to not go after affiliate programs until I had 30 posts written. I am now on 32 and have started doing the affiliate stuff. I really thought this would be great and would give me a nice little break from writing content but I was wrong and would like nothing better than to write content. I actually have started to feel writing therapeutic. I'm slightly overwhelmed at the moment. Fi
Are any of you guys getting plagued with the Olga spam as I call it. No matter how many times I block it it keeps coming back with a new email address, sometimes I can get as many as 5 messages at a time with the exact same message but a different email address all named Olga. Its some Russian dating thing and I don't know why it targets me as I am happily married. I am very careful where I give my email address with only using it for social networks, affiliate programs and a few online subscri
Where I have had some minor success getting affiliate programs, I still have nothing substantial to work with. I have still some awaiting approval but I have had some denied. One program sent me this email and it has me bewildered and annoyed slightly. "Dear Jason, Thank you for your request to join the AffiliateFuture network. Unfortunately, we have declined your application. Rejection reason:not complete, thin content. Please feel free to contact our support team if you would like to know
Upon trying to search for Affiliate programs to monetize my site I found some great ones. I used Amazon on my last site and I am really not happy with them. Here is why: You are going to have to join several of them eg. .com .eu to get a good global reach as each one only ships to a particular region. Which leads to another problem that means you have to add multiple links to reach all of your audience, this or the option before it are not really viable options. (don't get me wrong Amazo
April 02, 2015
Hey guys I just thought I'd give a little progress report. Here is my site As I mentioned before I had the intention to create enough content to gain authority and traffic from Google before monetizing my site. I had set the bar at 30 posts. Today I have reached that milestones. I have many posts up around the top five Google pages but only one so far on page one (I will get more there yet). I currently gain 40-70 visitors daily with only a small percent coming organ
Happy St. Patrick's day from the home of the man himself. Well technically he was Welsh, but came back here with open arms after we enslaved and mistreated him, to change us from our wicked ways. Whether you are heading to the church (Unfortunately not too many do that any more). going to the parade or having an absolte p*** up at your local pub, I hope you have a great day. It is traditionally an Irish day but I'm glad you guys the world over like to go out and enjoy it also. There is
Currently half way to my target of 30 posts before monetising my site. I checked my Web master tools and I have a recent surge of click throughs to my site. Well it is small yet considering I have only 15 posts. I have also proven the point that seasonal posts are effective as I had most of my clicks for my St Patrick's day post on perfect time. Fingers crossed that this is the start of things to come.
Hey guys I added a new plugin that notifies people of replies to comments or a new comment. After I put out a question yesterday and chose to do what Kathy331 suggested as it was the most recently updated plugin, but thanks for all the other suggestions guys. I have the plugin set up but not sure if it is configured right so I need a few people to add a comment and I will reply, then let me know if it worked. Also tell me about your experience using it. Here is my site