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E-commerce theme, which one are you using?

E-commerce theme, which one are you using?

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Everything Wordpress

Which theme, recommendations?

Thank you Janine for this question!
I'll look into woocommerce now too.

Thank you guys. Going to look into WooCommerce now. Lovely day to you all! :)

Hi - I use WooCommerce on two separate sites.

It works out of the box with PayPal, is incredibly flexible, and it's free (there are paid plugins, but I've only had to buy one so far - to allow WorldPay to be used as a payment gateway).

It's specifically built for ecommerce, and imho, I can't recommend it highly enough.

All the best, Mark

Well, the theme should be related to food supplements. I need the option to enter different shipping costs for different European Countries, per weight.

I use WooCommerce

TopShop is a great one. Very simple theme, looks classy and clean. It's also pretty flexible with customizations

There are thousands to choose from...what kind of Theme are you looking for today? Different Themes support various interests and likes.

How do you stay focused?

How do you stay focused?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I am really struggling with getting my content ready, I am getting distracted so easy. Even when researching for my posts, there is always something that grabs my attention on the

There are times when I have to shut everything off except for the screen I'm working on so I can dig in. I'm having a bit of trouble today, matter of fact, but that's because I'm very tired. Sometimes, it helps to get out and take a walk and then come back and attack again. Good Luck!

Get rid of your social life and I promise you'll be fine.

Hi all, thank you all so much for the ideas. I will definitely pick a good bit and implement it.
I always wanted to set up my home office, away from tv, radio, the dogs and other distractions. Guess what I just did, I finally emptied one of the rooms and I will be moving all my gear upstairs and set the home office up tonight.
The office and all your tips, that should help to keep me focus. Right, have to get the hoover, lol... Laters...

Hi Lilly, one thing that helps me the most is, while I'm writing I'll talk it out loud. This helps me to stay focussed on subject, and on how it will appeal to my audience.
For my fishing site I use a loose, informal style telling about my own experiences, which I'm passionate about anyway.
For my WA site, I have to work a little harder at, and research more. But still for either one, by talking it out, that gives me an idea how it might sound to others.
Your personal style is really what maters, it is after all your weblog. :-) Jon

If you keep getting distracted by external factors ask yourself two important questions how will you feel in ten years time if still in same predicament and no closer to your goals because of the distraction. Secondly how will you feel in ten years time when you've achieved your goals because you got rid of the distractions and was able to focus? This normally gives me a massive shove in the right direction which means switching all the distractions off.

Great, will print that out and hang it up just in front of me in my new home office. :D

Writing a post takes time for me because I am focused on bootcamp right now there is so much I feel I have to research and learn to be able to write a well presented page or post. I do it a step at a time. Instead of letting myself get overwhelmed. First I research, then I write and rewrite and usually rewrite again and then I put it up. For me I schedule time each day when I think I won't get interrupted which depends on the day of the week for me, and if life happens I try not to get upset. There are times when I have pulled an all nighter just because I know I can, as it works around everyone and everything else. So I guess my suggestion is schedule it a step at a time!

Hi Lilly,

I can see that you have an issue with staying focused. I sometimes have the same problem. Here are some suggestions you can try to employ to keep you focused on the goal of completing an article or post.

1). Turn off all external devices which includes: Radio, Email, and Cell Phone. You can inform your regular texted group that you are not available during from X to X. The X is the period of time you will not answer any phone calls, or respond to any emails. Your group members will understand.

2). I like to listen to instrumental music when I am writing. Put on a CD you like to help you to relax and focus on the article.

3). When doing research, just use the internet for that purpose. Get the information and return back to your article. I have the same problem with this myself. I will just not let any news or other type of messages get in the way of my writing.

4). If you get blocked, and sometime I do, you can just get up and take a walk or do something that will take your mind off the article. After about 15 to 30 minutes, you can go back to your writing. Before you just jump in, re-read what you have written and get the juices flowing again.

I hope these tips were of help to you.

Good luck!

George Haas

Great tips, I will definitely take those on board!! Thanks George.

You are not the only one!
I (try to) divide my day. newspapers, first thing in the morning.
e-mail next.
facebook and other social media, after the e-mail.
after lunch
BLOG and work on my website(s)
when i'm stuck, play my sax or build MP3 music files for students.
(could also be play with my dogs, that's more up your alley)

Thanks so much for your contribution!

Don't ask me. I have the same problems all the time. :)


Lol! I'm ADD. Where to start? Actually, just to keep it a sensible length, my best suggestion is a timer, online or one from the kitchen. Just decide what is comfortable, even 5 or 10 minutes work. Take a break, repeat. Works terrific for me and many of my ADD friends.

There's an app you can download, FocusBooster. It's based on the Pomodoro method, 25 minutes on, 5 off. Sometimes that's way too long for me, sometimes it's perfect.

The idea is just to put in x amount of time consistently. It really works. Good luck!

The on and off idea sounds great, will do that! Thanks.

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How often do you contact your subscribers?

How often do you contact your subscribers?

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Email Marketing

I was wondering how often do you send a newsletter, how often is appropriate? I do not want to "annoy" them with weekly emails. I know from myself, if I get too many, I unsubscribe

You just have to figure out what feels comfortable for you honestly. Some marketers mail weekly. Some mail only when they have something to say. And some mail once or multiple times each day. Personally, about 2-4 times a month is my style. However, I would recommend developing an autoresponder strategy for your list so that as soon as they optin, they'll be guided through a series of messages on autopilot, so that even if you don't mail out manual messages, they'll continually be sent offers and valuable content.

I have read that Thursday is a good day, just in front of the weekend! But I have no personal experience.

I was debating between monthly and bi-weekly myself and for the same reasons. I don't want to annoy and get moved to the Spam folders.

Good question Lilly, looks like your getting some answers on this.

Looks like Cathy took care of this. I don't mind bi-weekly newsletters, even weekly if they're really interesting. One I signed up for hit me daily and that did NOT last long. :)

I have sent out a weekly wellness email to subscribers for a few years now. I can tell from the stats (and of course, these stats are strictly with my list and in my industry ... other stats will be different):

Tuesdays are the best days for folks opening the email
Unsubscribe days are mostly Mondays
About 32% of my lists opens the emails (industry standard of 17%)

Also - most of my subscribers signed up b/c they either attended one of my presentations or because they were a private client.

Transferring that over to a website is a challenge.

Hope this helps and God Bless!

Excellent. It helps indeed! Thank you!

I have the same dilemma.
I aim for the friday and sent out short messages, anything long will be deleted upon receipt or the next monday morning.

Thanks. What is your email opening rate?

I'm not sure what you mean.
when I open my email or when my subscribers open theirs?
I open my email daily, 7 days a week. much to the annoyance of my family and my dogs :)

Let's say you send out 100 emails. How many people open the email? I am asking because you send them out on a Friday and I am trying to figure out which day would be the best for newsletters.

Owk, like that. Honest answer, I don't know.
I don't have too many subscribers yet, therefore I'm not following what they do as it is not so important for me at this moment.

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