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Hello, My name is Ron Bauer, I am an independent aviation consultant currently living in Suriname, South America. Due to the nature of my business and





How do i move a site to another provider?

How do i move a site to another provider?

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Website Development & Programming

One of my sites will be maintained by another person how wants to move it away from WA

The same way as moving a site to WA, but then the opposite way

My opinion - someone who is going to maintain a website for you should know the process involved with migrating a site. They should be able to provide instructions and be part of the process.

My site has too many redirects how to solve this?

My site has too many redirects how to solve this?

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Website Development & Programming

due to the too many redirects the site is no longer visible on the web.

I recently transferred the site to WA hosting

The most common misconfiguration that happened is when a user has incorrect URL in Site Address URL settings. For example, lets assume that your site’s url is http://www.sample.com and you go to Settings » General and set it to http://sample.com. I will suggest to keep your site url like this http://sample.com.

Why can't I see my site?

Why can't I see my site?

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Getting Started

I transferred my site to WA, I've set the DNS to WA, still my site doesn't show up.

I have wited 36 hours, still nothing.

I believe it can take up to 5 working days

Hey Loes,
They promised 24 hours...
Guess promises are easy to make.
Followed by a bunch of justifications.

Leuk je weer even te spreken :)

Hi Ron, nice to see you again too, when you don't trust it, you can always send in a support ticket

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Atmail issues. I keep having issues with atmail like login faillures ?

Atmail issues. I keep having issues with atmail like login faillures ?

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Getting Started

and emails that cannot be found while they are definitely in one of the folders. On a couple of occassions I have noticed that my emails do not reach the recipient. Hardly an e

Hey ya.....i am not sure what is going on with the email section at WA as i cannot even use it to reply or send a message anyway......If you dont have many email addresses attached to your site....i think you can use something like outlook express, BU T i am going to see if i can forward them to
GMAIL . see attached screen shot :-))
let me know how you get on oakay :-))

Hi T1967,
Thanks for getting involved.

forwarding the mail to Gmail is not a problem but than you can't answer from the dot com address, all mails will show the Gmail address, that is not what I want.
The atmail account can't be forwarded to outlook, I think because it is hosted at WA who in turn has a bulk account at atmail. This totally obscures the real SMTP settings.

No, they can be answered from the address they were received from....have a look at the second screen shot........if you need i me to show you i can send another screen shot :-)) xoxo

See third arrow down from the top :-))

Awesome! Sorry i missed that the first time I looked.
I'm going to set it up right now.

Nope, not working.
Gmail wants the POP server settings and atmail is using the IMAP protocol.

right .....so i wonder why gmail says it will reply from the mummyourguardian @catsanddogshavefun .com?
I am going to try it tomorrow and i will let you know....
Let me know if you figure something out first will you please as it is a nightmare for me not even being able to send a freaking email from Atmail ;-)) xoxo

OKAY, R U SAYING that even with the attached screenshot settings it still wont work with GMAIL?

Hey honey can you hit the LIKE button on my comments please xoxox

I found a workaround. Thanks to you!!

1. Delete the (atmail) account that you want to use from the WA mail page.
2. re-create that mail account as a forward to XXX.XX@gmail.com
3.tell gmail to sent messages form your XXX.XX@gmail.com under the name from the original domain.

works like a charm for me!

and oh, sure I like you ;)

Soooo glad you did it honey :-)) i am still to do it , so if i get stuck i will be back to you for help....ok ? xoxo
thank you for the LIKE ! xoxo

Sure, no problem you can knock on my door any time!

Cheers honey, i will be looking at it today....just managed to get the MEET THE CATS profiles done...havent been to bed yet :-)

Cats don't sleep at night, right ;)

Mine do when i tell them too....lol......yeah they do...lol....mine are all house cats so they are pretty well trained when it comes to bed time .......eat, play, groom , sleep.......xoxo how are you doing :-)) i dumped Atmail and have set up GMAIL :-)) oxoxo really easy aint it huh...xoxo

Just put up the cats profiles yay

You dumped atmail too, great!
Yeah, it wasn't really hard to do the set up. I'm really glad you guided me there.

I'm good, what about you?

Now the cats have a face! ;)

Ah bless you for reading it ....what did you think of their stories,? sorry if it is a bit long but i think if we shortened it it would take away from them ? would love to know what you thought? xoxo :-)) thanks again and hope you are having a great weekend xxoo

Yeah, the intro's are a bit long.
They're well written though and make a good read for anyone interested. What if you'd write a short and funny intro with a "read more" button?

Thought of that but it would take away too much......think i am going to leave it long and put a search bar in so if the want to go to a certain cat they can just type and jump to it .....lol...thank you honey xoxoxoxox hope you are all well xoxox

hi there, I've been having issues with atmail and I want to try doing this, is this still working for you?


Hey Yamaris, followed you back thanks hun xoxox

Atmail sucks, big time.
I have set-up a forward to Gmail and use that account as an alias. This works except for the e-mails to and from my partners for which I have set up the same system. We can't communicate from the @richongroup.com addresses among ourselves. However, if you are the only one with an e-mail address I'd definitely recommend to set it up this way.

Yes, i'm the only one using my email. I'm trying to figure out how to reply back to one of my affiliate companies and for my email to show my business address, and not my gmail. Do you know how I can do that Ron?

I can show you if you want me too :-))

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How to transfer my domain?

How to transfer my domain?

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Website Development & Programming

I've bought a domain at Namecheap. I've tried to transfer it to WA.

But the domain is "NOT AVAILABLE" in the check box at WA

You can go to support at namecheap and tell them to point them to wealthy affiliate, that's how I did it because they changed things around.

I had a fun live chat with Namecheap.
The operator told me there was nothing I could do. That's when I understood that she didn't know what she was talking about :)
Thanks for your support Ed, I got it fixed through a link given to me by ReneLynn.

Thanks, Renelynm!
it worked like a charm.

Congrats Ron, good luck looking forward to your success :)

check this link , hope it helps you good luck

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