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I'm originally a programmer turned game developer, who specialized in HTML5 games & mobile games.

I started creating apps under my own name, working hard for over a year to monetize them. While I did make a little money off of that, it really wasn't anything substantial.

The problem was marketing.

I actually used to do affiliate marketing many years ago, before I finished college and started working as a software engineer. I even had a part-time office job as online marketing consultant during my last year of university.

But fast forward a few years later, I was trying to get my own apps out into the world... It made me realize, once again, how absolutely crucial it is to learn to market & sell.

I feel like, just getting the attention on what it is that you do, I have to do 80% marketing and that leaves 20% technical work - at most.

So I started a blog about online marketing, called FromClickToSale: https://fromclicktosale.com

And if you are interested in my old HTML5 games, you can play them on my website for free: https://browsergameshub.com
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ownonlboss Premium
Wow you are here since 2012 and I never connected before here. It shows how truly big this network is. Unless, of course, you have returned after a long time here.

Either way, impressive to see an HTML5 web games programmer here. Nice games too, I tried a couple.

Yeah, we can be great creators of stuff, but if nobody comes to our website, it is pretty useless. The SEO stuff taught here will help a great deal, but maybe not so much for your games.
There is on the other hand plenty of stuff here on the platform to learn to also be able to promote those again. Social media is for example a great solution to that.

I've checked out your marketing related website, but that one is still under construction I guess. It had a couple of 404s and an empty start-guide.

Nice to meet you and now I am following you.

jamesprc Premium
Hey Steven! Thanks for your comment & for checking out my websites :D

Yeah games is not really considered a profitable niche for affiliate marketers. It's pretty much pure entertainment, which is a whole different type of business - at least that's what I've been told. I think the more profitable angle is to make tutorials & guides for others to learn programming. You might have noticed I'm promoting Udemy courses on Mobile App development there, but so far my readers were not interested in that.

Fun games are cool to keep people engaged on a website, but it's also very hard to rank a game page because they have no text, meaning no content that helps your SEO. 90% of that site's traffic is going on my tutorial posts - my games get hardly any plays at all, not even by those who've read a tutorial.

On your profile it says you are on Twitch! That's so cool! What do you stream?

Yes the marketing related site is brand new. But there shouldn't be any 404's... The eBook & "How To" pages are empty, but the blog itself should be up and running with 1 blog post. Weird that you got a 404, I'll have to look into that.

Thanks for the follow, I hope we'll stay in touch!

ownonlboss Premium
Gaming can definitely be affiliated, mostly the reviews on hardware, but there are also the affiliate programs that share commissions on game sales.

Getting traffic to a site with games is absolutely possible, but it requires you to either:
1) produce SEO rankable content on that site alongside the games, such as blogs.
2) or use other platforms and media to push traffic towards it. Be it advertising or just a very good use of social media, it is all possible. Most of it is relatively cheap, especially when you just utilize (and figure out) social media.
3) In your case, especially if you happen to have made games on steam, you could even push the games to influencers through platforms like keymailer or woovit. Streamers will pick it up for a try and stream it perhaps or create youtube reviews. In this latter, you could also just reach out to influencers in the field personally through DM's on insta or twitter.

As for tutorials, yes they do well on the internet, but that attracts a different crowd. You might want to split that off, or just make an own section on the website, so that you can separate the gamers from the wannabe developers.

On Twitch I have a very small appearance and following at the moment. I do hope to use it for programming teaching in the future or to reach out to my brand audience to answer questions. I stream (not all that regular) some games like Minecraft and Forager among others. It used to be every Tuesday and Thursday in the Oslo timezone, but I have gotten too busy with side-hustles, so it is more likely sometimes for now. Might stream a bit tomorrow.

I figured that you fixed that one little error I found - or it was a weird way of error on my end. Not sure. It was somewhere in the read-more I think. Works fine now.

jamesprc Premium
Thank you for the insight, Steven!

You are spot on, the audience that plays games and the audience that wants to program them, are completely different! I think that's why the website ended up in such a weird spot: It was trying to serve both - and in the end nobody feels at home.

What I meant to say above is that getting traffic for a pure browser games website is super hard, for all the reasons you mentioned also.

So I think a blog with programming tutorials would have a much easier time ranking and generating traffic.

I understand your Twitch situation - it is very time consuming to stream! I've never played Minecraft (shame on me) but I had a quick look at the Forager demo when it was still in early development because I was following the developer on Twitter.

And hugeeeee thanks for confirming that the 404 errors are gone on my online marketing blog!! I really appreciate that.

Have a wonderful weekend!
j52powell Premium
Congratulations on your move to premium. The benefits and services are great and there are many talented and helpful mentors for us here. I hope you progress quickly toward your goals. Good luck.

WendyMx Premium
Greetings, and welcome to Premium. I think it's a great opportunity for learning, doing, and interacting with like-minded people. I hope your experience here will lead to success beyond your dreams.
All the best,
jamesprc Premium
Hi Wendy, thank you for the kind welcome :D Connecting with like-minded people was one of the major drivers why I finally joined WA premium! It's time to stop hiding in my room and share the learning experience openly with others :)

I hope you are already achieving your dreams! Keep in touch!
JohandeLange Premium
Welcome to WA. Work diligently through the training material. Generate lots of unique website content. A combination of these two simple tasks will guarantee your success.
May you have the confidence to always give your best.
Regards, Johan
jamesprc Premium
Hi Johan, thank you for the encouraging words! I really feel like I've come to the right place here :D If you want, check out my "New WA Member"-Post that I wrote earlier today.

I hope we'll stay in touch as I continue this incredible journey in online marketing!
tokzkie824 Premium
Hello James and welcome to Premium. I wish you all the best here in WA.

jamesprc Premium
Hey Art, much appreciated! Hope to hear more feedback from you while I'm going down this path :D
tokzkie824 Premium
Thank you for being part of your network James. Being a game developer you are in the right path to be an affiliate marketer of WA and I'm pretty sure you will be making lots of sales on your game apps. Wishing you more success.