Vulnerability In WP GDPR Compliance Plugin

Last Update: Nov 9, 2018


For those of you who are using the WP GDPR compliance plugin, please make sure that you have updated to the latest version, namely 1.4.3.

Any versions prior to this latest update leave your sites wide open to attacks, with disastrous results.

This vulnerability seems to only be present for those running WordPress sites, like we use here, so if you haven't already upgraded, please do so at your very earliest.

The problem is quite an issue, so much so, that this plugin was actually removed from the repository after critical security issues were discovered.

Should you wish to read more on this, wihch I strongly recommend, please follow this link...


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Recent Comments


Thank you, James, for telling about this.
Didn't know about this at all.

Sharing and caring, you're awesome!


Hi, apologies for coming back to you now, but I missed the email notification.

You're awesome too, and all the best for the new year 😁

No worries, happened to me too. With all the hundreds of hundreds of notifications and other emails it is not easy!

Have a marvellous New Year, dear James!

Thanks, James.

I had it installed (now updated) but not activated for some reason. Is it essential to use it?

Hey Ian,

Here's Kyle's post on this plugin: Hope you find this helpful.

Yes, in other words :-)

I think I installed it but bits of the seetup were confusing so I left it and never got around to activating it.

Bits are still cionfusing.

Thanks, Trish.

But no - we don't!!!

According to Kyle's Comment below that post - it's now all built into WP!

They really need to update that bit of training.....

Yes, new installations of WordPress now come with a Privacy Policy too, pre-written so that all users have to do is add their domain name where necessary.

In checking other sites that had WordPress installed ages ago and that ARE using the latest and greatest version of WP... the changes described here: do not appear on those sites. So... guess it is up to you.

I put up the WA Privacy Page template which was updated a few months ago so I'm assuming THAT'S up to date :-)

Not sure James,

Personally, I'm leaving my GDPR Compliance plugin as is, to be on the safe side. :-)

I'll take another look, thanks.

I need to get that plugin but will be sure to get the latest version. Thanks for the info!

You're very welcome.

I just noticed the update today and didn't know if I should activate it. Based on the thread here, I will do so. Thanks.

Please do, Debbie. It's essential you do the update.

Done deal...thanks to your heads up.

You're more than welcome, Debbie.

James you are a star. I have this plugin on all three of my websites the ones that are important.

I updated two one today and yesterday.
I have just seen this post so checked my other immediately.

Thank you so so much.

As the Northern Lass would say.
"Thanks our kid!" Lol :))

Debs :))'re more than welcome, lassie :))

Lol keep me posted on this plugin too our kid Lol :)))

If I hear something else, I'll let you know, Debs 😊

Good evening James,

Thank you for the update. I have this plugin on my site but it is not activated. I use the EU COOKIE LAW plugin.
Sorry that I have not read the eBook yet, I will get there, promise.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Hi, Taetske.

As long as you're covered, that's the main thing...

No rush about the eBook :)

Take care, and talk soon...


Thanks for making us aware of this James.


No problem, Derek!

Wow, Thank You did not hear about that I am working on to GDPR Free for my Customers. I got the SSL free for my Customers

No problem. It's very recent news. Make sure your plugin is updated to the newer version.

Thank You went I get one

Thanks for sharing, James.

Thank you, I saw messages online about this, I will hop over to all my websites for the update right now

It just came through on my emails, Loes...and it's quite worrying, hence this quick message to the Community.

I was waiting for Kyle or Carson to take a stand, they have advised this plugin

I don't think they can know what these evil hackers are up to, Loes... so best to take precautions since we know about it.

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