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December 10, 2018
Just curious, but we are told that the best way to safeguard one's site is to back it up regularly, which I agree.However, let's say your site has been hacked and you don't realize this.In the meantime, you do a complete backup.Once the offending files are removed, through SiteSupport, or you do it some other way, won't restoring your backed-up files also bring down the original problem back to your site?In such cases, how can you get rid of the offending files?I was just thinking...James
For those of you who are using the WP GDPR compliance plugin, please make sure that you have updated to the latest version, namely 1.4.3.Any versions prior to this latest update leave your sites wide open to attacks, with disastrous results.This vulnerability seems to only be present for those running WordPress sites, like we use here, so if you haven't already upgraded, please do so at your very earliest.The problem is quite an issue, so much so, that this plugin was actually removed from the
October 10, 2018
Is it me, my eyes, or is my computer going crazy?It seems like many of the pictures on people's profiles have gone blank, and are only showing an outline line...Has anybody else experienced this?James
I wrote ten site comments today, and I received this message:"Congrats, your requests are now in the Priority Queue!"Below, there's also:"Comment BoostAdd 24 Hours of Exposure: Offer 10 more comments in 24 hours and boost your requested comments for another full day!"I don't understand what this means...Can somebody enlighten me just what this boost is, please?Many thanks...James
October 05, 2018
in Pinterest, when you come to pin, is it allowed to modify the description on somebody else's pin, or is that considered as copywright infringment?Many thanks in advance to whoever answers me this question.James
August 10, 2018
Does anybody know if RSS feeds are still popular?Quite a bit of the information I've found seems to be from a couple of years back, which gives me the impression that RSS isn't as hot as it used to be, but I could be wrong.Can anybody update me on this, please?Many thanks in advance.James
August 08, 2018
Hello WA..Could you, very briefly, even with a word or two, or just write the number, let me know the reasons why you joined WA? 1. Was it to make money online? 2. Or was it to learn about building websites, and then make money online? 3. Is it a case that you're fed up of your 9 - 5 job and want something different? 4. Do you plan to use WA, and its teaching, to have some extra money when you retire? 5. Are you jobless and trying to making money online? 6. Just to host your websites? 7.
I have come across sites which leave their post dates, or the number of comments visible.I have also come across sites which DON'T leave their post dates, or the number of comments on a particular post visible.Does anybody find this practice makes any difference to site visitors in the least?I know for a fact that if the post date is left there, and the post is a year or two old, or even more, this might put people off reading it, fearing they might be reading 'old news'.What are you views, or
March 05, 2018
It seems that 'Duplicate Content' is something really awful, verging on the ultimate taboo, and you will be shot at dawn for even breathing about it, let alone practice such a vile act.During my research to try and eliminate a problem of duplicate content on my site, I came across this extremely interesting video, with two participants from the 'Almighty Google' giving their views on this delicate subject.I'm more than certain that for those who worry about having duplicate content, this video
February 28, 2018
Like many of you just starting out here, and thinking things will be a piece of cake, well, the truth of the matter isn’t exactly like that. One of the things I did when I joined up here was sign up for Amazon to become a millionaire. I read so much about success stories that I thought it was about time I had my fair share, and the sky was the limit, or so I thought. The signing-up process with Amazon was a long and complicated one, but after several attempts, I managed to boast that I