It's Saturated! It's Too Late! It's Too Competitive.

Last Update: November 25, 2019

"It's too late, the web is saturated. It's just too competitive..."

How many times have you heard that. Maybe you've even thought it. I certainly have.

But, the internet is barely a toddler... in fact, the majority of websites that dominate your niche may only be a few years old.

One day that may not be true, but right now, TODAY... it's beachfront property for anyone willing to wake up, sit at the keyboard, and just take it!

How many people stay stuck in a job or career that makes them miserable for ten, twenty, thirty... even forty years simply because they can't wake up a couple hours earlier and do something that'll change their life forever?

Of course, it's not that they can't. It's not even that they won't.

It's usually because they don't know what to do.

But even when they do know what to do, they're probably worried it's not going to work and who wants to waste their time on something that won't work, right?

Being too late to the party is one of those worries.

There are so many unknowns which is why the traditional "go to school and get a job" path is so comfortable. It might not be the life you want, it might not even be life you like, but it's considered safe and normal. It's what everyone else does.

And it's good that others follow that path...

One... we'd be in trouble if everyone quit their "job" and despite the "make-money-online" hype and promise of a better life... the working world isn't all bad for all people (there are even some days I miss it... especially the people).

Another reason it's not all bad is because that means there's less competition online than you may think. How many people do you know personally (in the OFFLINE world) who make their money online?

Probably not many. Most have a job.

Just in my neighbourhood there's easily ten thousand people (more than a thousand just in my daughter's school with two more schools just up the street).

How many of them have an online business in my niche? Not many (if any at all).

So where is all the competition? Is it really that saturated?

Building Your Business in the "Digital" Suburbs

There are roughly 1.8 billion websites online which is A LOT of websites for sure, but here's the thing...

Only 0.1% of those websites account for 50% of all web traffic according to statistics on Tek Eye.

Furthermore, the vast majority of sites are inactive or abandoned. They are NOT your competition.

The big sites that dominate the internet are also not your competition. At least, not when you know how to build your online business strategically (if you try to build the next Facebook or chase a big niche like weight loss for example, you'll have some difficult competition).

It's estimated that only a few hundred sites actually dominate the web.

And, when you break it down further to your niche (or micro niche) as we're taught here at Wealthy Affiliate, you may only have a dozen or fewer sites you're actually competing with.

In other words, you're not competing with the "entire web". You're only competiting with sites in your niche, which may only be a handful of homes out in the digital suburbs.

The image below is a visual representation of the internet. You're not looking to take over the world, just one small corner of the web where the competition is relatively low and there's enough people hanging out.

I don't mean to say it's easy or you won't have challenges along the way. But as great as it would be to jump in a time machine and start your online business ten years ago... imagine what it'll be like for those who decide to start their journey ten years from now.

They'll be looking back at all the great opportunities that we in 2019 had? They'll be saying, it was easy for you back then because there wasn't as much competition.

I don't know about you, but I'm grabbing my digital beachfront property while there's still plenty to grab :-D

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Harizan Premium
Hi Jay, thank you for the excellent data and the way you are "connecting the dots" and the different angle you are observing the web reality!
J-KWest Premium Plus
Hi Anton,

Thanks for reading and for the kind words. I know it's not a common angle to look at the web, but I do feel it's accurate.

In a traditional offline business you're looking at tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars and competition that might be large corporations, or businesses that were established generations ago.

There are so many niche's online that are virtually untouched.

Even some of the larger niches are still only occupied by independent websites that are just a few years old ... it's really an extraordinary time.

Harizan Premium
Hi Jay,

Sometimes I feel I get caught in the negative framework of reading the numbers in a way there is not much room for newcomers on the table of established web players.

That is why I liked the way you read the numbers - the perspective you give is different, but logical, and it clearly shows the room is big enough and not even half full:)
IngridJB Premium
Hey JKwest earlier today I posted on the Goals page that the internet is as vast as the sea or space...this is pretty much what you have said. I'm in it to win it and I'll be darn if I'm gonna let posting blogs about great products get in the way of success...not success over night but success in the waiting.
J-KWest Premium Plus
You're absolutely right. Having put in thousands of hours at this, I'll be the first to say it's not easy... but it is, as you say, as vast as the sea or space.

Ten years from now starting an online business might be comparable (in cost and effort) to starting a traditional 'offline' business... but those who stick with it (and we're only taking about simple keyword research and posting content) have an opportunity that might not be available to future generations... at least not one that's as simple and wide-open as the one we have today.

Thanks for reading Ingrid, I love your perspective and enthusiasm :-)

RogerHumbke Premium
A great way to look at the Affiliate Marketing business. Thanks.
J-KWest Premium Plus
Hey Roger,

Thanks for reading. I know it's an uncommon perspective, especially for those just getting started... but really, when you consider how competitive, expensive and difficult a traditional business is to start, this really is an unbelievable opportunity.

I know a lot of people (from my B2B sales days) who saved and borrowed six-figures to start their business... with no guarantee of success, or even a regular paycheque.

I sometimes imagine what kind of authority site I could build with six-figures. Free to work 12-hours a day, hire great researchers, writers, out-reachers, social media managers, etc.

But for now it's wide open online, free for anyone who puts in the effort :-D

Rich908 Premium
I don’t care if it’s saturated ...I am ain’t leaving
J-KWest Premium Plus
Nope... I'm not leaving either :-)

Thanks for reading Richard,
HeidiY Premium
Great post, very enjoyable read thanks. Yep I’m loving my beachfront real estate, even bought a second condo lol.
J-KWest Premium Plus
lol... I like that, a second condo. Hadn't thought about it that way... but I guess I own multiple properties as well :-D

Thanks for reading Heidi,