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How do you network within the wa community?

How do you network within the wa community?

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Since joining WA in August 2019, I have been fairly deliberate about who I follow here at WA and who I will accept into my network. Preferably (but not always) I like to follow

i follow members who either offer posts I can learn from or write about something I enjoy reading (Twack) and others. When I notice an intelligent comment/reply on someone's post, I look up their profile and most likely follow them.
However, it seems to be helpful to have tons of network followers here at WA? I am having troubles reading all the posts (or those with promising titles) as it is, lol.

How do you decide?

PLuh1, just do what you can as and when you make time for it. Everyone faces that problem so its understandable.

Hi Petra, I too would be interested to know if having lots of followers at WA brings any greater benefits to one's profile. I imagine it would be very helpful when you are posting a new blog that your 5k or 10k of followers are immediately notified and available to comment before most people check their dashboards for new posts.

However, the evidence available in this thread doesn't seem to support my assumption. Dave07 and Twack, who I would consider to be two of the most prolific and insightful WA members, often rank very highly with their respective blogs and yet by their own admission, maintain a deliberately small number of followers. Conversely, you have Megawinner who is also a regular blogger and provider of great advice, and he ranks very highly too as well as having a large following. This would indicate that it is the quality of their work, and not the size of their following, that matters.

For me I cultivate my value-add network by doing the following:
1. reading bios of both existing and new members looking for areas where I can relate to that person through shared experiences or common interests (improves chances of meaningful engagement if we have something in common);
2. participating in blog and question commentary and following those members who offer insight, advice or diversity of thought (some of your greatest learnings will come from people who are opposite in their thinking to you);
3. following members who have introduced themselves to me or follow me (although I generally don't follow members who have no profile description - made a couple of exceptions if they meet the other criteria above).

Like Catherine, I endeavour to be courteous and professional in all my dealings here at WA. If that is not in keeping with current social practice or norms, then I guess I will always have a limited following because I'm not changing.

Thank you Petra.

~ Randall

That is very well put and I fully agree. There are some awesome deep thinkers here and there are new members that don't reveal anything about themselves, so I don't feel enticed to follow them.
I am still so new here, I haven't figured out cause and effect yet here at WA.

From reading everyone's responses on here, it seems that the best thing to do is what you are comfortable with.

I've never been one for social platforms, and that is one reason I actually hesitated to become a premium member in here, as that seemed to be what was supposed to be done.

I am very glad though now that I have gone premium, as I have gleaned much information from several other members on here, both old and new.

I'll automatically follow someone when they follow me, to follow social norm. If someone has an interesting post on here, I will follow them for the information I may learn from them.

Hi Cynthia, I agree that most people will do what is most comfortable for their situation, which makes total sense. Why make things harder for yourself when you don't have to?

The responses to this question so far tends to indicate that most are quite deliberate in how they engage/network within the WA community, which is exactly what you would do in a business if you were networking the traditional way - meeting like-minded people at a conference or industry event. You can't meet everyone at the event because there are too many people, so you have to decide who are the attendees who will be of most value to your situation and network with those people only.

I would be interested to hear from WA members who don't follow a deliberate strategy for networking (ie. they are a lot more socially-orientated in how they connect) to understand why they take the approach that they do. It's all great learning at the end of the day.

Thank you for commenting, Cynthia.

~ Randall

Good question. WA has been sort of a social media primer for me. Until coming here, I was absolutely caveman ignorant of social platforms. But since starting my journey here, I'm learning all sorts of new stuff. I follow this one or that one more on a whim than anything else, but I'm learning how to gain value from each written word.


I hear you Greg. It can be a steep learning curve when you first start out here at WA, particularly if you don't have a previous reference point or baseline to work from. I think the key thing about networking, however you do it, is that you are extracting the value that is relevant to you. From there you can't help but keep moving forward.

Thank you Greg.

~ Randall

I follow anyone who gives value here at wealthy affiliates. They don't necessarily follow me back which is fine, because it's not something I expect.
I also follow everyone who follows me irrespective of how new they are, whether they are likely to stay etc. I think in my mind it's just a matter of courtesy.

I find it hard to believe that there are people in this community that don't follow you Catherine. They are missing out on so much good practical and proven advice. Their loss I guess.

Agree with you about being courteous. One should never forget their manners, not matter the situation.

Thank you Catherine.

~ Randall

I think I would have little experience with this? But networking has some general associations to me and can have many strategies depending on the goals and personality of the person. For example, networking would have afforded me success faster in life, but is THIS necessarily the case? I think so...so for me, my strategy is all about building those relationships and once my "net" is cast, it is to "work" on what I catch in that net through communication and sharing. I do not force the building of relationships all the time; it just depends on my need for help I guess. Some of those fish may be strong, weak, need to go back in the water, ect depending on my own goals. Truth is, I don't think I have a strategy per se, but more like a cardinal rule that seems to produce strategy depending on how I respond to the fellowship? I think there is always some form of manipulation that is the objective for help but the proper network will be producing equality and results. The goal for my networking is to give more than I take...like newton's laws in action in humans. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (hopefully). Your question helps me explore my own experiences. I hope this was not too metaphysical and maybe helps to see networking in a different light. I'm following the training and I had to give my 2 cents if I want to succeed! lol

Hi Cameron and thank you for commenting. As a new member, you are probably in the best position to start out at WA with a deliberate strategy for networking or just follow everyone you can.

One practical element I realised early on is that by being selective in who you follow (choosing people you can learn from, have good advice, etc.), this acts as a natural filter for your notifications whenever someone from your network posts a blog, question or training. That way you only receive notifications of value and this will hopefully make your learning journey more effective and efficient. I've certainly found this method very helpful, but as with anything here at WA, it's all up to you.

Good luck Cameron and I hope to see more of you in the discussion threads.

~ Randall

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What entrepreneurial advice do you disagree with and why?

What entrepreneurial advice do you disagree with and why?

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Getting Started

As budding online entrepreneurs we seek and are given advice from many quarters including here at WA. Some of this advice can be invaluable, other advice not so much. Even the

I was told by someone very close to me not to start in this business as I would never see success. How does he know that, and for that matter, how do I know that. I didn't take his advice and now here I am. Successful? Yes, but not with a commish, but with growth. Money will come, time and patience is what I need.


Greg, if I had a dime for every time I heard this old chestnut...let's just say I wouldn't be working in my day job and I wouldn't be here at WA.

Entrepreneurship involves going against the grain, going left when everyone else is going right. And nobody wants to see one of their family or friends stand out from the crowd in case they are ridiculed by others. I also suspect there is a bit of jealousy in there as well.

And do you know what Greg? If you hadn't started out on this path through WA, you would have lived with the regret and 'what if' for the rest of your life. Congratulations for pushing through the resistance and beginning your entrepreneurial journey for life. With that attitude, you cannot help but will succeed.

~ Randall

Thanks Randall, its always good to hear these types of reinforcement and encouraging words. I don't hold it against the nay sayers, not at all, but rather I see it as they are afraid of possible failure so they try to warn others against it. Pioneers have historically been met with negative thoughts and sentiments, but they plowed ahead and led the world through courage, dedication and doing the hard things.

Thanks again my friend

You're so right, Greg. I do feel sorry for people who project their fears onto others - it must be so paralysing.

No naysayers here at WA though. Keep the fires burning and the wheels a turning, Greg.

~ Randall

There are a few things that come to mind I see people out there routinely writing and showing in videos that are completely wrong and even illegal.

Specifically things such as these... paraphrased here:

"Just go over here to Google and search for images, find what you like, take it and use it" - this kind of thing is illegal

"You can find all the information you need online for absolutely free. Anyone charging for information is ripping you off" - this is nonsense. A great book, ebook or course is a much more efficient way of learning than piecing together bits and pieces of content provided by a multitude of different people often giving completely contradictory information. Yes, you can learn a lot online for free. The problem is no focus. Information overload.

"If you are in a situation where you have very little money... an online business can help you" - Yes, there are ways a person can do it with a lot of time without spending money... but in general starting and growing a business takes money. And "needing money" is not the time to start an online business and take on even more debt. Cut back on expenses, work more hours, get some odd jobs... work, save. Build up a savings that can be used to invest in training and other expenses for your business. That is the sensible approach.

I know where you're coming from with this. Having said that there is enough free information out there on the Internet that you can build your business without spending a penny. Sadly buried under 99% of crap which doesn't work

Over the years I spent about 50 K on my Internet marketing education and most of it has been well spent but I have known what I have been doing and what I'm looking for when I spend 2K or 5K and knowledge
There are a lot of gurus out there who teach what they don't practice in other words they teach things that sell but actually are not what they do in their own business, not what they do best but very saleable

Yes that is very true. There is definitely a HUGE amount of information out there. No doubt about that. Exactly as you said the problem is the information is largely buried (under the mass of "marketing content" whether text or video). And it is also so fragmented. A couple bits here. A bit over there. Few more bits buried over that-a-way.

Definitely agree... the best way to learn from the "gurus" is to simply watch what they are DOING. Look at their process. That shows the reality. I don't think all of them are bad by any means. But there are many who are just "copy cats" with a surface level knowledge doing the "fake it til you make it" approach.

People just have such weird views when it comes to money... I don't watch a lot of YT(at least not the channels with lot of subscribers) but I did a bit of research on people using Fiverr this past week and watched one with a guy who I guess is fairly popular. He showed one video he made to promote his service on Fiverr talking about how he has worked with many different people helped so many people... then it goes back to him live saying "I never worked with anyone in my life ever! But you have to sell yourself!" It's like these people think you can truly do anything & everything you want cheat, lie whatever. And sadly many folks I think get their "education" from such things.

I agree with all three.
And I am against just "giving it time."

Too right Catherine

My advice would be believe in yourself and don't give up. Ask questions when you need to and persevere till you get what you want. That is what you want out of your business rather than what other people think you should have

Quit your job :)

I agree. Building your online business is not like opening a retail shop on the side. You can do it by allocating time to work evenings and weekends. You should keep your job, that income will keep you going while you build and grow your online income.

However, if you have the funds and want to be a full time entrepreneur. Then Go for it!

I will add one more. You don’t need money to start a business! This is absolutely hogwash as the one person you need to pay to stay in business is yourself. You need money to sustain yourself(and family) while building your business.

Yes Akshay, good point. I don't know why some people think you can throw in your day job and become a full-time online entrepreneur overnight. Why can't you have the best of both worlds until you have some traffic and sales momentum and then make a decision as to whether you can earn enough to support yourself (and family) through affiliate marketing. I'm in this boat - work in a job during the day and then build my site and write content at night. Just requires a bit of strategic planning and balancing of priorities.

On point as usual Stanley. All businesses need capital (money, labour, other resources, etc) to start, whether it is online or bricks-and-mortar. After all, when you buy your domain name, that is investing in your business and is paid for out of your 'startup capital'. When you purchase a premium theme or plugin, that is investing in your business and is paid out of 'startup capital'. If one isn't careful, these costs can soon mount up.

I wonder if some people believe in the 'no-cost' business model because the Internet creates a false sense of security through a lower barrier to entry in whatever niche you are pursuing - for example, it's easier to sell fishing gear over the Internet with relatively little resource compared to if you opened your own bait and tackle shop.


Here in WA, that backlink are useless. They definitely aren't but you need the right kind. I know they say this because they don't want beginners to go doing something stupid like buying thousands of low-quality links which is a sure-fire way to bury your site. But the reality is that for the time being, if you can score a related link from a high authority domain, it will boost your SEO significantly.

Absolutely quality back links is still of huge importance but they are not the be all and end all that they used to be because now Google takes into account sharing on social media. Building authority back links is still a very very useful SEO tool

Yeah I know this. It's also apparent Google does appreciate quality content that answers the question thoroughly above anything else. I understand they don't want to confuse beginners. I also know that by creating quality content you will eventually gain links, but it can take years for a new site.

Absolutely I think that that was one of the reasons along with changing technology that they made the change. One of my original sites begun in 1998 took nearly 5 years to get quality back links

Jukka and Catherine, thank you for the great points and discussion. Not much more I can add here, other than to say - Is there possibly a blog or some training that could be put out there for members on how to get quality backlinks as they build out their sites? I think the point about how long this process can take is really important to get across to new members in particular.

Thank you for sharing.

~ Randall

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How did you know when you had the right niche?

How did you know when you had the right niche?

asked in
Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Probably a question for more senior members here at WA but how did you know when you had chosen the right niche? Describe the signs -jump in organic traffic, surge in sales, l

A very good question and while still a newb, I am interested to see what others are saying. Every little bit helps.


When the stars start to align and you get traffic, conversion, $$$ and feel really good about it.

Hi Fluffy, I tried a few niches but my interest in these soon waned and I think I always knew I wanted to work with something which I was really into, which I had experience in and which I knew would help many many others to a better life.

I am now putting my 100% into my Business Growth Mentoring Program and I am in month four of a six month launch program. Everything will be right before I launch which includes my personal training, my business plan, my lead magnets, my marketing plan, my networking opportunities my landing and sales pages and my website. I am changing host of my website to one where the constraints are not so great and the features phenomenal.

My release date is 15th April and while I have so much done I’ve more to do, but I’m really enthused by this. When you find you’re ideal niche it’s a pleasure to carry out what you have to do and it’s not seen as work at all.
I look forward immensely to the next few months, the rest of the year and when all ready I will share.
Best Wishes

Thank you Trevor for such a comprehensive response. It can't be easy having to think up new niches because your first couple just didn't have any legs but I'm glad you have found something that you can now commit to 100%. The mentoring program sounds pretty full on.

Good luck.

~ Randall

Trevor--you're right--the old saying aptly applies here--"When you LOVE what you do, you never WORK a day in your life!"

By testing it through IKIGAI rule 🙂
I know this question is for senior members, but can't resist this interesting question lol😃


You are more than welcome to comment Akshay. I initially thought this question would be easier for senior or more established members to answer or provide advice.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept isn't it?

Great question, Randall!

Yes, you're right 👍
A great Japanese concept and an awesome book on it🙂
Really useful for niche finders 😊

Akshay, maybe you could write a blog on it for the rest of us to share in this great concept, particularly if it helps with niche selection.

Sure. Thanks for this useful suggestion. I did it now. Very short post though :) Akshay

Nice one Akshay. I've just read it and left a comment. Great work.

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What are some mistakes you wished you could've avoided?

What are some mistakes you wished you could've avoided?

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Getting Started

The training here at WA is world-class. Yet no training ever teaches you everything you need to know and often we are left to the good old 'trial and error' method of learning

I don’t know what I don’t know then so knowing that now won’t change anything.

I would only say, I wished I asked more questions so I make more informed decisions with inputs from the community rather than struggling alone.

Every experience we learn something even mistakes. Just don’t let mistakes crush you but you accept it, learn from it and move forward.

It is true we must all learn from our mistakes Stanley, otherwise history is doomed to repeat itself.

Where I may diverge a little from your sentiment is that newbies are repeating the same mistakes we made despite the training provided. That would suggest we need to update the training to incorporate these new learnings that are relevant to everyone. As you say Stanley, you don't know what you don't know, so how would a newbie know what to ask in the Question section when they don't even know the question, let alone how to implement the answer, if they receive one.

I think too much is left to the community to fill in the gaps when a lot of this new information should be included in the core training which is updated on a regular basis (at least annually). After all, the lessons you learn at school or college or university are updated all the time to included the latest thinking and best practice and so it should be the case here. Otherwise what are we actually purchasing with our premium - some web hosting and a business discussion forum only?

Oh Stanley, look what you've started! LOL.

I second the motion!
Not to mention the outdated content causing havoc and leaving everyone flummoxed in its wake! ;

You made some valid points and I agree. There are gaps that need to be filled. I have not gone through every training and webinar yet so there is still some content to learn from.

The most common issue seems to be the misalignment between what a newbie expects or wants to do and the training that he/she is learning at that point in time.

The training follows a path, we call this curriculum in training. While we are going through it, you may have question that this module does not cover but it is somewhere else in the curriculum. So, the newbie will ask the classroom/community because there is no where else to go.

The other obvious one is using WordPress. If you are not technical and have not used WordPress before, it can be a little daunting. Terminologies are also an issue until you get the hang of it.

As per your suggestion, an annual update is good and since the hosting is on WordPress and we focus on SEO, an update via webinar whenever WordPress and Google has a major update would be excellent.

yes, good one, too, Stanley -- obtaining greater clarity at the outset would have been helpful! ... the 'overwhelm' factor was huge at the beginning for a newbie like me! ...

thanks for this about asking questions earlier on! .. good reminder! ...

oh yah -- WordPRess is another aspect! ... all part of the 'overwhelm!' ... :)

Lol... said in afterthought but still counts ;)

Stanley, that's the Golden Buzzer answer right there, my friend.

***yes, ask those who have already traveled the road and have decided to return ....

I bought two TLDs too early and they have been since dumped ...

recommend only purchase a domain when one is truly ready to spin a site on it ... (as a newbie) .... and afterwards, it's GAME ON! ... lol ...

... all the best to you FluffyDuck (Randall) -- i liKe your username -- it's so nice! ... cheerio ... :)

Yes, agree on the TLD purchase, Keisha. I bought a couple early on then changed my domain based on further keyword research.
I might use these TLDs later on.

So my question here is - Why are we so quick to race out and buy a domain name when we may not have a plan of attack, our niche defined or some content prepared?

... good one ... wasn't it encouraged in the early training? ... to derive 'benefit' from 'real estate?' ...

Thank you Keisha, I might have to go back and check the training for the exact wording.

Maybe its just me, but I think more planning/training needs to be done up front before committing to the domain and website (tools of the trade). It's a bit like handing a hammer and some nails (tools of the trade) to a random person off the street and asking them to build you a house. That person might understand the concept of a house and that it is made of wood and you need to have bedrooms, a kitchen and a garage for the car. You could show them how to measure and cut wood, measure angles for the roof, use a gangnail gun, etc but that probably still won't get the house built. But if you gave them the plans of the house you want first and then added even the most basic training on top, I reckon you would be much closer to getting your house built.

~ Randall

*** you may be on to something here ... i learned a long time ago that I need to see the 'whole' before I would 'proceed' on a project for instance ... take a jigsaw puzzle -- wouldn't a person normally need to see the complete picture before attempting to put it together? ... the pieces are normally all in shreds in a box aren't they? ...

anyway, some people learn very well with a step-by-step and don't need to see the whole before building ... and some can't ... there are many different kinds of learners and they need to be taken into consideration when training is developed ... back to what's the objectives? ...

Absolutely agree that people process information in different ways. The learning by doing here at WA is a very good way of dealing with new information. However, it would be nice to see more of the strategy or 'big picture' though before diving into the detail. Love your jigsaw analogy, Keisha!

ok -- so we're on a similar wavelength here .. what's the next step with your question? ... plenty of food here ... :)

I wish I had known earlier the best how to optimise my website for SEO.

I hear you Ahimbe. I'm sensing an SEO trend coming through on this question. We might have to gather our best SEO minds and develop a training on this, me thinks.

Amen to that Brenda. To borrow a phrase from my old aeronautical engineering days, it's all Black Box technology to me (ie.you can't see inside it to understand it)!

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If you had 1 piece of advice for newbies, what would it be?

If you had 1 piece of advice for newbies, what would it be?

asked in
Getting Started

Imagine you could go back in time to when you first started at WA. What is one piece of advice you would give yourself when you are just starting out?

Get involved with the community. For me, involvement with the community has had a tremendous impact for the good. Staying in the closet as I was going through my early training while mindlessly trying to build my first site wasn't enough. I had to come out of the closet and get involved. Meet people, network, circulate, ask questions, blog. The training and site support are excellent, but its community involvement that turns out to be of greater value, at least in my opinion.

Great question Trish.

Hey Randall,

What I've been stressing to newbies who reach out to me for advice, is this:
Follow Kyle's training and do NOT deviate from it. Do not go chasing those shiny objects that are made to distract you. Doing this will have you successful sooner. Become distracted and your success will be delayed.

Inch by inch!

1. Follow the training, and finish the Online Certification Course.
2. Follow the training, and redo the Online Certification Course.
3. Watch the Friday Night Webinars, and/or the replays.
4. Rinse and Repeat.
5. Find a Niche.
6. Learn how to write content.
7. 1 piece of advice is not enough.
8. Learn to work hard.
9. Learn to work harder.
10. Reread the above.

I know that this will work better than any single piece of advice you are going to get.

There is no "magic bullet" to success. People have been searching for one since the beginning of time.

Great advice. Just followed !

Great advice. Just followed such an obvious sage!

you so correct ..i found necessary to go back to previous lessons by repeating neuron connections multiply and learning gets easier every time...

Great answer, great advice Paul. I particularly like #7.

Thanks FluffyDuck.
There are no simple solutions to achieving great things in life.
This is an erroneous mindset that we are sold somewhere along the way.
Look at the people who have achieved the success that you are looking for, and emulate their behavior.

Experience gives it a different light, Maro.

Focus on one or two things at a time. Build a website. Then write content. Don't even start worrying about affiliate links until you have steady traffic. You're playing the long game. Trying to learn everything at once is sure to have you overwhelmed and ready to quit. So far, I'm three months in and my main focus has been creating content. Now, as I begin my fourth month, I'm ready to start picking up 1-2 more skills a month. Slow and steady wins the race.

Perfect CJ. Couldn't of said it better myself.

Excellent way of thinking, lawnis04.
This is not a sprint,
This is a marathon!

I'd ask a newbie:
Find your deeper 'why' before getting into it.
Why do you want to get into digital/affiliate marketing?
If the reason is money, then write at least 20 reasons why you want more money!!
Once you're 100% clear on this, then get started and don't forget your why ever!!

This is how I've been taught :)

I hope you share your 20 reasons with us one day, Akshay. I can only get to about 5 :)

You are right in that before starting any business, online or bricks and mortar, you must be very clear as to why you are doing it. If you're not passionate about it, you are going to struggle and just waste your time.

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