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What are the recommended article generators out there?

What are the recommended article generators out there?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Creating content is never a piece of cake; and to some of us, it takes some time to finish an article for publishing.

So what are the recommended Article Generators out t

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The only article generator you should ever use is a human.

Like that answer. I agree.

Your answer is brief and to the point. There is no second-guessing allowed! Thank you, Dale.

I wouldn't recommend the use of article generators or spinners. These may have worked back 15 years ago, but there is no benefit to using them now.

Not only will your content come across as being awkward, it won't rank in search engines. If the content is not created by a human, than you shouldn't be posting it on your website.

I have tried out an article generator to see what results it gets me. I confirm that indeed the article I have is awkward and does not hold up as one created by a human.
Thank you, Kyle, for putting the record straight on article generators.

Exactly as the others have said, there is no such thing as an Article Generator, only an article spinner, but all you are doing is plagiarising someone else's work, into something that makes no sense grammatically, and the search engines will be able to pick up on this in an instant. Not only will you find yourself penalised by the search engines, but your audience will not trust you, or hang around, as the articles will be hard to read and make no sense to them.

I have actually tested one of the article generators online and true to what you have said, the article that was generated is not making any sense when I read it. It cannot be shared on my website. They are article spinners indeed.
Thank you for your comment, Chrystopher.

Good afternoon my dear friend, always keep in mind these are real people that you're communicating with. So when you write do not write robotically, write as you're speaking to a very good friend. Make sure that you have facts, whatever you're writing about and always write with sincerity and from your heart, and keep that mindset of never giving up no matter what. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

You are absolutely right, Earl. When writing with an audience in mind, I tend to get a nice article out. It is a practice I should maintain and keep. Thank you for your positive comment.

Hi. I bought what I thought was going to be able to generate some content and it turned out to be utter garbage. It was packaged up by the sales page as a word generator which spun words, and when they came out it was kike a child who had just got a bag of words all in the wrong order. You cannot generate grammar, simple, you can generate words but they wrong out come, see what I mean.
I have just tried to find the app but its not in my Warrior Plus account. Do not try to generate words, do it through learning how to write content.

Thank you, Dave, for sharing your experience with content generators. It is good to get to someone that actually used one. It appears people know the challenges we face when writing content and use it as an opportunity to scam us.
Your comment will help us stay away from content-generating scammers.

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What is the best camera and video editing software?

What is the best camera and video editing software?

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Video Marketing

Hello WAers

I wish you could share with me what you use for Video editing and your favourite camera.

Thank you

Camtasia for editing and I use the Windows built-in camera and my mobile phone (16 megapixels). The most important part of the whole thing is the mic. I use a Blue Yeti.

Camtasia is good based on the positive reviews I have seen so far. Thank you for adding the important gadget I had not thought about. The mic!!

As much as I dread it, I know YouTube is in my future...so I am very interested in the responses you receive from this Awesome Post! - Thank You!
Have a Great Day!

Nothing to fear with YouTube... Except fun and leads

C'mon Dave...you haven't seen my profile pic? LOLOL

No... Your right :) I've seen far worse

Canon EOS and for editing Premier pro, mojo and kinemaster.

Hey there Lyn!

Are Premier Pro, Mojo, and Kinemaster all compatible with both Windows & MAC?

I don't know about MAC but Windows it's working.

Thanks Lyn!

And which of those 3 video editors is your favorite?

Premier Pro

Thank you, Merlyn for sharing your winning gadgets. Very helpful.

Awesome question Edgar!

Since I'm not familiar with cutting edge video cameras & editing software, I'm very interested in the responses you receive. Meanwhile...

I wonder what video camera & video editing software you currently use and why you've asked this question (e.g.: you're dissatisfied with your current video camera & editing software or perhaps you're just preparing to start utilizing video in your Internet Marketing business)?

Thanks & speak with you soon!


I have reached the part of training where the importance of videos is highlighted. I am starting my journey in that area. I just wanted to get it right the first time.

You're a wise man Edgar to aim @ getting it right the first time!

I use screen castomatic

Great. I will check it out.

It has a free and Pro version

Hi Dave!

Is Screen Castomatic compatible with both MAC & Windows?

Windows yes as I use it Mac don't know sorry

No worries Dave!

I use Windows as well. I appreciate your Castomatic suggestion and I'll definitely check it out.

Gratefully & Respectfully Yours...

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