Would You Like Fries With That Spam?


Spammers In Our Midst!

Yes, folks, we do. Many of them don't even realize it! They are so exuberant about their new websites, etc., along with the fact that they have learned to blog that they want to share it with the world. And they should, share it with the world that is.

However, there are a few rules that go along with blogging here at Wealthy Affiliate that, obviously, many have not read.

I know some here have heard this over and over, but it has to be brought up again every so often.

I have been seeing a lot of websites posted on blogs asking people to visit their site. There are acceptable places here to show your links to your websites, such as in your profile, or in certain comment threads in the training, or using site comment or site feedback. Your blog here at Wealthy Affiliate is not one of those acceptable places.

I am not the "spam police" and do not want anyone to lose their blogging privileges so, before someone marks you as a spammer, I thought I would mention this.

There are rules for blogging here. The link shows up at the bottom of the page every time you start a new blog. Everyone should have read it.

Just in case you missed it, here's a link for you:


Please be sure to read and follow - these are not guidelines or suggestions - you could be marked as a spammer and lose blogging privileges for a period of time. Oh and, by the way, it's not just brand new members that are doing this. I've seen some recent posts like this by people who have been here long enough to know better!

Just a friendly reminder!

Thanks for reading. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments below and, as always, please click on "like" if you do!



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When I see that 1646 people have clicked the "like" on the spam is a no-no. I guess not many people bother to read this particular post

No Loes, sometimes it just goes in one ear and out the other, lol. I mostly saw a lot of it with newer members that may not be following everyone yet. But I did see some by member who should know better too! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Thanks, Debbie, I read the rules again. We probably need to do this occasionally so we remember them. I have been guilty of asking for someone to post their Amazon link so I can purchase something through it (to help them) and then post mine in return. This is only to help those who need a sale to keep their affiliate account. - Shirley

That's a bit different Shirley, you are asking them for the link, not trying to sell them anything or sending them somewhere for your benefit. Someone has to write a post like this every now and then just to remind people when it starts to get out of hand again. It was just me this time, lol.

Debbie, thank you so much for this valuable information. I hope I am not guilty of this. I have been with WA for two weeks and my understanding is that to get a comment on your website, you must first give a comment on another's website.

Thanks John. That's true, it is a pay it forward community. As long as you don't try to sell anything through your blog, including getting people to sign up for things through your affiliate links elsewhere and are not posting your site on your blog asking people to go there, you're pretty safe. The rules are laid out very well for us. Sometimes newbies get in a hurry and don't read them, lol.

Good blog Debbie and it is good to give a reminder to people every now and again. Xx

Thanks Cheryl. Yes, someone has to remind us every now and then.

Yeah, the rules are there for a reason. There are enough communities and platforms out there that are full of flamewars and endless promotions.

We want to offer people a safe place to operate their businesses, get help with their businesses, and help others with their....without having to deal with annoying promotions.

Not to say, some people are doing something ethically and without knowledge of the rules here. We just have to have blanket rules so that people don't get the wrong idea when they see someone else promoting something, whether it is with intent or not.

Thanks everyone for being such a big part of the awesome family here at WA. ;)

Thanks for dropping in and for the comment Kyle! I know a lot of newer members are just exuberant about their new-found skills, and I can appreciate that, having been there myself! I also hate to see anyone lose their privileges because of that if it can be avoided. I really appreciate the fact that we have a safe-haven here, it's quite rare and I want to help keep it that way!

Thanks Debbie - a good reminder

Thanks David. I just thought a reminder before they start getting flagged as spam would be the kind way to address it. I know there are some here who would not hesitate to flag them.

I notice this a lot. Newbies should have it double drilled into them

True Mike, they don't hear it enough. but, at some point, they must be told so that they don't lose their privileges to blog. The sad part was how many members are doing it that have been here long enough to know better. That's inexcusable, don't you think?

Some will always sneak a few in!

Well, like Kyle said in his comment, this is a part of keeping our community a safe haven for learning the business of marketing. We're not here to sell to each other. Those that persist in doing it will, eventually be flagged and stopped or lose privileges!

And when you try to help someone who has broken the rules you get this sort of response

Right, you do something against the rules and get mad at me when I tell you about it! That's when you enjoy pressing that little this is spam button, isn't it, lol? Thanks for checking in Marion. Good to see you.

Oh dear.
Well, we do live in an age of "rules are for other people. "

Ain't that so???

That is so bad Marion, just because you tried to help by giving advice. Xx

yes, I notice people get aggressive when they are blatantly doing the wrong thing and you point it out for the sake of the community - YOU are the bad guy! And it is mostly NOT newbies, and very often high rankers...

Good reminder. It's pretty cyclical. I find that every 6-8 weeks our so, I come across more spam. I can't fault anyone for their enthusiasm -- I rather appreciate it -- but it would probably be a good idea for them to actually read the rules. Lol

Good point Craig, it is cyclical isn't it? Just like giving feedback in comments, although I do think some of that issue has been cleared up and it's not as prevalent now.

I like the other spam better then this kind of spam

Me too! I know it's not real healthy but, since I grew up eating it, I crave it every now and then. It's really convenient for a quick meal isn't it?

One of those things we love to hate but still do it. I grew up eating it also.

The other spam came along long after that and I still do not like it.

The new and (not so) improved spam, lol.

As soon as I read "I do not like it" , little voices in my head spoke up:
"Would you like it with a frog? Would you like it in a blog? "
"I do not like it with a frog. I do not like it in a blog. I do not like it here or there. I do not like it anywhere. I do not like you posting spam. I do not like it, Sam I Am. "

Yeah. I have kids.

Funny you should mention that Craig. I thought about green eggs and spam before I wrote this, lol.

It is amazing how with kids we get where we start quoting Dr. Suess and Disney movies.

Ha ha, I don't even have kids! But I do love them and Dr Suess too!

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