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Advice on updating an existing website to a responsive one?

Advice on updating an existing website to a responsive one?

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Website Development & Programming

I have a website which has been up and running for several years which was created prior to the Responsive functionality for mobile devices being an option when building website

See my last blog post

Thank you Shawn. Will check it out! :~)

I sent you a PM also :)

Easiest way to do it is by changing the WP theme... Otherwise you're getting into a lot of complicated coding that should probably be done by a web designer. :/

Yes it would be nice if it could be that simple! Unfortunately the site was built with a lot of customizations.. i think i'm going to need a professional on board for this job.. :~)

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Anybody using wa webmail to manage multiple domain emails?

Anybody using wa webmail to manage multiple domain emails?

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Getting Started

I've successfully used Outlook to handle emails for the various domains i manage for years, but since moving a couple of my domains over to WA a few months ago I have had a lot

Hey Din Jag.

This is a current hot topic.

Using WebMail is primitive, and although I won't share all of the notes here, WA things so too.

You need to use your internet providers SMTP servers to properly send email through your domain.

Even that isn't perfect - but unless you pay for Googles business services (~$5 per month per user), you'll have to find your own SMTP servers to send your email.

I posted about the issue here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/mark-tait/blog/issues-setting-up-new-outgoing-emails-in-gmail-through-wa-domains

I hope that helps?

All the best, Mark

Thanks Mark.. just responded to your other post link above.. appreciate your time in responding.. Dino :~)

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Should lengthy reviews be broken up into smaller parts?

Should lengthy reviews be broken up into smaller parts?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Hi Friends,

I'm in the process of doing a product review which is quite extensive and was considering releasing it into two or three parts.

Does anyone have any expe

Make it easy to read break it up with photos and bullets.

if you have enough for 3 separate 1,000 word articles you really have 4 of them- one summary, one part 1,2, and 3.If they flow and stand in their own right you are good to go. If in doubt, stay with a longer one, just headline, sub head, and format it so it looks accessible and that should see you good

that said, you will have to rewrite the summary one, not just cut and paste (=duplicate content)

I would keep it to around 1000 words and it will rank good.
I have never had any luck with multiple pages.

OK Shawn. Appreciate your feedback on that.. :~)

Me too. I have been doing a lot of similar product reviews and for the more expensive, more popular items I have been doing longer reviews, often split into 2 or even 3 pages.

However I have noticed that the shorter reviews, of around 600-800 words, seem to rank higher in almost every case. I'm a little confused because my competitors, the major sites mostly seem to have reviews spreading several pages so I'm none the wiser really.

Ok it looks like i may need to look at a way of consolidating the info.. thx for sharing your experience.. really appreciated! :~)

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How would you approach this keyword situation

How would you approach this keyword situation

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I'll use the golf niche to illustrate my question...

If i wanted to target traffic for the keyword phrase "How To Play Golf" should i only use those words in my article ti

I have the same question. Would love an answer to this one.

I would always go with the long tailed keyword because you can get ranked for both the short and long tailed keyword.

I agree with your thinking. OldMule

ok, I've always wondered about that.. appreciate the clarification.. long tail keywords comin up! :~)

No problem Dino!

It is a good question. I understand the situation you are talking about. As an option you can go for it but the problem is that you never know under which keyword you will be ranked. The most important is to write for your readers and help them. If you run after specific keywords you will be disappointed.

yes i agree with what you're saying about the content.. thx for the feedback.

You want an interesting title, How to play golf, doesn't screaming interesting.

You might want to experiment like How to play golf like Tiger Woods, How to play scratch golf...

yes i understand what you're saying but my question wasn't really about coming up with an interesting title it was more about asking how does adding the extra words in a title affect your results...
Like if i use the title "How to play golf like Tiger Woods" it shows a monthly search of 48 whereas people that are searching "How to play golf" shows a monthly search of 9520..
So I just wonder for example if i were to use the longer keyword phrase "How to play golf like Tiger Woods" whether i still would pick up the extra traffic for people just searching the term "How to play golf" as well because the term also lives within the other longer keyword..
maybe i'm thinking about this too much!.. ha ha :~)

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