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Joined March 2014
Internet Marketing Mentor, Coach and Consultant for the past 20 years.
[Most successful people in this industry will have a mentor or coach].

Fortunate enough to have gained many skills in the technical coding side of web design, (backend), as well as front end creative design with software and imagary related things as well as.

I run my own server with client, student and own websites on it. I use this platform to teach, learn, test and grow as things as they are constantly changing in this ever growing industry.

I have seen many, many scams and rubbish, (as have most of you), and I can say without a doubt that this site and the community, is what you need to start making your dreams "real" for you!

So with 20 plus years experience in this industry, please shout if you need any help as there is no point in wasting time battling on your own!

As you can see - I highly recommend this site!

Please also read my different and often unusual and/or humorous blogs - as well as "like" and "comment" on them, (top of each post Facebook as well please!), - for other insights, tips and tricks!

Do yourself a favour, clear all the "Guru" emails etc and the rest of the rubbish out of your computer and focus 100% on here and YOU WILL SUCCEED!

If you have trouble with any of the course material, do it again untill you get it, even if it is 10 times! Find a friend or lover or even your mother and sit through it again and again untill you "have it" in your brain.

Use the "like" buttons on WA - ask questions in the chat for quicker responses and use the "reply" button to communicate with the person who messaged you.

Go for gold!!
The OldMule

I can also be found on Skype - 10am to 10pm (UK time):- theoldmule
Facebook: facebook.com/oldmule.skule

NB! [I don't list all my websites on WA to reduce others copying them].
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Money Goals
£10 000 per month for first 12 consistant months
£15 000 as above
15 hours a day 7 days a week!
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Dec 19, 2016
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OldMule Premium
£10 000 per month for first 12 consistant months
£15 000 as above
15 hours a day 7 days a week!
I think that you willingness to work long hours is a great asset, all power to you!
Carson Premium Plus
Awesome goals Andy!!

Now that you have goals to work towards you are going to be able to really focus on the training. Take action on what you learn and the lessons will take you towards achieving your goals.

I look forward to working with you and having you as an active part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.


More power to you Oldmule, wishing you all the best !!
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tmaltz Premium
thanks for the follow my friend, very kind of you. hope you don't mind that i followed you as well, looking forward to working with you. Cheers,
OldMule Premium
Thank you, you are very welcome!
Remember: - stay focused - have fun - aim high!
Chat soon.
cinta2002 Premium
Thx OldMule for the follow, i'll do the same.Totally agree with what you saidd in your profile about thosse "gurus" and get rich quick scams, all lies, if you ask me. I will be needing your expert help for sure, thx. Right now I will start with a question. How do I get my affiliate links to work. Maybe you can take a look at my website, I started this online biz as a complete newbie, so i still can't confidently say that I know what I am doing still, in fact I still feel stuck and lost. I signed up with some affiliate progs, walmart, ebay, amazon and so on, but I just can't seem to know how to put their links on my website. Can you please tell me how to go about that? Thank you in advance!! Jacy!!
btw my website is generationj7.siterubix.com
OldMule Premium
Hi. Thanks for the kind comments.
I haved checked out your site - interesting niche!
Immediately though I would suggest, (if you are serious about creating a business):
1. You do all the classes to get the maximum advantage from your efforts.
2. You get a real dot.com domain and build on it from the beginning, why do the work twice - and lose blog links in Google?
3. Create a domain name that reflects the niche and has keywords, example:
- westafricawithjaycy.com
- allaboutwestafrica.com
- foodandstylewestafrica.com
- traditionalwestafrica.com
- westafricatraditions.com
You want to get the site looking like a website - then get your affiliate accounts opened, save the affiliate details together on a page on your desktop.
Each affiliate product and member has it's own "link", there are many "plugins" that are used to get the info you are looking for to appear on your pages and posts.

However - if you want to build a business - do the lessons with a passion and you will be more successful - there are no short cuts to doing it right.

Hope this is helpful.
RCunningham Premium
Top man! I am on the verge of becoming a premium member but want to be sure. After reading your profile you speak very highly of WA and it has helped me decide. Thanks
OldMule Premium
If you are serious about building a business - then you are in the right place my friend - go premium and go for gold!
Furthermore, -
Do the classes until you "get" each step.
Create an imaginery niche to do the classes if you like - [when finished simply delete it and go off and build the right one, - in a day!].
If you know the niche you want - buy the .com domain today as well! Build on it immediately - but do not get bogged down with it.
Forget about everything else going on around you here at WA, plenty of time for that later!
Stop reading those crappy emails - [read my blogs rather - HA!].
Shout if you want help do not waste time with things that can get sorted with help.
Be blessed with success!
Chat soon.

My blogs: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/oldmule/blog

Must read:
AndreaD Premium
hi OldMule ! Thank u for following me, i appreciate it. i will follow u back :)
OldMule Premium
Cheers my friend - go for gold!
Chat soon.
cathydtm Premium
Hi there Oldmule! Thanks for following me! I am very sure I can learn a lot from you. Can't wait to get to know you better. I am very new at the Wealthy Affiliate, but I love it here and can hardly wait to succeed. Take care, hope to see you in the community. Cathy
OldMule Premium
Thanks for the great comments. Shout me anytime you like!
Be blessed with success and go for gold!
Chat soon.