What Does an AI Generated Site Look Like?

Last Update: May 23, 2023

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So, hopefully, you are aware of Kyle's exciting plans to introduce AI to the platform.


I know that some of you have wholeheartedly embraced the idea and how it can help our productivity.

Whereas, others are still doubtful, and are under the impression that AI produces poor content that is instantly recognizable and robotic.

So, I thought I would build a quick website to show you what can be done.

I don't usually reveal my sites, or the ones I share with Partha, but I am making an exception here!

Soil Sprout

Every single aspect of this site is AI generated, other than my own personal photo.

So, that includes every single written word, every image and the infographic tables.

And it took me less than 2 hours to build and add the first 2 posts.

Now, I am not suggesting that you all rush out and use nothing but AI on your own sites.

After all, we still don't know what Google is going to do in the future.

But, I hope that you can see that it looks human, it's personal and friendly, it's helpful, it's informative.

And it looks very pretty!

I hope this inspires you!

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Thanks for sharing Diane!

I'm also finding I can throw up content pretty fast with AI, too. Mind you I do a lot of fact-checking and adding to it.

The biggest problem with AI written content isn't that it's written by AI, it's that it rarely brings anything new to the table, and Google is very hungry for new perspectives and current information.

That's likely the reason a website that's built totally with AI written content would fail. It would be considered "stale."

AI by itself just can't provide a new take or current info about a topic because it can only regurgitate. No matter how human it appears, it can only offer the past.

So, it's never about the fact that it does or doesn't mimic a human, it's about the fact that it lives only in the past.

At least for now... ;-)

Thank you! Really interest.
I have been a little afraid of mixing AI articles with my, but it could be interesting to start a new site with mostly/only AI. I have in mind what Google will do.
But I have two questions.
1. Is it a trustworthy tool to check out if AI is stealing text from other sites? Or is it unnecessarily worried?
2. I tested AI about facts in areas where most people know the key facts. It had around 40% wrong facts. Is your experience similar? I believe it is no problem to always check it, but in some niches, it can be tricky to determine what is right or wrong.

Hi - If you are talking about pure plagiarism, copying and pasting from other sites, then no, it doesn't do that.

However, it is not capable of thought; everything it knows has been taught, so inevitably all of its knowledge comes from other sites.

But it won't be flagged as duplicate content.

Yes, some of the facts are wrong, and bear in mind that it knows nothing that happened after September 2021.

As I said, this is just to show people that it can look human-written when done correctly.

But I still wouldn't advise that you simply copy and paste whatever it outputs.

Thank you. Yes, it was the " pure plagiarism" and "duplicate content" I was worried about! I heard some people talk about a huge lawsuit in the future!

But with these things good, I could use a lot but then change the sentence between I guess,

Thank you for one of the best help I have got about this!

Now let's see if you rank in the search engines. The data is evidence enough; without that, I remain skeptical that a full AI generated with little human editing without using your own words will rank. It looks somewhat robotic in some sentences. That I do not like at all, the human editor in me will take over.

Well, the purpose wasn't to take the experiment as far as ranking and monetization, but just to show how a site could be seen by the average "man on the street," who wouldn't be scrutinizing it for AI content.

But, of course, we have no idea what Google plans to do!

However, I did start a similar site on February 16, when I first started learning Prompt Engineering.

Here are the results as of today from Analytics and Search Console.

Not a runaway success, but not a disaster either!

Hi, thanks for showing me that. It is not bad. I recalled you saying “using your own words.” back then with prompt engineering. As you stated before, Google isn't against AI content. I am fully aware we don't know Google, “what Google plans to do.”

I’ve already seen with my own 👀 that they are looking for helpful content, whether written by humans or AI-generated. The jury is still out regarding the ranking of the full AI-generated ranking on the top 10.

Some YouTubers talked about how they lost out with full AI-generated content that did not get indexed or ranked without complete human editing. It probably was not helpful and had thin content.

Until then, I remain skeptical since ChatGPT mines content that has already been written before via the Internet. It states that. The idea is to humanly build trust and authority, not be a robot 🤖- even if it remotely looks human-like. That's my thoughts on it.

I use Grammarly it's AI, that is the one I use now, their Go Beta version. It's great but sometimes it comes out being robotic and I have to edit that out and use my own words.

Thanks for sharing the data! I appreciate it.

Great work Diane, and thank you for sharing it.

May I suggest the following: use

to have the box centered, this follows the style of pictures you use (which are amazing). Use these commands in the same line as the video code to avoid too much white space.

Oh, cheers. I was wondering how to do that, lol, much appreciated!


I was gonna mention this myself (but didn't know how to do it, so I kept my mouth shut, LOL)

Thank You Jovo!!

Pretty, but I do recognize the writing style though, like even the beginning of the articles with "greetings, dear fellow green thumbs!", etc. ( my newsletters start with "greetings, dear fellow miniaturists" )
As I use AI for my newsletters, it does look similar and recognizable. The rest of the text is as well.
I still think that Google will find this out somehow when lots of people start to do it this way?
I only use it to get ideas so far and headings, that's it.
My 2 cents :-)

Also, Chat GTP makes a lot of "lists" I have noticed lol! And doesn't always give reliable information, like at all sometimes.

Oh, I appreciate what you're saying, and yes, I could probably spot AI on other websites, too.

(Much the same as it's obvious when people are using AI for their WA blogs!)

But the average visitor would be unlikely to know.

It will certainly be interesting to see where it all ends up in the future.

Interesting indeed. And the free images are great though, I sometimes struggle with finding a good picture for my miniatures niche, and as it is very visual, I need lots of them, so that will save me time now that I think of it, thanks!

Just made this with AI,love it!

Thank you for sharing

This is a great post, Diane, and Soil Sprout is very impressive. It gives me thought.

Thank You


Awesome Diane. I know you have talked about using it to draft blog posts but to set up a website and do everything except you photo is remarkable. Love it!

An extremely nice post, Diane. Thanks very much for sharing. I haven't tried AI yet but it seems it's time I got started!

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