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To add ad banner to blog post or not, that is the question?

To add ad banner to blog post or not, that is the question?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

I'm in two minds wh

The other alternative is to add the banner to a landing page, surrounded by pre-sales text and then link to the landing page in the blog post.

I have read some materials around this approach recently, which argues that sending traffic first to a landing page before reaching the ultimate product page is most effective than a direct link from the banner to the product page.

I will give it a try.


There are several good reasons for that. I'll be interested in seeing how you go.

Hey Femi,

Whether to add or not is really your own decision to make.

Having said that... I can share with you what happened to me so that you might avoid what I did, and actually benefit from your ad banner.

I had a site where I added an ad banner to the sidebar and it was juuuuust above the fold. If you are uncertain as to the meaning of above the fold, see screen print below...

It was long before I noticed that site being punished by Google, and when I checked Google Analytics, I noticed the punishment straight away.

Once I moved that widget with the ad banner down so that it was no longer above the fold... VOILA! The punishment was lifted.

And now, I don't even add a text affiliate link above the fold.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thanks Triblu, First I'm hearing of the term above the fold but I have come across the concept you have alluded to here and I will actually review my affiliate links position of my blogs in general so that I'm not punished for this issue. Same goes for the banner though I don't think it is above the fold from memory.

You never know until you try! If it doesn't work, take it down and try something else, Femi!


I may well do this - thanks

You're very welcome, Femi! Nothing ventured and nothing gained!


There is a train of thought today that says Google prefers not to have salesy links and banners on every page, especially if it is informational.

In your informational post you can link to your sales funnel page
At the end of your post you can suggest learn9ing more leading to your sales funnel page.

Thanks. I will consider that too.

You said yet, what are you waiting for?

How are you tracking progress?

Ok to clear, I have added the banner to another blog post where it hasn't returned any income (yet - it has been at least 3 weeks or so now). (I have a suspicion that the reason is because maybe the banner is not relevant enough). But my question is whether adding it to my best income generating blog post will have an adverse effect on the income of my said best income generating blog.

Yes I make sure everything on the page is relevant.

However, it is still early to tell. is there some kind of CTA attached or what is or would the purpose of the banner.

What would you want to achieve it from displaying it there.

Because you already said the post is one that is high performing. Has the performance changed higher | lower?

I am bit confused to be honest.

I have DM you because it is easier to provide extra information that way including details of my website wthout being seen to be promoting my site on WA

Okay will get to it,

Thank you.

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How quickly can a new local business website rank on page 1?

How quickly can a new local business website rank on page 1?

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Local Marketing

In late October last year, one of my neighbours discovered my own personal website, and was really impressed with it that he asked me to built a local business website for him!

Go to the Live Events (Left Menu Fourth from top)and type in "Local" you will find many of Jay's Training lessons on Local marketing.

It won't give you a time frame but it will give you the tools you need to get a local business up and showing in the rankings.

Here's a good one to start with:

Thank you Labman. I'll check that resource out.


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How to recommend the same product on different amazon sites?

How to recommend the same product on different amazon sites?

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Getting Started


How do you go about referring readers of you post to check out a product on the relevant Amazon in their country?

I'm conscious that there will b

Hey Femi,

Here's a tutorial to help you setup your OneLink: Hope you find this helpful.

Awesome! You are a star Triblu:)
Thank you

As Diane said below. Read all the info on your Amazon site. They tell you how to use onelink. Jim

Thank you JK.

Hi - you actually have to join all the other Amazon sites you wish to use. Once you have done that, Amazon has a tool called OneLink, which you need to activate.

OneLink ensures that when somebody clicks one of your links, it will take them to the correct site for their country. It will even offer them the closest match if the exact product is not available.

If you don't join all the different sites, you won't get the commission, if they buy it in another country.

Wow, that's awesome Diane!

I have already joined the UK and the US sites - which why I was using them as an example. But going by your advice I need to join all of them, and that's when I get the one link tool?

I'm also delighted with the notion of them being offered the closest match.

Wow thank you for the advice. I will go register with all the sites ASAP. Now I have to re-do all my links. At least its better that I found out now before I have plenty of posts:)


Oh! and thank you very much for the tip Diane. I'm ever so grateful:)

Hi - it's up to you as to how many you join. There is, however, one pitfall to be aware of.

I am sure you know that you have to make 3 sales in 180 days - however, that is 3 sales for each Amazon site you join, not 3 altogether. This won't be easy if you are not getting traffic to your website.

Oh bugger! I'm not aware of that. In that case it would probably be better to wait till I start ranking high on Google.

(I have only just joined WA in March; still learning the ropes and on course to complete my training. But I have created 2 sites already and I follow Jay's live classes from time to time)

So much to learn.


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Why is my other header image not showing?

Why is my other header image not showing?

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Everything Wordpress

I want to have a different header image for my Affiliate Disclaimer page. I have installed a plugin called 'Unique Headers' to help make this happen. I have uploaded the image

Hey Femi,

Google searching "WP display header plugin tutorial" (without the quotation marks, of course) I found several videos offered showing you how to use it.

Using this plugin on a client's website and it works wonders.

Hope you find this helpful.

Hi Triblu,

Thank you for your suggestion. I will do a search as you advise. Indeed, it was via Google that I discovered the plugin in the first place and I followed the instruction in installing according to the youtube clip that introduced me to the plugin.

I hope further research will help me get to the bottom of why the plugin is not working. Will keep you posted.

Kind regards

Yes Femi, please do let me know what you discover.

Thank you ever so much for your help. After further research, I have been able to figure out the issue. I think it was a theme related issue. My theme already allows me to set any image I want for whichever page. I just needed to use the editor which came with the theme instead of using the default Wordpress editor.

Only been a member 3 months so the whole website building is pretty new to me. By the way, here's my website - effectivesnoringremedies.com. I'd welcome any feedback you may have.

Happy to reciprocate with comments/feedback


Oh wow Femi that is even BETTER... now you won't need ANY plugin to do that.

Now you know... for the future, when having issues with a theme and/or plugin to Google search to see if a tutorial has been made available. Most times you will find them.

Thank YOU for letting me know that you found a resolution. Yeaaaaaaah... I'm glad you got this worked out.

Nice website!

Here's another suggestion:

Does your site theme support the plugin(s)?

You may want to make sure it is current and that it is compatible with your theme.

How can I tell whether my theme does not support the plugins? I have updated my WP, and carried out all outstanding updates.


You were right, it had to do with my theme. My theme already allows me to set any image I want for whichever page. I just needed to use the editor which came with the theme instead of using the default Wordpress editor.

Many Thanks

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