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I guess you could call this my 2nd stint at Internet Marketing, although I now have more time, patience, life experience and probably most importantly the means to actually learn things properly without worrying about where the next pennies are coming from.

I initially worked online from 2009-2012. I had relative success with Clickbank and article marketing - those were the days where you could buy a cheap domain name, point it at the affiliate sales page, write 5-10 articles a day on the given product and bam!! you're producing sales. I then managed to land myself a couple of great writing gigs with entrepreneurs looking to build serious authority websites, which provided me with constant work for 18 months.

However, I was always about "earning whatever money I could" as this was my only source of income. Unfortunately, this simply led to me working my fingers to the bone to build other people's businesses without much to fall back on for myself.

This time will be different - this is my opportunity to build something for myself. So I'm starting afresh, learning the ropes slowly but surely, without having to constantly look over my shoulder wondering how I'm going to pay my bills. Yaay!
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
UPDATE: 12th September 2021 - My aim is to be earning $25,000 per month by December 31st 2022 - This will be achieved between my WA hosted sites and my externally hosted sites.
Money I would be ecstatic earning
UPDATE: 12th September 2021 - I live a good life and I am happy. I'm not particularly extravagant with money, and my family's happiness comes above everything else. You can't put a price on that.
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
UPDATE: 12th September 2021 - I currently work between 30-35 hours a week.
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Mar 25, 2020
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ParthaB Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?
UPDATE: 12th September 2021 - My aim is to be earning $25,000 per month by December 31st 2022 - This will be achieved between my WA hosted sites and my externally hosted sites.

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?
UPDATE: 12th September 2021 - I live a good life and I am happy. I'm not particularly extravagant with money, and my family's happiness comes above everything else. You can't put a price on that.

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
UPDATE: 12th September 2021 - I currently work between 30-35 hours a week.
Fiona13 Premium
Great goals,
Wishing you all the success, by following the training provided by Kyle you will reach your goals in no time. All the best!
Carson Premium Plus
Nice goals Partha,

These are going to take you to a whole new level of being focused, motivated, and dedicated to what you are learning here at WA.

As you work through the training lessons, make sure to ask questions when you have them, and take action on what you are learning. You have a full community of friendly people behind you!

I look forward to working with you :)

nathaniell Premium Plus
Those are some really great numbers to start with Partha, and I think you're going to hit your goals a lot faster than you think. Many people generate thousands... or tens of thousands of dollars per month after going through the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Honestly, I think you're going to surprise yourself and double or triple those goals in time, and I'm looking forward to helping you get there!
AlyseS Premium
Great goals!!!
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TheWebmaster Premium
I really like your theme on your bodyweight website...
What is the name of your theme?

I have a very similar posting method with pictures first...

I have spent months trying to find a solution for my website and thee layouts. I am not satisfied with the way my posts appear and have talked to tech support but they cannot change it.

I spent weeks trying to get my posts to appear like yours, I am assuming it is your theme.

I am like you, I am taking my second whack at this and starting all over and doing it my way dude!!

Your indifference was the inspiration I needed, however, I am in mass re-construction, and need to get back attacking the goals.

I have some experimental sites and was shopping I could get your theme to see what things would look like.

Hey thanks for all the input on my profile...I am just trying to get this next site right, better, and perfected.



ParthaB Premium
Hey Ken,

It's the most basic of basic - It's the free version of GeneratePress.

Once installed I simply went to "Appearance" in my WP back office and made changes to colours, font sizes, spacing, etc.

The initial image is simply the "Featured Image" which is available with most WordPress themes.

Be aware that on your homepage, the featured image will come after the title when using GeneratePress.

However, when you visit individual articles (in the same way as you would expect a visitor to) then the image will come before the title.

A few things of concern in your message here Ken.

The fact that you've "spent weeks" on something and also that you have finished your message with the word "perfected".

Anyone who knows me here will know that hearing that frustrates me!! LOL.

In fact, I've written about it plenty of times.

Most websites won't have any decent organic traffic in the first 9 months.

So, you're literally writing to yourself.

The only way to speed things up is to produce as much content as possible.

Basically, what you believe to be a decent amount of content, multiply it by 5 or 10.

Most bloggers simply don't write enough in my opinion.

My aim is to wrtie as much as possible and once I'm literally getting thouands and thousands of visitors do I start worrying about other things.

You can spend all the time you want trying to make your website look pretty or perfecting your content analysis, but if you're not producing content then you're pretty much dead in the water.

I know for a fact that some people who have asked for my help and produced less content in a year than I do in a 4-6 weeks.

You won't get anywhere trying to analyze every little fact.

Produce content, get to hundreds or thousands of visitors a day, then start worrying about the other stuff.

TheWebmaster Premium
Well thank you that is exactly what I am trying to do.
Produce content.
I thought I was using the same theme but there is no way, I tried everything and support said it can not be done.

The name of the theme is generate press???
StephenJacks Premium
Hi again Partha

It is your own fault I am writing too you again asking questions. You shouldn't have given me that plan to follow ha ha

Anyway I now have a couple of pages on page Google !!!
Want to get them to number one spot or at least in the top 3. Don't suppose you have any tips for that?

One of the pages I wrote in the last week and is an info post. The other a review I wrote back in May. Not with your formula Boo Hiss !!!

Thanks ones again for any help
All the best

ParthaB Premium
Here he is, popping up again!!

Steve, I have an Internet Marketing SECRET.

I don't choose to share this everyone, so feel privilleged.

The secret is one that I like to call... PATIENCE!!


As I've mentioned many, many, many times, articles require time in the search engines to reach their traffic potential.

Typically, after 8-9 months you will have a pretty good grasp of the full traffic potential of that article, i.e. the traffic an article is receiving after 8-9 months will usually be somewhere close to its maximum. Of course, things can change, but you have to give an article this time first.

Also, remember that even though you rank for the "main" keyword, an article will generally for more-and-more keywords with each passing month.

I've written about that here: However, there is a little "trick" you can use to push articles higher in rankings for VARIOUS keywords:

I've written about that here: And the other way to get an article to rank higher in the search engines for a specific keyword phrases is links, whether internal or external.

It's far too early in your AM journey to start thinking about external links pointing to your articles (using legitimate tactics), although you can use social media for this, i.e. share the article on various social media platforms (there are well over 100 Social Media platforms).

Internal links can also work very well to boost rankings, plus you can use exact word anchor text (use the exact keyword in the text that links), although you should use a bit of variety in the text that links as well.

For you, I would say use the internal stuff for now.

So, find where you can link to the ranking articles from you other existing articles (some of my articles have over 100 internal links pointing to them, although I do own a paid software to do this), plus check out my blog post above about using the power of Google Search Console to rank for more keywords.

StephenJacks Premium
Ok Thanks Partha

As always your advice is taken on board PATIENCE!! it is then. Ha ha. Yes I will just keep writing articles and it will come. That's if they remain indexed of course.

I didn't realise when I first started this I would make so many mistakes. But we live and learn !!!!

Thanks again for your help
StephenJacks Premium
Hi Partha

Sorry it's me again ha ha

Can I ask I know it's Friday but do you use H2 tags for all your headings?

And then H3 and 6 for your subheadings. Or are you using H2 for the part where you answer the question and highlight it. Then H3 for the rest of the headings and H6 for the subheadings.

BTW just thought I would let you know since adopting your approach to keywords I have over 100 page one spots on Bing and Yahoo. Still not got one on Google.

This is mainly because in my niche Portable Solar Panels which are different to residential solar panels. Lots of the obscure keywords have been snapped up.

But I have started to find key words that people search for where page one is littered with forums. This is because I am focusing on panel types.

So I am hoping the situation with Google will change writing posts for these keywords

Thanks in advance

ParthaB Premium
Hey Steve,

Everywhere I turn, you're there!! Hahahaha

Yep, for H2 tags I just have the one, which is straight above the "answer snippet".

I am literally telling Google (and the other search engines), "This is the Most Important Part of this Article."

In fact, I'll often link to the H2 tag of an article rather than the article url/permalink.

It is actually possible to get snippet's of your articles to rank, as opposed to just the main article url (I believe I've mentioned this to you before).

Well, I'm glad that you're getting the rankings, although I've had loads of people say to me that they're getting Bing and Yahoo rankings, but still waiting on Google.

I guess I could be getting lots of Bing and Yahoo rankings, but I just rarely check Bing Webmaster tools.

I can see via Google Analytics that I get daily traffic from Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia, and especially DuckDuckGo, but it's always a fraction of my Google traffic.

Plus, it's pretty much been like that ever since I started getting traffic to the site.

I'd say to just make sure that you're doing your research in a private browser/incognito tab when looking for questions via Google Autosuggest.

Otherwise the results are slightly skewed to favour what Google believes you want to see.

However, your site is still in its infancy, and the fact that you are getting rankings somewhere is a positive.

You should also check Google Search Console under "Coverage" and then click on "Excluded" on the graph and check "Discovered - Currently Not Indexed".

Google has had issue with indexing for nearly 15 months now, so it could be a case that some of your articles simply aren't indexed in Google yet.

Once you go through that process, click on any urls in Google Search Console under "Discovered - Not Yet Indexed", then click on "Test Live url". If everything comes back green, then click "Request Indexing".

If there is anything in red it will explain what the issues are.

Hope that helps (Where are you going to turn up next? Hahaha)

StephenJacks Premium
Thanks Partha

Are you sure your not stalking me ha ha

Thanks for the info and I am just using the H2 tag for the snippet. I don't have a problem with Google indexing my pages.

I submit them as soon as I have published them. Currently they usually get indexed within a few hours of me submitting them.

Ye the Bing thing is great because it is encouraging and spurs you on knowing you will get traffic from them. While Google decides if you are worthy of it's attention ha ha

It will love me in the end I know. I feel I am growing on it !!!

Thanks for your continued help and support

Preetam3 Premium
Hi Partha I'm preetam from India. First of all congrats, on your success and future goal. I want to know more about your success story and how you build your business. I'm pretty new in this field and right now don't have any success so if it is possible then please guide me.
Jocelyn30 Premium
Glad to meet you here Partha,

I see i can learn so much trick on your sleeves to make dough. . .LOL! Kidding you not, someone like me zero ground in on line marketing experience.

Salute to you, for you got lots of knowledge in affiliate field or I should say you are one of a master here in WA community:)