How Did I Do It So Quickly?


A few weeks back @CLandi & @phollett posted a question on my blog post about my trip to the Bahamas... They were both curious about "how I found success so quickly"...

Well I wasn't able to reply at the time because super-coincidently I was literally just about to once again head out to the Bahamas to attend a music festival... And I've only just got back...

But I did promise that I would post an update regarding their questions, and well here it is...

First though I think it would be wrong if I didn't share some pics of the trip 😉

Here's one of me at Cocoa Beach Florida (a beautiful place) prior to the sailing:

One of me & some friends at Great Stirrup Cay (an AMAZING private island owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines):

And another one of me playing some crazy golf in Florida trying to recover from 7 straight days of partying LOL (unfortunately I lost... I think there was some cheating going on 😉):

But anyway, back to the question at hand... How did I do it so quickly?

Well the truth is - and admittedly you're probably not going to like this - I didn't really do anything quickly.

I mean don't get me wrong, in the past I did manage to find major success overnight with one of my websites... But it didn't come without putting in a LOT of work beforehand.

And to be honest I'm not quite sure where the assumption of me "doing it quickly" actually came from... I can only imagine it's from me mentioning that I do this full-time, whilst having only having spent a couple of years at WA...

The reason for that though is because prior to arriving at WA I had been working hard for several years trying to figure out things for myself (with the help of Google)... And whilst Google is a great dude that will provide you with almost all the help you'll ever need, what you have to realize is that as a member of WA you are truly BLESSED to have all of this information laid out for you right here, all step-by-step.

(so PLEASE make sure you take FULL ADVANTAGE of the training here)

I mean there is no doubt in my mind that if I had found WA sooner I would have achieved success MUCH quicker... But instead without the step-by-step training I was left to learn the hard way through trial & error, which of course takes much longer - and is much more painful.

So the next question... From what I've learned, how can YOU do this quickly with WA?

Firstly I'll admit that personally when it comes to building a business I don't like the idea of speed. I mean sure, everybody wants success, and everybody would prefer it quickly - but as far as I'm concerned a business should be always viewed with a long-term vision.

However with that being said there are indeed some things that you can do to quicken the process up... Though I'm sure deep down you already know what they are...

1. Stop Looking For Shortcuts

When it comes to making money online there's shortcuts everywhere - or at least so it seems... But none of them work. You'll have no doubt seen them - those "make $10,000 in your first month just hand us $100 to learn how" types of programs. It's total BS.

The time (and money) you spend looking for shortcuts is all time & money that you could have been putting into your REAL business here at WA... The truth is that the internet is great & it certainly provides many opportunities to make money, but good money will never come without hard work & dedication... If it did, then everybody would be doing it!

The good news though is that if you do put in the work, you will most certainly reap the rewards... So FOCUS on your business here at WA & avoid the distractions.

The WA training hands down works, but only if you follow it right through!!

2. Work Harder

@JerryHuang is a prime example of this. He's achieved a LOT of success through the WA training & he's blogged about the majority of his journey which is excellent & inspiring...

But what's his secret?

He's a freakin' hard working dude!

So ask yourself this - are you really working your business like a business? Or are you just "testing the water" to see what happens? Are you really leveraging your time to get as much done as possible, or could you be doing more?

If you want things to happen faster, you've definitely gotta work harder!

Posting 1 post a month? Post 1 a week!

Posting 1 post a week? Post 1 a day!

It might not seem easy - and well the truth is it ain't easy, but honestly the benefits associated with owning a succesful online business make it WELL worth it - and I know 100% that you can obtain them if you just give it your all.

ALL hard workers are rewarded, the WA success stories back that statement up 100%.

3. Stick With It

A good number of years ago I built a website & I worked hard on it every day writing posts for months... But despite that nothing seemed to be happening & as a result I ALMOST gave up.

I was ready to throw in the towel - "this affiliate marketing is just junk" I thought to myself...

However literally overnight everything changed - the hard work paid off, the search engines gave the website the ranks I had so desperately been hoping for & the website went from earning nothing to earning money that I didn't even think would ever be even possible to earn.

What I learned is that search engines work on TRUST. Ultimately search engines have the power to completely transform your business & your life - it's a powerful thing to give to someone, and in order to get it from them you must prove to them that you're going to help them deliver great content to the people that are searching via them.

If you scratch their back, they will scratch yours.

MOST websites disappear within the first month or two of launch... Therefore search engines want you to prove to them that you're going to stick around & that you're going to provide them with fresh content... Do this & they'll give you all the ranks you desire.

All too often I've seen people come to WA, build GREAT websites - and then disappear just a few weeks later because "it doesn't work". Now I know with 100% certainity that if they'd have just stuck around & kept at it, those sites would have been HUGE & super-lucrative.

It's such a shame to see, but DON'T be one of those people!

Keep your website active, keep it updated - and in time you WILL see results.

Wrapping It Up

Like I said further up this post the training here at Wealthy Affiliate flat-out works - providing you follow it through & providing you stick with it.

The benefits associated with owning an internet business are just out of this world - the freedom to travel, the freedom to work when you want, and the freedom to scale your income... And ALL of these benefits can 100% be yours so long as you just dive in & take action.

The bottom line is that there is NO secret - Kyle & Carson have given you the ultimate working blueprint for finding success online - as well as all of the tools to make it happen, but it is up to YOU to decide what you will do with it.

So the ball is in your court - if you truly want it then you have everything you need here to make it happen. Make this year your best year ever!

And a quick quote to sign out with:

"Don't compare your beginning to somebody else's middle".

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I read your "overnight success" post and oh wow, this is pretty crazy!! For me it more was more of a slow, steady growth now averaging around $500-750/mo.

But 1000 pounds per DAY?? I'm shocked. I'm impressed. Congrats, Dale!!


What niche are you in?
How old is your site?
Also, how often do you write now?
Have you hired anyone to do the work for you?

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Yeah I've had some slow & steady's too - as the post is titled, "anything can happen"... But the key is that providing you keep on working, something WILL happen.. That's for sure! :)

Regarding niches/site ages - I now have many different sites, all of different ages, all in different niches. I've also ventured into businesses outside of the affiliate marketing world. As a rule of thumb though I don't discuss my own ventures as it all comes back to the "don't compare your beginning to somebody else's middle" quote. The key is not to get caught up on comparing.

I wish you the best with your site(s) and I know that if you keep at it those numbers will only keep on increasing & increasing :)

Thank you Dale! And I wish you even more success! :)

What an incredibly professional, and yet, explanatory response. (I'm curious as well about your sites, and I read your response hoping for an answer... 🤣).

Thanks for this post, it's encouraging and gives me a kick since I haven't been putting any time into my website now. I posted once a month before but I've stopped and haven't really been on WA either.

Funny thing is, WA often crosses my mind and I'm like... I really need to get back to it if I want to get out of my 9-5 but haven't had the motivation. Or rather, I have something else going on that I'm focusing on that gives me no income whatsoever (not that my website has made it to that stage yet either) but I feel like I'm investing more time on my Instagram (photography) than my website.

I have been thinking maybe I should just put a halt on my current website and create a new one that is photography related since my main focus is there but I feel like I wouldn't really know what to blog about! Oh my goodness... I feel lost now.

It's easy to get distracted - but another good quote I once read is "success is doing the things you don't want to do"... Just force yourself to publish X amount of posts per week & eventually it will become habit :)

Lol, I shall try that! Thanks! =)

What about all the products that has to do with photography... cameras, lenses, editing software just to name a few...

True but I’m not an expert at it =( as much as I love taking photos lol

But that doesn’t mean you can’t research and learn, the more you know about your equipment it will have benefits for your photography.

That’s also true=) thank you lol! I guess I will start a new website!

I mean, after I do some research lol

You have spoken some great words here my friend. There are so many who want success and want it NOW or they walk away not knowing the success they may have found by actually working for it.

Being a member here has been a great experience because of everything being laid out for us, like you said.

We don't need to search high and low in Google. The training is genuine and isn't what they searched up. It is what they have discovered to be the key to their success.

Your post will definitely be inspirational not only to new members but to us all. It will also show them/us that if we work hard and not give in or give up, we can reach success of our own.

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann

Exactly - you're totally right & thanks for the comment :)

Great post so good to hear of your success and by the way nice to have had you visit the Bahamas, I was born and grown here. Wishing you all the best of success and have a good day.

That's awesome, it's an amazing place! Thanks for the comment :)

Thanks so much. Keep up the good work.

Great article and photos sharing too, Dale! Thank you! :o)

Thanks! :)


don't compare yourself with anybody for any reason would also be a good idea. Great post though down-to-earth common sense answers. Strangely it took me five or six years of working in Internet marketing to become an overnight success!

Yup, that's how most of the stories go! Thanks for the comment :)

Thanks for sharing this post, and that is a great quote will have to keep it in mind.

One of my favourite quotes, thanks! :)

Thanks, Dale this was quite the inspirational post

Thanks :)

Thanks Dale I finally found you, you're the one who got me in and I will forever be grateful for that webpage of yours :) and yes I am still here :)

Glad to see that you're enjoying it here & thanks for the comment! :)

Great post, Thanks for sharing.

Thanks :)

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