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You are here at Wealthy Affiliate because you want to earn commissions, right?And you're working hard on the training to begin generating them...So why, when the commissions arrive, would you reject them?The answer is, you wouldn't... (I hope).But sadly rejecting commissions is a mistake that I see many newcomers making.They put in all of the hard work & then when the commissions begin to arrive, they reject them... And continue to reject them, without even knowing that they're doing it.You
If you're new to affiliate marketing then it can become pretty easy to find yourself getting caught up focusing heavily on earning commissions.And it's understandable... After all, that's why you're here, right? To make money?But putting a primary focus onto earning commissions can actually be hugely detrimental to your success, especially at the earlier stages of your journey.You see, the reality is that if affiliate marketing is brand new to you then it is likely going to take you a little ti
Did you know...If you start a website today & publish 2 new posts on it each week, then at this same time next year you could actually quite easily sell that website for $11,000+?Pretty crazy, right? (and the proof of that is further down this post)...So, I want to ask you something...Knowing that, would you commit to actually doing it?Would you publish 2 posts per week, if it meant you'd earn $11,000 at the end of it?Surprisingly, even though so much money is so easily attainable, there ar
I bought 5 different products online this morning - all completely unrelated & before I purchased them I decided to do a little research.For 3 of them I searched for reviews, for one of them I searched for a "best" list & for the final one I searched a question.To my surprise, literally 3 out of the 5 websites that I decided to click on turned out to be websites that had been built by members of Wealthy Affiliate.I was able to tell that because the "About" page of each website made men
I'm gonna start this blog post with a harsh truth.Most people are lazy.In fact, we live in a world now that is so full of instant gratification & endless scrolling that it is actually becoming very difficult NOT to be lazy.And from time to time, I even fall victim to laziness myself.It's EASY to be lazy.But at the same time, laziness is also the key to your success.You see, laziness means that most people have absolutely no interest in writing a 1,000 word article to publish on their websit
July 06, 2020
Running into problems with your websites can be frustrating, I get it.I've been doing this years & years & years & guess what?Almost every day I run into some sort of new problem.And if you're not facing problems, well, you're probably not growing, or trying something new.But the important thing is how you deal with your problems.Because the truth is, most problems are VERY easy & fast to overcome, if dealt with correctly.So what's the correct way to deal with a problem?Well, th
Many people seem to think that the Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate is free.But is it really?You see, web hosting costs money... Yet as a Starter member, you get the ability to host a website (without any payment whatsoever) as part of your free membership.So if your Starter membership is free, then how is that possible?The answer is that in reality, Wealthy Affiliate covers the cost.Yep, that's right. It may be free to you as the end user, but the cost of getting your website online &am
March 29, 2020
I'm aware that right now, most people will be going through a pretty tough time.There is the fear of becoming ill, the fear of others becoming ill, job uncertainty, financial worry, and then there is the fact that most of us are "locked down", not even able to leave our homes.So the first thing I want to say is that I hope everybody here at Wealthy Affiliate, their families, friends... And everyone else for that matter, stays safe & makes it through this in full health.I'm confident you wil
After coming back from the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas conference I had a renewed energy inside of me & as a result I decided to start some additional niche websites.One of the websites I launched on March the 3rd, 2020.And now on March the 13th, one of the posts is already sitting on the first page of Google at position 4.Take a look:And the reason I want to share this with you is because this is literally one of the most simple & basic websites I have ever launched.The website basical
You're new, you want to make money, and you want to make it as quickly as possible.You want to see if this thing "really works", right?It's only natural...And after going through the training here at Wealthy Affiliate you discover that the key to making money is publishing content consistently.The more content you have, the more traffic you can get & the more money you can earn.Content, content, content... That's what this game's all about.So you may be tempted to just dive right in & s