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Continuing on from my last blog post about guaranteeing your success I want to use another example to highlight the true POWER of search engine marketing (specifically, SEO)...A member said to me in the comments of that post that you can't just set a site up & stop adding content...They said "sites simply disintegrate if you stop adding new stuff"...But is this true?I mean admittedly it is best to continue adding new content (because you always want to GROW your site, right?)But what if you
Online business is great - you can work when you want, earn as much as you want & take your income with you anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat...However it's true that not everybody sees success.Sure, there are some people that go on to make thousands, hundreds of thousands & even millions with their online businesses... However in the same breath there are also some that fail to gain any momentum with their businesses at all.But what if there was a way to GUARANTEE your success
Around a year ago from the date of writing this post I came up with an idea for a new website and I quickly became pretty excited about the thought of turning that idea into a reality...However it turned out that in order to do so it was going to require a LOT of work & money.Anyway I sat & thought about it & tried to weigh it up...Would the idea that I'd come up with really make me any money? Or would it just see me doing a whole load of work & spending a whole load of money f
When I see new people coming to Wealthy Affiliate I see them asking all sorts of questions - like how much can I make? How quickly can I make it? Etc...They're all pretty valid questions, especially for somebody new to this.But what I also often see is new people getting deterred when they hear it might take a few months - or even several months before they start earning their first commissions.The main reason (in my opinion) for that is because these days we live in a world of instant gratific
February 05, 2019
I know I'm kinda late to the party here with my Vegas post & as a result by now you're probably getting tired of hearing about it... (maybe?)... But regardless I wanted to put one together all the same even as just as a show of my gratitude, because let me tell you the whole thing was AMAZING right from start to finish....And I can also safely say that Kyle & Carson are indeed 100% LEGIT.Honestly those guys are so down to earth yet so knowledgeable & caring about the community they
January 15, 2019
A few weeks back @CLandi & @phollett posted a question on my blog post about my trip to the Bahamas... They were both curious about "how I found success so quickly"...Well I wasn't able to reply at the time because super-coincidently I was literally just about to once again head out to the Bahamas to attend a music festival... And I've only just got back...But I did promise that I would post an update regarding their questions, and well here it is...First though I think it would be wrong if
January 18, 2018
Hey heyy, I'm back! (not that I ever really went anywhere though)It's just that for the past 10 days or so you might have noticed that I've been a little bit quiet on WA which is unusual for me since I'm generally always about on here.Well the reason for that is because I've actually just got back from partying in the Bahamas!... I know, life's hard right???Sadly I had super poor internet connection whilst I was out there... It was a bit of a bummer since I love being online but at the same tim
December 04, 2017
Today I just thought I'd put a quick blog post together talking about one of the main factors that gets me most excited about this whole online business "thing"...And that factor is that when it comes to online business, ANYTHING can happen!I can say that from my experience many moons ago when I started out with my very first niche...I built a website from the ground up & I worked hard publishing content daily. At first nothing really seemed to happen, in fact I was actually almost thinking
November 21, 2017
Chances are you've already heard Kyle talking about the Black Friday deal here at WA... Well I've decided to write a blog post today talking about it again because this is actually a very BIG deal (and there a few things you might not have noticed)...OK so firstly... The obvious... The savings...As a typical WA monthly paying Premium member you will be paying $47/month - however if on Black Friday you decide to take advantage of the amazing deal & pay for the whole year in one go you can do