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Hi their I'm Norman as you know already I am from the Bahamas where we have beautiful beaches and hot sunny days year round, I am married with four sons no girls. I guess the girl will come one day Gods willing from our sons as my wife and I often tell people.
I work as a landscape tech and have almost 20 years in this field, my wife works full time with our church. We have been trying for years to create our own business but with little success, so I am hoping that this is where we will find success. I would like one day to give up my full time job and live life according to the many day dreams I have had. Owning our dream home, our dream cars, family vacation, taking my wife to paris and riding in thoses little boats and the list goes on. Any way I am so excited to get started and looking foward to working with you my family, I feel at home. Theirs a lot more that I can say, do not want to weary you so I just want to say thanks to kyle and carson for this great opportunity to be a part of this great family. Thanks again and God bless.
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lakbar12 Premium
Hi Norman, nice to meet you. I just read your profile and it was a great read. You and your wife are pretty blessed to have all those boys. And, yes one day with Gods will your little princess will arrive. My husband and I had a similar situation we had all girls. 5 to be exact before my son arrived and it was one of the happiest days of my life. So, with that being said there still is hope. I wish you and your family the best and continued success.
Nrichards Premium
Hello, my dear lady, I am so happy that we connect and it is good to hear that you got your prince and one day God willing we will have our princess.

All the best of success to you, have a good day and I will be seeing you around the community.
GBridgart Premium
If you added my URL please ignore this
if not i would appreciate them entered as i have done the same for you
would certain appreciate some reciprocal follows and +1 and so fourth



Google Plus





Thanks Geoff
Nrichards Premium
added your links. Have a good day.
Wingman1 Premium
Hey Norman, in your link on the Share our G Accounts here page with WA your link has something wrong. After your account number you have nd, which take people to a error page. Re post your link with out the nd at the end of your G+ Account that should fix it.
Stevo55 Premium
Norman, thanks for the great comment on my website! I followed you and hope you have great success here at WA. I've been to the Bahamas, Stevie S. has some great music, my favorite is Come Go With Me. And our favorite restaurant is The Poop Deck! Hope it's still there, that's one of the items on my goals list, to go back to The Poop Deck!

Nrichards Premium
Hello Stevo55 I am so happy that I could and It is good to see that you have been to the Bahamas and experience some of the culture.

The Poop Deck is still here serving those Bahamian Foods. Hopefully God's willing you will be back to the Bahamas and experience not only Poop Deck but more of the culture here.

Thanks again and wishing you the best of success. God bless you my friend.
DeneenD Premium
Hello NRichards,
Your Story is wonderful and dreams do come true. I think you are on your way to making your dreams come true. The Bahamas is a wonderful place. The beaches are magical. I agree, I think WA is a fantastic place to build a networking community/family. I too am excited to be a part of it. I wish you well in your journey to making your dreams come true. If I can be of assistance, please let me know. I look forward to following you.
Nrichards Premium
Hello so wonderful to meet you and thanks a million for those kind words. All the best to you and wishing you the best of success.
Bridget1800 Premium
Hello Nrichards,
it is nice to see you here at WA. Hope you recovered well from the Hurricane. Living in Florida I know what you went through. I really enjoyed reading your Introduction. I know you will accomplish your dreams and build a very successful business here on WA. The support is awesome!

Good Luck. See you at the top/
Bridget :-)
Nrichards Premium
Hello so Good to meet you. I thank God for bringing us through. I hope all is well you also, I am glad to be here. Thanks a million for those kind words. I also wish you great success. Have a good day.
akollor123 Premium
can't get my logo on google plus to reflect my niche website. In other words I want to link it in a sense when you click on the logo (picture) it will take you to my website. My issue is with google logo linkage and not with wordpress. Thank you.
Nrichards Premium
Hello fr try this, Hope this helps
Pepeiata Premium
Hi Richard me and my hubby had been a similar job as you
Tree trimming n landscaping. It hard and my husband was getting old. He passed away and because of a void i have in my life, I search for an easy work from home type of job to work in the comfort of my home. Hope we get what we need here in WA
Nrichards Premium
Hello, Pepeiata it is so good to meet you, sorry to hear about the passing of your husband. Here at wealthy affiliate, you will get all of the help that you need, you are not alone.

If you ever need my help just give me a shout. All the best of success to you and have a good day.
mbani Premium
Good Moring, Norman.

I noticed you left me a comment on my site: healthyemerald.com and I would like to say thank you by way of leaving a comment on your site, however, I do not see your website listed on your profile here. Is there a place I can leave you a comment as well?

Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Nrichards Premium
Good morning and hello, you are welcome and thanks for offering to leave a comment on my website. Here is a post that I completed about two days ago. Thanks again.http://gardenofedengardencenter.com/garden-salad-recipes
mbani Premium
Thank you, Norman.

I will leave a comment when I am home from work.
Nrichards Premium
Thanks a lot and have a good day.
garydlc Premium
Hello Norman

I am now following you and man, why did I not visit your website, Eden's Garden before, you must be the foremost authority on your website's niche, theme, subject whatever one calls it, I bookmarked your website as my wife is crazy about gardening and when I showed it to her, well 2nd honeymoon here we come!!.
Each post and page filled with such good content, Congratulations.
Great job and I wish you great success in going forward, because you deserve it my friend.

Nrichards Premium
Hello garydlc it is so nice to meet you and I am so happy that we have connected. You really made my day with your kind words, Your words let me know that my hard work is paying off big time.

It is so good to know that your wife also loves gardening like I do and thanks a million for letting her know about my website. It is so good to hear that you are about to go on your second honeymoon, I give you two thumbs up.

I have been married for almost 20 years now and I know that as long as we keep our wives happy good things will happen for us. It's like the fourth of July LOL, with all of those nice fireworks.

If there is anything I can help you with my friend bless do let me know, hope you enjoy your honey and I am also wishing you the best of success in the online world and in every area of your life.

God's willing we will make it, I will see you at the top. Have a nice day and please do tell your wife hello for me, thanks again.

garydlc Premium
Hey Norman, thank you for the reply, I cannot seem to get my wife off your site Lol, enjoy your day too.

Nrichards Premium
Hello my friend that is just wonderful I hope she finds all that she needs and I am so happy that I am able to help, Please tell her for me thanks a million for her support

And I hope that the articles I write will continue to help both you and her. Again I am wishing Y'all the best of success. Will keep in touch and have a wonderful evening.

garydlc Premium
Thank you Norman
Nrichards Premium
Welcome, God's willing I will see you at the top.
Cserpent Premium
I have similar ambitions for myself. I am the father of 5 (three boys and two girls) and a grandfather to a beautiful 10 year old girl.

I would love to take my beautiful wife of almost 31 years to Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

We will both reach our goals, there is nothing to hold us back.

Good fortune my friend.
Nrichards Premium
Hello, it is so good to meet you, thanks for those kind words, we will make it and live the dreams that we always wanted to live for we are winners. Success is yours, God's willing I will see you at the top.
larryeden Premium
Hello Nrichards's in my experience and I do believe this is the best shot for a business I myself been on the internet for 8 years and sad to say this where I am staying ,I was truck driver 16 years and retired I am going to do some fishing hunting and boating and I got two brothers I am also going get them on this so they can make money
Nrichards Premium
Hello larryeden its is so good to meet you, wealthy affiliate is number 1 when it comes to all of this good stuff, this community is such a blessing to the world and I would encourage anyone to become a part of this wonderful community. Wishing you and your brothers online success. All the best to you and have a good day.
larryeden Premium
thank you and may god bless
Nrichards Premium
Your welcome friend, have a good day.
otranto Premium

Welcome to WA Community so let's interact a lit bit more!
Send me a message with all your social links, so I can follow you!

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Nrichards Premium
Hello and thanks again and you can send me yours also
nana55 Premium
I downloaded the application and because it so late I will use tomorrow. Actually, it is already working on what I am writing now and caught a mistake. I fixed it, this works great. You definitely need to download and use this. Wow, (big smile on my face). It is really easy to download and understand. You have got to try this.

I am off for the night now. I will check with you tomorrow and see what you think.

Good night, Tina
nana55 Premium
Hey Norman, AlphaKilo just told me about a application that if you have Google Chrome you can download and add as extension and then you type your content into it, it will show where to make the corrections and then you can copy it and paste it into Word Press. This is going to save us both so much time and the frustration of having to go back and read the content two or three times. Here is the link:


Good night and I will talk to you soon.

Nrichards Premium
Hello Tina thanks a million for your help. God bless you.
nana55 Premium
Norman, just to let you know you do not have to print it out, like they tell you on the site, I find that if I simply read it out loud I find a lot of my mistakes. Also, I will read it through once after I have typed it, then wait about an hour and come back and re-read it out loud again and that is when I usually find the majority of my mistakes.

Until later, Tina
nana55 Premium
Hi Nrichards I just did a comment on your site and left it for you. I wanted to let you know that I was confused on what we were doing here so I actually did a "site review" type of thing and I have those comments for you if you would like. I used to be a proof reader at a print shop for years and so when I read things I catch stuff like grammatical and typographical errors because they, for me make it hard to read something and stay involved. I deleted them from the comment area and have them on my clipboard right now, so I am going to place them in here for you. If you don't want them that is okay with me, just didn't want to toss them if you were interested. So here they are, hope they help you. If not please ignore.

#1. Under heading "Healthy Hearts", 2nd paragraph, 1st sentence reads:
"function the way it suppose to", seems like it is missing the word "is" between "it" and "suppose".

#2. Same line continues to read:
"and if problem is not handled" seems like it is missing the word "the" between "if" and "problem".

#3. Same paragraph, next line reads:
"five hundred thousand people across the united states dies every year". "united states" should be capitalized and the word "dies" should be "die".

#4. Same line continues and reads:
" more than twenty six million is diagnosis with this disease" "is diagnosis" should read "are diagnosed".

#5. Under heading "Heart disease", 1st sentence:
"when this happens the artery walls stiffens", "stiffens" should be singular, not plural. Two plurals together don't work.

#6. Same sentence:
"your organs will not be able to get the nutrients and oxygen that it needs", the word "it" should be "they" since you are talking about more than one organ and "needs" should be "need" because you are talking about more than one again.

#7. Under the same heading, first small, bold sentence reads:
"what are some of the things that contributes to heart disease?", the word "contributes" should be singular because you have already used the plural form of "things" here, again two plurals together don't work.

#8. Heading reads:
"Foods that promotes", "Foods" should be singular not plural, or the word "promotes" should be singular, two plurals in the same sentence like this doesn't seem like it reads well.

#9. Under heading " "Exercise", 1st sentence reads:
"involved in activities that is good for", should probably use the word "are" not "is" since you are talking about more than one activity.

#10. Same heading, last sentence reads:
"activities that you can get involved to ensure", missing the word "in" between "involved" and "to".

#11. Under heading "Smoking", 2nd paragraph, last sentence reads:
"look at all those commercials that we see that warns against the dangers smoking.", the word "looks" should be capitalized, and the word "warns" should be singular.

#12. Same heading, 3rd paragraph reads:
"but just to think", seems like the word "to" doesn't belong.

#13. Same heading, same paragraph, last line reads:
"they see you suffer and can’t really do anything about it accept pray and hope seeking to help from doctors not to mention the expense." Honestly this doesn't make sense to me and I am not quite sure what you are trying to say here. The last part of the sentence from the word "and" to the end doesn't make sense.

#14. Next paragraph, 1st line reads:
"There are medication that you can take along", "medication" should be plural since there are so many out there.

#15. Same paragraph, last line reads:
"Just think how you will be cutting your life short when you can live a long and healthy life enjoying every day of it with your family and friends", the word "can" should be "could" .

#16. Under heading "Diet", 2nd sentence reads:
"Many in society are facing health issues simply because they can say no or don’t seem to have the will power to say no," Don't you mean "they "can't" say no"?

#17. Same sentence reads:
"it dose not matter if it looks good or smell good that dose not mean that it is good." I am pretty sure that "dose" should be "does" in both instances. Also the word "smell" should be plural since the word "looks" is plural.

#18. Same heading, next paragraph reads:
"with our spoon and forks we dig our graves” well then the flip side of the coin is that with those same spoon and forks we can eat our way back to good health, all is not loss their is still hope, but we have to make a conscious decision and then follow through in our action along with being discipline." The word "spoon" should be plural since "forks" is plural, the word "loss" should be "lost", the word "action" should be plural since you are talking about more than one action, and the word "discipline" should have a "d" at the end of it.

#19. Under the heading "Tips to follow"
"1. Please stay away form greasy foods" I am sure mean "from" not "form".
"2. Seems like the word "a" is missing in front of "queen".
"5. Reads: "Try to stay stress free, because when some persons are stress they tend to over eat as a way to find comfort." Second use of "stress" needs to have an "ed" on the end of it since you are talking about past tense. It goes on to read: "but like some one once said that in spite of “don’t take life so serious”, life was met to be enjoyed." Seems like the word "that" should come after "spite".

Well Nrichards, as I said I hope this helps.

nck54321 Premium
Hey Norman, I just read your article on the benefits of nutrition for seniors. Something I noticed in the article that I did not want to write in the comments is that you used a watermarked photo in it.

Problem is, even if your are not making a profit off of the article, you can still get slammed for copyright infringement. Many stock images are copyrighted unless they are royalty free images, and many royalty free images still require you to attribute their name to the image.

A website that I had recently learned about that has free images without attributing is www.pexel.com and I use it for all of my images. They have a relatively large database of images and you will not get in trouble for using them.

Just wanted to send some helpful advise your way, something that I found that helped me out.

Nrichards Premium
Hello and thanks a million for your help, I will remove it right now, have a good day and if I can ever help you please let me know, thanks again.
ClaudiaHB Premium
Welcome to the premium membership, you made a wise decision. If you need any help on your journey here on Wealthy Affiliate, do not hesitate to leave me a message on my profile, or send me a PM.

Meanwhile, I invite you to check out my blog here on WA, where I write about marketing tips and ways to make money online, you might not have thought off.

In any case, welcome again to the premium membership - wishing you all the best!

Nrichards Premium
Hello It is so good to meet you, wishing you the best of success in 2017 and beyond, God's willing.
GiuliaB Premium
Hi Norman, and thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I'd like to do the same on yours, and I've just followed the link to your site as per your reply to Lilia, but I can't find a facility for commenting. Can you please send us the link of one of your posts which is already set up to accept comments?
Thank you. Giulia :)
Nrichards Premium
Hello my dare lady it is so good to meet you and you are welcome. thanks for offering to view one of my post here is my linkhttp://gardenofedengardencenter.com/the-benefits-of-eating-apples. All the best to youhttp://gardenofedengardencenter.com/the-benefits-of-eating-apples and have a good day.
RonaldNorton Premium
Hello Norman and welcome, As soon as you have a G+ and website I would be happy to comment and add your G+ page. If you would like to check out my site and comment on it I would appreciate any feedback you may give. Thanks so much and all the best.

Nrichards Premium
Hello I checked out your website i must say that you have done a great job, you photo gallary is well put together I can see that you are and expert in your field. All the best to you and keep up the good work.