Swag Report, Sorry I don't do catchy headlines before 3am.

Last Update: Mar 6, 2018


On the eve of the next months training and tasks, I figured it must be time to let everyone know of my progress. I didn't have any! lol

How could I not have. I have done more in the last month than I have done in any 3 months prior. I have been here about 1.5 years. My site had 12 pages when we started.

Now it has 12 pages and 11 posts, can that actually be possible? this isn't one of those algorithm things is it? Did I fall into some other dimension?

I spent way too much time on my logo. I believe I can live with what I came up with.

That's a lot bigger than I thought, I don't resize before 3 am either!

I spend a lot of time darting in and out of chat (Ross's Room) getting better, still little uncomfortable. Slow is the main problem, slow doesn't always work in chat.

I have a new theme and I really love it, and I really hate it. love the way it looks and presents my content. Hate that I have to reduce my logo to the size of a postage stamp to load it in the header. Probably doing something stupid wrong. Checked with site support, they said resize it! I am working around it.

The other things on the list I am working on. I will complete, you can't graduate with any "incomplete"!!

Time to get a cup of tea! Check the emails, maybe take a nap. It 3am.

Thank you Kyle for this concept, and inviting me. Thanks to the community for reading this drivel I produce.

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Your headline - and your 'I don't resize before 3 am either!' made me laugh.

I am not even in the SWAG program listened in on Kyle's video and also ended up spending far too much time trying to create a logo. And I changed themes - and back again. And each theme needs a different sized header so eventually I gave up on Canva too. I can live perfectly well for now with a header that is not a branded logo...

You have done really well! Yes, a push from being in a program like SWAG makes a lot of difference.

Lots of good wishes for the March challenge,

~ Isabella

I'm not sure, because I signed up for the 30 days free in Canva.
I found a way to get my logo sized to what I asked.

Thanks. That's good to know.

Good Morning, James. I enjoyed reading your post this morning and appreciate you sharing. Hope you get a nice nap in sometime today.

Thank you Gina. I am pleased that you enjoyed the post.

Have a special day

Morning James,

I had issues with the logo thing, too. Changing themes created the headache of trying to resize and experiment over and over again, so I finally just went back to my original theme because I couldn't get it to work to my satisfaction.

And chat is a challenge since I don't really feel qualified to give answers to peoples' questions. Most of the time I'm thinking, "Hmmm . . . that's a great question but I don't know the answer or even know where to find it in the training." By the time I research it and find a possible solution 5 other people have answered and my answer is redundant.

Oh well. At least I'm learning a lot.

I totally agree with the chat thing, same thing happens to me. By the time I find an answer too late. Frustrating.

Thank you for commenting.

Hey James, the Cowboy. You did the best blog ever this month.
When you said you didn't do catchy headlines that itself is the most catchy headline! CONGRATS

As for the Swag report, it's still good to know you are pushing on though in a slow motion. Why should we force a typist to type 60 words when he could hardly type 30 words, right?

Thanks for sharing.

Appreciate your words and encouragement. I may be slow. But I remember the tortious and the hare.
Have a great day!

Thanks for the good read:) Chat isn't my thingy too, it's jumping down, when I try to read it, and the time I found where I left off, it's jumping down again, pfwieww

Morning James and you are doing great. Love your logo and know what you mean about having to resize it and then you lose the overall effect of it. You will manage to get it sorted though. What theme are you using?

I'm no good at catchy headings at any time lol. xxxx

Using Vega theme.. Thanks for the comment

You're welcome James, no problem. I will look at the theme and see if there is anyway to sort your logo. I will use mine obviously lol. xxx

Thank you Cheryl

You are welcome James, did you have any luck with it. xxxx

I enjoyed reading your post, James. Your writing style is so refreshing, particularly prior to 3 am.! LOL :)

Thank you Valerie. Good morning.

Hi James

LOL! Take heart, it is not only "slow" that doesn't work in chat, neither do slow or intermittent internet connections! I'm still trying to answer somebody and then by the time I eventually get a response on my internet, the message is down the screen somewhere. Oh well...

Regarding your Theme and your logo... Can you maybe replace the big money picture with your "logo"?

Looks like your horse, uh, you website, is about to go! :-) LOL!

Wishing you much success James!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Thank you so much Sharlee. That is something I will attempt, moving the logo down.
The chat might take longer to get better.

Have a wonderful day.

The logo looks great, I agree when in doubt GO Bigger Cowboy!

Thank you Kaju.
Have a wonderful Day!

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