Newbies: The Single One Element Needing your Utmost Attention - No Ifs or Buts

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Hey I am Lula.

Newbies: The Single One Element Needing your Utmost Attention - No Ifs or Buts

Utmost as in Super Important (via Live Chat) -- And super important it is.

I have always learned to visualize the big picture. If I start looking at it from its different angles, how would everything fit perfectly? Then I can begin enacting small little details to paint my masterpiece?

Pretty much like prepping a field within a ranch, you work out the season and sow what seeds at different seasons to grow ready to be harvested in time.

So, newbies, what would you think the single element that would stand out to live to your expectations?

When signing up for the WA platform for the first time, what immense feeling would you experience?

It will probably ask you to complete your profile and money goals. Great!

Onwards to coursework probably passing by Live Chat, the simple Hello, I am a newbie, can you direct me?

Getting started
, soon you would indulge in Level one of the OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certification).

Or Level One of the Affiliate Bootcamp -- Vegas Incentive

Classrooms, as in Getting Started, The Affiliate Program, and The Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Many questions, exclamation marks, and unknowns going through your head simultaneously; you are either in control or all over the place, totally overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, you ought to ask yourself what's one thing if I do so well to bring me real income ultimately.

Would that include:

-- Surf through coursework swiftly without paying attention to activities that would set up my site correctly
-- Spending time on the platform unnecessarily
-- Unproductive time in Live Chat
-- Writing more posts on WA vs. own site or online business
-- Spending too much time looking up themes for the site
-- Spending too much time finding the right plugins
-- Acquiring knowledge to make so perfect without actually starting

Sure we all can be pretty busy; however, performing non-productivity activities cannot realize or win us real income. We've got to be realistic and ask ourselves the question again, what's one element needing my utmost attention.

Wouldn't you agree to start with an activity that would take the longest time to achieve by far?

Your site needs are built from the ground up, carefully nurtured; setting it up for the search engines won't happen overnight. It first needs to be indexed, then months later down the line, eventually get ranked provided you have followed up on coursework to the tee and did absolutely everything in your power to implement the right elements in the right places at the right time and have built decent traffic over time.

To reach that qualifying stage, you would have updated the site with powerful original content consistently that will make it shine.

That means you have to incorporate time writing content to your site from the time you signed up to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Be warned - no ifs and buts.

When wanting something you never had, you will be doing something you have never done.

Have you guessed yet what would the single element be -


Whether it is text, images, videos, audios, podcasts, ebooks, etc

From this day onwards, you owe it to yourself to say that I have to produce and keep producing original content if I want real income. No shortcuts. The sooner you get into the habit, the quicker you realize your goals and sow fruition from your efforts.

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    Hi Lila
    First of all may I say that I hbeloved black cat from newborn and named it lulu so your name is a blessed reminder of my 🐱
    Thankyou for putting things into perspective for me.
    However my quest am passionate about the make money online niche and originally started following the bootcamp as I had figurd it was the best option for me as I could also promote Wealth Affiliate program.
    I have got to activation of SEO plugin now I'm wondering can I restart with the online certificate course if I had started there originally.
    I hope this makes sense

    Kelly, you can restart the online certificate course if you want to. Take your time with it.
    Best wishes,


    Love this Lula.
    Thank you.

    Thank you for not beating round the bush !!!
    Thank you cutting to the chase !!!
    Thank you for your honest, straight talking !!!

    Exactly what I, and any other new starter, needs from Day 1.

    Wishing you every success in your chosen field.
    All the very best.......

    You're welcome.
    Hope it has benefitted you.
    The truth is posts after getting indexed, take about 35 weeks (7 to 8 months) to start getting noticed by the search engines. So every day we postpone writing content it elongates the time to start getting validated visitors and in turn probably conversions if we wrote original content with low competition keywords provided people are still searching for them keywords, you'll learn more doing the coursework.
    Wishing you continued success and thank you.

    Thank you so much.
    All the best to you...

    Very true words, Lula! Best success to you in your endeavors here!

    Here is one I wrote over a year ago: Jeff

    Hello Jeff and thank you. I appreciate your comment and link resource. Wishing you a terrific day.

    You're very welcome, Lula! Enjoy your day as well!


    Hey Lula

    You have to build your foundation from the ground up as you say and penning quality blogs and having solid content is the way to attract followers to your site so that you can move interest into conversion and sales.


    Hello Hugh, thank you. When content is original it will be solid and my understanding when we provide lots of original content, our viewers will want to come back again and again to see what else we have to offer. From my ranch experience, visitors would tell me over time what harvest they want more so that I do not have to do the guessing. Give the customer what they want, and you would minimize your waste and make more proceeds. For our sites, when we provide original content hopefully visitors will begin to trust us and would then comment here and there to tell us their expectations so that we can customize our blogs to best suit their taste to convert and sell.

    Very well said Lula. We have to distinguish ourselves from all the clutter and noise created from other sites.

    Yeah absolutely I totally agree. We have to do whatever it takes to clear the weeds. Just learned that it may take up to two years before an MMO site is able to rank and qualify and start seeing fruition, provided you have absolutely done everything correctly. This proves my point writing this blog post, that we need be writing content from day one signing up the platform and to cut off anything that isn't giving us effective productivity.

    Awesome blog post Lula, you hit the nail on its head.


    Thanks Abie, I really appreciate it.

    Stealing a joke from Chuck and Les Green... .
    I don’t think they’ll mind...

    Lula, you should be a carpenter!

    Thank you.

    I love ranching and country living. Guess we're a bit of everything, we still have to built our own things..

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