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Would YOU Trust ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to Write Your Blogs?Are we to think today's AI and machine learning can facilitate the path to attractive blogging that produces results and converts prospects OR a total waste of time that has little return? How to bridge the gap towards faster productivity? Can hiring and managing teams execute this process?(A tall order indeed)Can AI and machine learning simplify our blogging efforts? Content strategy? What do you think, folks?So what use is AI and mac
Hey, I am Lula.What Do You Guys Think of the Adsense Auto Ads Feature?What is it? It is a way for publishers to allow Google to use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize ads on websites automatically; you only need one website placeholder code; once placed, Google takes care of the rest.BenefitsOne piece of code does the job; more may slow down our sites.Auto-optimization as Google sees fit. Thus improving the performance of adverts; increasing the RPM (page reve
Hey, I am Lula.How to classify traffic?Like Google Analytics, web analytics platforms utilize an algorithm and flow chart based on referring sites or URL parameters determining the source of traffic. Direct, as the referrer or origin is unknown.Email marketing traffic appropriately tagged with an email parameterOrganic traffic from search engines, results that are earned, not paidPaid from search engines that result from paid advertising via Google AdWords or another paid media platform.Referra
Hey, I am Lula.Self-sabotage, simply put, refers to behaviors or thought patterns that hold us back and prevent us from doing what we want to do.Entrepreneurs sabotage themselves all the time in denial and without awareness. It is the nature of the beast and what a beast it is. We can never eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors. But if we can stop or cut down on some of the worst and most damaging actions, we can send our business performances through the roof. We are only human beings and are no
Hey, I am Lula.Growing a potential audience is not an easy task, let alone get to know your audience well and their hangouts.It pretty much depends if you live in a close-knit community; word of mouth might be sufficient to get you about your warm market; however, you eventually have to venture out and start discovering new territories at some point.What are some ways to promote your presence online?Promote yourself. When hunting for a job, you promote yourself, your education, skills, and WHY
Hey, I am Lula.Inspired by @AbieAJ and their "How have you been achieving maximum productivity?" - thus my blog post.Are you adding value by blogging at Wealthy Affiliate? And Exactly how?For me, there's always a PURPOSE. If no sense, I see no point blogging at WA. I may blog Because something RELEVANT to the platform resonates with meHelp starters and referrals navigate the platformProvide updates about my REAL progress Write about programs and tools that could benefit membersProvide ADDED VAL
Hey, I am Lula.How do merchants benefit from affiliate marketing?They recruit an army of affiliate marketers, folks who believe in their brands, products, and services to do marketing for them for far less than the cost of hiring an in-house sales and marketing team. And while in the process, serving to extend their brand recognition beyond what their company could accomplish.How do entrepreneurs benefit from affiliate marketing?A big challenge aspiring entrepreneurs face the certainty of wanti
If that is you, you are—in many cases—immensely talented, intelligent, and ambitious. You would be surprised to find out that you can accomplish a great deal if you can overcome what is holding you back.Don't overthink it hard, or you'll find yourself walking around in a circle. What differentiates you from others is to find another approach that helps you to address the underlying issues. More importantly, it is being able to move forward despite being confronted with challenges. P
Hey, I am Lula.The phrase titled above may mean different things to different people, but my version includes:You cannot force me to respect you just because you want me to. I am not obliged to love or respect anyone just because they exist. To earn respect, you need to prove that you are worthy of my time.I am not obliged to respect anyone if I feel they don't deserve me. If I am going to do it, I will not automatically appreciate someone unless I know something about them worth revering. Ther
Hey, I am Lula.Boom! I have now found and purchased my desired one-word domain name that is memorable and has broad appeal for my MMO (make money online niche) site. It costs me $11.Are you a conscientious business person? Do you come up with thousands of business ideas daily? Are you always looking for that break that would be worthwhile?I jotted down few profitable home-based business ideas that came to mind while I was rehearsing my daily business activities and thought, why not share my pre