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OMG--I got Sale #2!
Hello WA members,In a about a month after getting my first sale, I got sale #2. This just goes to show…
WA Affiliate Program - Classroom Overview
Want to take part in one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online? Look no further than the affiliate…
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Is there any better place to build your business than wa?
I just have to say that I believe WA is, without a doubt, the best place in the world for internet entrepreneurs…
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WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Phase 2 is HERE!
Phase 2 of the bootcamp, "Content, Keywords and Conversions" has been launched and you can access this…
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Phase 3 - Giving Your Site Social Value (Now Available)
The latest phase is going to be a 10 lesson phase that is going to be walking you through the process…
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Let's Network on Pinterest!
If you have a Pinterest account, post a link to your profile here so we can all network together. Let's…
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What are your wa promotional goals in 2021?
What are your plans for promoting Wealthy Affiliate in 2021? A year is a long time and a massive amount…
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I am trying to renew my acc ?
For some reason I can't renew my acc with the same card I have always used. I have called my card owner,…
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My home page not reflecting training?
I finished the initial training and have the certificate, but the homepage is not reflecting this.
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Share Your "Content With Intent" Here
This is a post dedicated to the bootcamp lesson on "writing with intent" (Phase 5, Lesson 1). Please…
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Veryfy my domain?how can i do?
hi friends,please help me,I just tried to register on the Google My Bussiness platform. they asked to…
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Leveraging Affiliate Links to Maximium Benefit - Day 12
Are you using Affiliate links correctly? In today's lesson I am going to be walking you through the…
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Can anyone help me get this affiliate link?
Hi allI am trying to get my affiliate link from this video https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/classes/the-4-steps-to-creating-a-successful-business-online.You…
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Hey is there any way of getting my site secure as apparently I have a orange lock on it?
Any help with finding out what this means and how to do it would be much appreciatedThank you Darren
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Hello family please help where would i get my afiliate link?
there is a space where i need to insert my lik
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My subscription is expiring today. I need to renew it?
I need to renew my WA subscription as it expires today. Will I be charged automatically? My credit card…
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A premium member set up 2 accounts and went premium on the 2nd account?
Hey Kyle,I contacted you on Saturday about a member who signed up with my affiliate link and then set…
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My premium membership- how do I cancel?
How do I go about cancelling my membership for good.
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How can I findmyunique referral link frommy affiliate dashb?
How can I find my unique referral link from my affiliate dashboard?
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You have finished 5 Phases of Bootcamp...what's next?
We are 5 phases into the Affiliate Bootcamp and from what I have seen thus far, many of you are making…
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Sam F
Can I change my pp email?
I really need to update my PayPal email to: sfalcs777@gmail.comMy other account doesn't exist anymore.Thanks…
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Using Wealthy Affiliate Videos on Your Site (Phase 4, Lesson 3)
Today we are going to be leveraging videos here at Wealthy Affiliate to make our websites a better and…
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Different niches under one website?
As by Learning how to develop a website and understanding keywords,niches of your desire and the content…
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How do I transfer the money from site comments to my bank?
I have already earned money via the site comments and I wanted to know whether the earnings transfer…
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Anyone else having cj login problems?
Hi all, for some reason, I am having problems logging into CJ commission junction - the page won't load…
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Are you a writing machine? (your power writing results)
Today’s task was to write for 30 minutes straight and do so on a timer (Lesson 6, Phase 3):How…
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What is your bootcamp conversion rate? how to improve it?
Hey guys,What is your Bootcamp conversion rate (Starter to Premium)?Can you share some tips to improve…
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Creating links within my website?
Hello Kyle, how do I make links work within my website. I pasted a link in but I cannot click on it…
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How can I promote wealthy affiliate?
I see that I can get a commission by promoting wealthy affiliate but how do I sign up for this?
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How does the number of plugins affect site health?
I am asking about the WA platform.
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What is considered a sale for the super affiliate program?
In regards to the Wealthy Affiliate Super affilaite Las vegas conference, you need to make 300 sales.Does…
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Asking feedback on website under construction?
Goodmorning :)I'm on lesson 4, in level 2 and I'm supposed to ask feedback on my site. I've just finished…
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How to get your own promotion link address?
How to get your own promotion link address?
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What is click raw and click unique?
Now I am getting click raw and click unique in April 2021 what that means?
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Why is my domain not working?
What happened to my website domain dinishealthyliving.com It stopped working. Need help asap.
1 week ago 1 Reply
Seven figure solutions - scam or legit?
What do you guys think of Seven Figure Solutions affiliate program? It was an SFS ad that led me to…
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What has been your experience selling wealthy affiliate?
I am in the process of building my MMO site and wanted to solicit some directional advice on what approaches…
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Whats the name of our domain name provider ?
As my verification on webmaster tools is still pending as because i dont know the name of my domain…
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Cannot fine my website on line,?
my website is down due payment, I have paid, but my site show me and error, and one can help me, pleasethis…
1 week ago 1 Reply
How do I add a screenshot to my question?
Previously I was able to add screenshots to my questions. I am now unable to do this with the updated…
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How to unlock new marketing angles?
Today I want to discussion promotions, in particular the promotion of WA. Often times folks have a tough…
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Is any one having trouble with the videos not working in the training?
Trying all day to access a video in the training. It will not run. Tried a couple of other videos, same…
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How do i purchase a domain as it said i needed to contact support?
Hi i was trying to purchase a domain but said i had to contact support what do i need to do to be able…
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Think You Have Mastered Socially Engaging Content (Phase 3, Lesson 3)
Today we are going to be discussing socially engaging content and how to create it. Here is the video…
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Profile ranking at wealthy affiliate?
I am working hard to achieve my goals with WA but unfortunately my rankings is getting less and less.what…
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Naming website is hard and im struggling?
Hey I’ve tried multiple web names for site but it appears they’re all taken?
1 week ago 9 Replies
I just added the gdpr cookie consent?
Hello community, i hope everyone is fine & well.I just added the GDPR cookie plugin to my new website,…
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Hi guys, for keyword research, I have to click on "get qsr" one at a time. please let me know how ca
Hi guys, for keyword research, I have to click on "Get QSR" one at a time. Please let me know how can…
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Here to get my affiliate link for wa ?
can any one tell me where to get my affiliate link for WAI am writing a paragraph and I want to add…
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Affiliate links for my account to promote ?
Where do I find my wealthy affiliate links
1 week ago 6 Replies