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OMG--I got Sale #2!
Hello WA members,In a about a month after getting my first sale, I got sale #2. This just goes to show…
WA Affiliate Program - Classroom Overview
Want to take part in one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online? Look no further than the affiliate…
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Is there any better place to build your business than wa?
I just have to say that I believe WA is, without a doubt, the best place in the world for internet entrepreneurs…
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WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Phase 2 is HERE!
Phase 2 of the bootcamp, "Content, Keywords and Conversions" has been launched and you can access this…
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Phase 3 - Giving Your Site Social Value (Now Available)
The latest phase is going to be a 10 lesson phase that is going to be walking you through the process…
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What are your wa promotional goals in 2021?
What are your plans for promoting Wealthy Affiliate in 2021? A year is a long time and a massive amount…
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Share Your "Content With Intent" Here
This is a post dedicated to the bootcamp lesson on "writing with intent" (Phase 5, Lesson 1). Please…
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How to add links in comments in wa platform?
Dear friends, hope we are all doing fine? I need help on how I can add a link to a video or other training…
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Affiliate links placement: where on my website?
Aside from adding affiliate links within my blog posts, what are the others best places (spots) on my…
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How to find your website in google ?
i tried today to search for my website in google what i could find is wealth affliate hosting ,and how…
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Extra charge for subscription? "elaborate on your question b
Hi,I have paid the monthly subscription, and I've observed that WA cash me $49 + $1For what was the…
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What is the defference between wa ranking and google?
I just want to know what is the significance of Google ranking and that of WA
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What written training can I read as a premium member?
Okay. I' gonna ask this question again since nobody seems to read the question you ask and just look…
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What does it mean to be index by google?
Today I got message telling me have been index by Google what does it mean to my website.
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This is not a question, just an announcement?
Hello WA-Family,I don't have a question (for the moment) but I just wanted to let you know that I'm…
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Affiliate account with amazon closed?
when you don't have enough traffic amazon will clos eyour account, does that mean the afffiliate you…
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What training cant you access as premium member?
As a premium Plus Member, i can currently access All Training including Video Classes, Text Tutorials…
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How do I downgrade to premium plus membership?
I'm thinking of Downgrading my Premium Plus membership to Premium for a couple of months.How do i do…
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How do I delete a site on wa?
I have a few sites to delete as I want to Free up my space. A few are just original Siterubix sites…
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How do I redo my domain name and start over?
I just started my new website, setting it up on siterubix.com I called it Find Your Cash Flow because…
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What happens when you downgrade?
Got a busy month or two ahead Offline. I will still be maintaining my websites and busy that way. But…
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How do you use the promote tab?
I'm just wondering how you use the Promote section in the tab above. I've never used it because i've…
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My jaaxy searches? I bet I don't always use that much but they are always done. can I check this?
My Jaaxy keyword and site rank searches are the one package? I bet I don't always use that much, but…
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How do I get siterubix affiliate links?
How do I get SiteRubix Affiliate links? Are allowed to promote this?
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Do we have limitations to what we can promote via this plat?
Forgive me if this question comes off a bit inappropriate.Am I able to promote products from other platforms…
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Does the siterubix hosting do webhosting only?
Now what I mean by that question is, do Siterubi do any webhosting Only deals on Singe websites? Or…
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Is anyone else experiencing these black holes?
Hey guys,This question is for people who are promoting Wealthy Affiliate and have established website…
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How to change the paypal address?
Hello there,I want to change my PayPal address, it asks me to contact Site Support. Can you pl let me…
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Annual payment cancel auto-renewal? elaborate on your question by adding a few more words
How do I stop my premium account auto-renewal?If I have paid for a year and cancel before the year is…
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Login problem? cant log in to website
im having a problem logging into site manger fro the past four daysthis a copy of the exact message…
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How to answer a comment that is in a foreign language?
Hello, one of my yet-to-be-approved site comments is in another language (French!) - seems kinda broken…
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How can i share my post from my website to my facebook page?
Please I need help on how to share my posts from my website to my Facebook page ( Social Networks).
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Hi guys, for keyword research, I have to click on "get qsr" one at a time. please let me know how ca
Hi guys, for keyword research, I have to click on "Get QSR" one at a time. Please let me know how can…
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How to unlock new marketing angles?
Today I want to discussion promotions, in particular the promotion of WA. Often times folks have a tough…
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I am getting an oops note on my wa comparison table, what option am i missing above?
I am getting an Oops note on my WA Comparison table, What option am I missing Above?
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My commissions has been paid?
As today 13th of July, 2021, my commissions since March, 2021 HAS NOT BEEN PAID.
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Let's Network on Pinterest!
If you have a Pinterest account, post a link to your profile here so we can all network together. Let's…
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Can a wa premium member earn premium plus commission?
Dear Friends,May I ask...Can A WA Premium Member Earn Premium Plus Commission from his/her referral?…
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Can visitors view wa articles?
As most of us are aware, we can use the Affiliate Link Generator on all of the articles within the Wealthy…
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Does wa pay by means of a paypal personal account?
Would like to know if there are members here who receive their WA commissions by means of their Paypal…
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Reviews and links training? where do I find this in the tra
Where do I find the training for writing reviews and links to our affiliate merchants?
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Wa affiliate link - where to find?
Hi all, I am premium member and want to show my affiliate link in a blog post, can anyone point me in…
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If I am able to refer 250 people to wealthy affiliate but ran out of time to get the 300 needed for
If I am able to refer 250 people to Wealthy Affiliate but ran out of time to get the 300 needed for…
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Think You Have Mastered Socially Engaging Content (Phase 3, Lesson 3)
Today we are going to be discussing socially engaging content and how to create it. Here is the video…
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Welcome message - premium bonus. how to add?
Hey guys.So I just finished the second level of the bootcamp program.In the last lesson it talks about…
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Site comment countdown? how does it work?
Does anyone know how site comments work in terms of the overall tally for the number of comments you…
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What can I do to reach your word limit?
Hello I can only type 376 words and was told to type at least a 1000 words per template what can I do…
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How to earn $50 in wealthy affiliate?
How many videos are you expected to create in wealthy Affiliate to earn $50?
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Why google adsense application not accepted?
I applied for Google Ad sense and I got email After reviewing your application, our specialists have…
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