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Getting Started - Classroom Overview
Welcome Starter members! This is your introduction to Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms and getting started…
Your Personal Review of Wealthy Affiliate
This is for all the Premium and Starter members here at WA. We are looking for honest reviews of Wealthy…
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What is the constraint that is preventing you from.?
What is the constraint that is preventing you from upgrading to yearly?Yearly upgrade will not only…
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What are your "money" goals?
In order to achieve any level of success, you need to have a starting point. This starting point is…
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How to start out online on the wrong foot?
There are a few things that I use to quickly determine whether or not someone will be successful online…
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Please Give Me Feedback on My Website
As we are building out our websites, it is always nice to get some feedback and insights from "others"…
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Ive completed 2 trainings and its saying. 02. how do I fix that?
I’ve even watched the trainings a few times.
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Anybody having this problem with logging into wa account?
My login credentials are 'remembered' in most accounts I use online. However, today I clicked on my…
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Which one niche would you think is more in demand?
Juice vs Coffee?I know our choices have to be what resonates with us most and understanding our audience,…
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Hi kyle, in writing some contents, when is it necessary to site sources?
I'm worried that I might get charged of plagiarism.
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What are the requirements fortonight's class?
tonight's class: optimization with scale, is that only for premium plus members? Because I can't access…
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Im stuck on the domain name ?
Could someone please help. I don’t understand the domain name, which I bought. The next question…
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How do I close my account?
How do I close my account?
  22 hours ago 2 Replies
Im looking for help with niche selection ?
What about baseball or soccer as my niche?
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How to solve this question ?
When I create a site ,choose a theme,but the bottom will dispaly Powered by WordPress Theme by TheBootstrapThemes,how…
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How to remove the title when I create the page?
Hello, when i create a page, i type in pagename, it will be the page title, how to remove it.
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Will i be able to have pictures of balance of nature?
will i be able to have my own blog or website to help promote this product?
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Can you locate the two comments that left for site comments?
The first comment that I left for site comment was through my Domain probable haven't…
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When I click my profile icon why does the network says 0?
Hey Kyle I just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I have definitely enjoyed my time on WA and now that I…
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My website is looking quite plain after level 2 training?
Is it quite normal for a website to be quite sparse apart from having articles on it by the end of level…
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Monthly payment not accepted can someone help?
Hi I been trying to pay my monthly premium but it is not going through can someone help thank Shinepage1
2 days ago 4 Replies
Carson's 5 Tips to Avoid being Overwhelmed
When getting started with Internet marketing it's easy to get overwhelmed because there are all kinds…
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Can I add how to make money online to my current site?
Hi there, My site is not a "make money online" site but I do use affiliated links and is busy monetizing…
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How do I get into my email when the password does not work?
The WA-generated password does not work to let me into my email. And where does the IP address point?
2 days ago 3 Replies
What to do when your domain email password does not work?
The WA-generated email password does not work. How do I get it to work?
2 days ago 2 Replies
How do I thank kyle?
Just want to thank Kyle that my issue with signing on is resolved. Thank you for your help.Barbara
2 days ago 3 Replies
How many jaaxy scans does premium membership get?
Hi, Where I am a premium membership am I supposed to be getting 1000 scans per month? It appears I am…
2 days ago 1 Reply
Could you not be sarcastic in your replies?
Just deleted a reply which sounded sarcastic, they seemed to have acted on my behalf un-appointed. Please…
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I cannot get into my site, some help pleaseach?
HI everone,I have been on my site this morning, but now I'mean trying to log in wits the credentials…
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I want to pay my bill so how do i do with site support?
I want to pay my billing how can I withhelp of site support ?
3 days ago 2 Replies
How do I pay my montly and yearly fees?
When I go in account system to pay my monthly or yearly fees the systrm is not working .How do I get…
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How long has it taken you to earn what you earn?
One of the most common questions I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs is..."How long does it take you…
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How do I add an author to one of my posts?
This person is already a user. He has the role as author. How do I add his name to one of my posts as…
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Connection problem whit login page of wa?
Hello, I hope you are well, I have a connection problem with WA login page. After entering my email…
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Can I down load a privacy page ?
where can I go to download a privacy page ?
3 days ago 2 Replies
Is it valid if I changed the title of the page on the dashboard and it works there and when I open m
Is this so before publishing and then afterwards if I have changed the title of the page as I have,…
3 days ago 2 Replies
Web browser problems help? can't login to wa except through outlook
The only way I can get into the WA site is through a post reply thro Outlook. I'm using FireFox and…
3 days ago 7 Replies
Am trying to create my website and is telling me to make a support ticket?
hey guy just trying to get up and running my first website and am registering the domain but when i…
4 days ago 1 Reply
Is there any curriculum of the whole training program?
Hi, friends, hope everyone is doing great.I am Cesar, a new member of Wealthy Affiliate, looking for…
4 days ago 3 Replies
Can I transfer content from my free site to my own domain?
I set up a free website during the first 10 lessons and now have purchased a domain name. Can I change…
4 days ago 3 Replies
Support ticket to register a domian?
Hi, I am trying to register and pay for a domain name but it is saying I need a support ticket to continue.How…
5 days ago 2 Replies
What's site health and how dose work?
HiWhat's site health and dose need to be help to get rankedOn googlePaul
5 days ago 6 Replies
Anyone have experience with the site comments feature?
Howdy all! I just made my first few posts (woohoo) and am looking at the site comments section. I just…
5 days ago 2 Replies
Do you really need a back up plugin at the stage of level 3?
I'm confused with regards to back up plugins? I'm on level 3 of the training and my website said that…
5 days ago 13 Replies
Verify your website ownership. what does it mean?
google has sent a file and request to upload it into my website.
5 days ago 3 Replies
Finding self help programs and products?
Hello, I wonder if anyone can give me information on the best products and programs to promote in the…
6 days ago 13 Replies
Who do I contact about a refund for my membership?
Please help... how do I get a refund on my membership ... I did not want to auto renew!!!!!!!!!!
6 days ago 5 Replies
Why are embedded videos in the training are not playing?
how do i resolve the problem of embedded videos not playing as it is making my training courses unbearably…
6 days ago 3 Replies