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Getting Started - Classroom Overview
Welcome Starter members! This is your introduction to Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms and getting started…
Your Personal Review of Wealthy Affiliate
This is for all the Premium and Starter members here at WA. We are looking for honest reviews of Wealthy…
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What is the constraint that is preventing you from.?
What is the constraint that is preventing you from upgrading to yearly?Yearly upgrade will not only…
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What are your "money" goals?
In order to achieve any level of success, you need to have a starting point. This starting point is…
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Please Give Me Feedback on My Website
As we are building out our websites, it is always nice to get some feedback and insights from "others"…
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Howe can I delete this website? I
I'm already a premiere. How do I delete this site?
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At what lesson or time will I make arrangments to get paid?
I want to know when and where I give info to have my paycheck credited to my bank.
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How long did it take for you to get your website ranked?
So I got my website indexed in Google about a few days ago and I was so excited about that. But when…
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Is the main goal to create a "niche blog"?
I am currently going through the second level of the OEC training, in which Kyle talks about writing…
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When is a good time to officially register my business?
I didn't earn money yet but have some business expenses and wonder if I shoud register my business.What…
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How do I get rid of the and comments box on my home page?
I can't get rid of the reply and comment section on my Home Page. Anyone know why?
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How to start out online on the wrong foot?
There are a few things that I use to quickly determine whether or not someone will be successful online…
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About payment why must i do payment if its not nessasary?
im on level to and it ask me monthly payment and yearly I don't have that money im beginning now and…
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Unable to login to my new domain?
I purchased a new domain but am unable to use it. I get this message: webspace for this domain is disabled…
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Have you received my domain name yet?
I bought a domain name from WILD WILD WEST LLC and told them to point it to WA. The DN is "".…
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How to transfer my name silo domain to wa?
Hello, how can I transfer my domain I registered at Name Silo into Wealthy Affiliate? I already updated…
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Can a blog from blogger be transferred over to wa host?
I've actually just started a blog on right now to help myself overcome a problem and because…
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How many websites can we have?
Random question out of pure curiosity, how many websites can we have with our premium account? is it…
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Is there a place where we can sponsor wa members?
Not all are fortunate, it wOuld be great to have such a place...Other options?
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Why my atmail inbox doesn't receive any emails?
I have sent from my new atmail box here many emails to different addresses - all vave been delivered,…
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Blank page when adding new plugin?
I created my first site, how to add new plugin as when i try do that from admin page of wordpress it…
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Best affiliate network? any recommendations?
Does anyone have a preference on which affiliate network to join? Any recommendations would be appropriated.
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When does the month officially start?
Once I upgrade to premium, does my month begin that day - as in that will be my due date next month?…
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Availability of tools required to sell digital products?
Hello Geeks!I want to sell few digital products and grow my email list. To achieve this do i have to…
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A question about amazon affiliate?
I understand, I need to get API from AmazonI am currently in Japan and I would like to know if I can…
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Why does my ranking fluctuate?
My ranking fluctuates daily. It was at 3250 a few days ago then it went to 4600 and something. Today…
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Is wa still useful if you already have a website?
Is WA still useful if you already have a website? Would love to hear people's experiences of having…
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Issues with outgoing mail password?
Hi All... as you can see, an error occurred while WA tries to generate an outgoing mail server password.…
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Hello kyle. I applied for google adsense and was denied.?
It stated the reason that my website does not comply with their policies. Would you be kind enough to…
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What is the quickest way to get back to my dashboard ?
I'm in the discussion section, or just finished viewing a video and I kinda get lost inside.
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Which domain name do you prefer?
Hello to everyone! I have been struggling to find a niche that I would love and treat like the apple…
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Premium ist to pay every month?
is the premium premium payment payable each month?
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I feel I need one on one coaching is this possible?
I am a newly divorced woman with limited money to invest and need to get started soon. I feel I've wandering…
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Is firefox inappropriate to see wa?
is it just I or some features of WA homepage couldn't show adequately in Firefox?
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Why my ranking is getting lower everyday yet I am publishing a post and paid my monthly subscription
My rank at WA is getting lower (means from 874 to 920) and everyday it the number keeps on increasing…
1 day ago 5 Replies
What to do next in wealthy affiliate after training?
What do you suggest after finishing the training? Don't know where to go! I will meanwhile improving…
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Got a question -as an afterthought.i want to change my domain name that I purchased today from "nedr
How can I get my domain name changed that I purchased today!! Please...Please...Please
1 day ago 4 Replies
Where did I learn that wa is aaa rated?
I received a comment of my Wealthy Affiliate Review wondering what my AAArating came from. I did state…
1 day ago 4 Replies
Am I allowed to "edit" a comment response I made?
In typing a response to one of my commentors I accidentallyadded a "b" to my name. - It's no big deal…
1 day ago 1 Reply
Having trouble deleting websites off the list?
hello everyoine. I want to clean up my website list.Theres a few i dont want. Is something wrong with…
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How to move a page to a post?
Did the page a while ago but it should have been a Posts..... how do I switch places please?
2 days ago 8 Replies
How to leave this organization?
You've been quite nice but I am NOT interested in this affiliate. Can someone please remove me and my…
2 days ago 5 Replies
Hello kyle, posting the content without checking duplicated content?
Hello Kyle, ChingTse Here. I am going throught training lesson 7. Once I wrote the content for my website,…
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Refund. I need to get a refund. can I have my money back?
how to get my money back. Refund needed.
2 days ago 7 Replies
Where can I find trash button please?
My About page accidentally landed in the trash and want to restore it
2 days ago 3 Replies
Change the name of my website name?
how do I change the name of my website?
2 days ago 8 Replies
I have a question about plugin ?
Is anyone using Elementor Plugin?Can you please give me your opinion about it?
2 days ago 24 Replies