Let's have a little conversation here about BRANDING.

Like the "Wealthy Affiliate" brand, your goal with your website is going to be to create and establish your own brand.

This is going to be done through your website and if you approach this as a "business" (which it is) from the very outset, then you are going to be setting yourself up for a long term, sustainable success online.

To discover your brand, you need to first decide on your "target audience" for your website.

Choosing Your "Target" Audience

There are actually many different directions you can head with your Bootcamp site. Wealthy Affiliate is a service that encompasses many different industries and verticals and you can quite easily promote it to many different types of people.

This is a GOOD thing. This means that the opportunity to promote WA and become wildly successful promoting Wealthy Affiliate is vast.

I want you to read the following tutorial, it is going to help you decide on the direction for your business and reveal just how many directions you can potentailly head.

READ TUTORIAL: Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate

There truly are many different facets to the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate and as you immerse yourself here, you will truly realize how BIG the opportunity is to benefit from WA.

Whether your target audience is "affiliate marketing" or "earning extra money while in college" or "stay at home moms", you can choose your own brand and niche to carve out and build a long term business within. EVERYONE can benefit from the platform here at WA, it is just a matter of finding these people and connecting with them.

The "Football" Stadium Analogy.

There you are, standing in a football stadium. 80,000+ wild fans, all of whom are passionate about something and have spent $100's on their ticket, not to mention transportation, food, and likely a beer or two at the game. The average sporting event costs a family $421 USD.

These people all have money and these people could ALL benefit from Wealthy Affiliate, if they knew about it and knew that they could take any passion or interest and build a business online.

Go into a big city, and look around. You will see the same thing. EVERYONE is a potential referral, everyone can benefit from WA, and all of these people would love nothing more than to have their own business online. In fact, I am sure you can quite easily put yourself in these people's shoes.

These are obviously just a few examples of how big the audience is. You can have a very SMALL fragment of attention on the Internet, and be very successful as an affiliate here. There are 4 BILLION people online, all of whom could benefit from the services here at Wealthy Affiliate to create, grow and expand a business online.

Now it is just a matter of narrowing down your audience and finding them. You have chosen your starting point niche and the "traffic" (audience) is something that I am going to be helping you out with as you move through the training.

You Are a BRAND, You Will Be An Expert.

One thing I want you to understand is that the minute you start building out your website, you are building a brand. You are working to become a SOURCE of information online and through time and effort (and helping others), you are going to become an industry expert.

But nobody starts off as an expert with anything they do in business. Regardless of the niche you choose online, you need a starting point and then through TIME and through helping people, you gain credibility and trust within that particular industry.

The same goes for this industry and being an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. You don't start off at the end point in business, you start off in the beginning and ALL top affiliates at one point started out as complete newbies. Many of these same folks are sitting with us in Vegas every year at our annual Super Affiliate Conference (all expenses paid).

Task 1: Choose Your Direction

Your task today is going to be choosing your target audience, or in other words, the "direction" of your brand/niche.

Again, you are in full control of this and there is no right or wrong, but the important thing is that you choose a direction that interests you.

The direction I am going to be choosing for my business is:

"Helping Affiliate Marketers"

I want to help aspiring and successful affiliate marketers, and as I build out my website and my brand, that is going to be the core theme of the topics I am discussing.

The name of my brand:

Real Deal Affiliate

I like it, it is cool, hip and I think something that I can work myself into as a brand.

So what you are going to need to do is choose your direction, because in the next lesson I am going to be walking you through the process of building a website geared towards your brand.

If you need help coming up with your "direction", simply leave a comment below. The comment area or Live Chat (within the side menu) is where you can get HELP at any time, please take advantage of it.

You have an incredible amount of help here within the community and we can absolutely help you refine your ideas or give you a "yay" or "nay" if you want feedback or help you with any aspect of your campaigns.

Tasks 0/3 completed
2. Choose Your Brand Direction for Your Website
3. Leave a Comment Below If You Want Help Refining Your Niche

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So. My plan is to work kind of backwards. First up, I intend to list all the subjects I believe I have enough knowledge to produce content on. Then i will sit down with some friends or family, give them the subject and ask them what they would like to know about the subject. This would be the search terms they would type into google and therefore my keywords. I will then build the site around these keywords as they will give me an insight into the searchers intent. I can then tailor the content around the questions, thereby giving the searcher exactly what they are looking for. I'm hoping that by working this way, I will build an organically sound website.
Does this make sense ?
Wow cool
Kyle Premium
Yes, definitely a direction you can head here!
CPeak1 Premium
This is beyond frustrating...I am a Premium member and am trying to figure out this whole website building. I tried entering a new domain name to start my own WA site. I think that's what I am attempting to do. Everything I try, won't accept a domain name. I have the title picked and the theme but cannot get a domain. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
JelenaBB Premium
Hi, I will try to help you. I saw that you already have a website here on WA, and Google already recognizes it. Do you try to get another one?
It shouldn`t be hard. Go to https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/domains and search for the domain name you want. Sometimes you can`t get domain because it`s already taken, so you will need to try with another title. Post with small caps and altogether like mydomainname and then click enter. You will get a suggestion about which domains are available. Choose your domain and add to the Cart.

Hope it helps. If you still have problems, we will ask for support help.
CPeak1 Premium
Thank you so much. I managed to get it figured out. Yay! I bought my domain name and just finished my about me post. Slowly, but surely it's starting to click and I am getting my site functioning.
JelenaBB Premium
Congratulations! So happy for you!
Wstalin33 Premium
Good day to all. I'm currently working on my direction and brand. I have two directions I want to go with and wanted to know if they good. The 1st on is becoming self-employed as an Affiliate Marketer. The 2nd is make money while sleeping as an Affiliate Marketer. My brand can be legit trustworthy Affiliate Marketing. Can you guys please tell me what ya think about them.
Kyle Premium
Well I think you could effectively target both topics within your niche. I would just narrow down your brand to something a bit more specific.

When you choose a domain, you are going to want to choose something that is "brandable" versus something that has keywords within it. The reason this is the case is because as you build out your website, you can target as many keywords as you like within the content (that is how you will rank).

I have created a discussion here outlining the process and what to look for when choosing a domain name: This should help you out here and if you ever want to run any domains by me, simply let me know and I will give you some feedback.

PS. You can host up to 25 of your own domains here within the Premium membership on our state of the art hosting platform. :)
JediBuckSolo Premium
After reading this idea from [Nikkiholmes1] [So, I don't know about my Niche after reading the last training about direction but I have narrowed it down to helping single working mums make extra money?] While working on this 2nd website for my WA affiliate, what about my 2nd niche idea targeting towards Disabled People Making Extra Money? Since I am disabled myself.
VitaliyG Premium
Both niche ideas work Michael and you use the story of how can still make money while disabled to promote WA since it does involve working online. This can be your about me page (bio).