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Random commissions ya gotta love it
You gotta love getting these random commissions I have to say that WA is the most value for money program…
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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform - Classroom Overview
This is where you come to get help with how to use Wealthy Affiliate and where you can ask questions…
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How is the best way to leverage wealthy affiliate?
I was thinking the other day, (that's something good in itself!) How is the best way to leverage Wealthy…
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I would like to cancel my annual premium membership?
I am finding it difficult to I understand a lot of the training and I am overwhelmed with the information…
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Cancel the membership and get refund?
I don't want pay for the membership any more by find out that I'm charged by direct debit.How can I…
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Free info giveaways via your blog posts?
Are you allowed to give away free info on marketing, etc through your blog posts? For example, if you…
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How does tax work if you reside outside the usa ?
Hi everyone , I live in South Africa . How does taxes work on income generated from one's site if you…
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Why is email notification link not working?
When another WAer writes to me or replies to me in a thread, it used to be that I would receive an email…
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Can I get one month to transfer siterubix as well?
Hello All,I am struggling with my premium membership payment and it seems like I have to stop billing…
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Why is my email.not taking me directly to the reply?
Normally when someone replies to a comment I go to my emails and click on the link and it takes me directly…
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Navigating back to the three money goals questions?
We have been advised to revisit our answers to the three money goals questions. I have already responded…
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Can someone help me in selecting the best wp theme for a.p?
I have been searching online to find a great WP theme for my Affiliate Programs. I selected a few but…
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Do comments from sitecomments come from unique ip addresses?
Do the comments from SiteComments come from the IP addresses of the individuals that write them? Or…
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Finding replies to comments? I can't located people's replies to my comments.
I am trying to reply to comments people have posted in response to my comment here:…
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Sam my premium members is having trouble-getting a domain for about a week now, can you help?
Hi Kyle, I told him to get ahold of you but don’t know if he did or not. He is from Cambodia an…
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Might cancel membership as i've spent more than i've made?
Just looking for any recommendations or tips to keep me motivated. I am thinking of cancelling my membership…
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How do I find my comments and answers on the give and take?
Hello all,I usually ask for comments in the morning before work and then when I get home from work,…
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I can not leave comments as i have been reported as a spammer?
I have been commenting on people website but can not now as it saying I was reported for spamming but…
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Any italians here? can we help each other?
One of the biggest problems members with non-English websites face here is getting comments or suggestion…
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What exactly happens when I choose a yearly membership?
I am quite confused on the yearly billing cycle to remain a premium member on WA. Do I need to have…
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How do I give a third-party developer access to my wa hosting?
I have contracted with a third-party developer to set up a website for me which I will maintain and…
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Issues with wa email links?
Just noticed this happening .When I receive an email from WA in response to a remark I have made in…
3 days ago 3 Replies
Where to make payment for membership?
Where to make payment for membership?
3 days ago 4 Replies
Is there a substitute for jetpack?
I created a website to sell my wife's book. I am starting to get a lot of orders and expect the orders…
3 days ago 7 Replies
Why are my notifications not working?
Hello. My notifications are not loading, the bell clearly shows that I have some to view, but when I…
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How to find site to which I haven't finished with feedback?
Yesterday, I began to take notes examining a site to which I wanted to give feedback to. I had to leave…
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My current domain names, url's from the "outside wa world"?
Does WA Host URL Domain Names I already have? Can I Transfer those unlocked Domains over to WA or should…
4 days ago 4 Replies
How do I move my current website from wix to wa?
Kyle,I know you sent me a doc with the instructions, but I have misplaced it. I have an active site…
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H2 tags in wa blog not working?
Anyone else getting problems with H2 tags in WA blog?I tried fixing my by creating better line breaks…
4 days ago 15 Replies
My notifications are not working, whats wrong?
Hello. My notifications are not loading, the bell clearly shows that I have some to view, but when I…
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Is it not a scam ?
Hello everyone,I want to upgrade to the premium features but i'm AFRAID :/ is it guaranteed to succeed…
4 days ago 7 Replies
How do I clear cookies on firefox?
How do I clear cookies on Firefox?
4 days ago 2 Replies
Why am I restricted to create training, send or receive pms without any notification or warning?
it seems I am being restricted to do certain things like creating training, sending or receiving PMs…
4 days ago 4 Replies
How do I resolve an issue with creating training?
I have a serious challenge with creating training in my account and thischallenge started yesterday.…
4 days ago 5 Replies
What is creater rank? how do I boost it?
I'm not sure how to boost creater rank what is it and how to boost it up please if someone can let me…
5 days ago 4 Replies
I want to cancel my account today?
like today i dont want to be a member no more
5 days ago 9 Replies
Author guidelines to legit training at wealthy affiliate?
Hello there!Please, I need some clarification to this:I wish to become a valuable asset in here, at…
5 days ago 6 Replies
How can i get more followers on all my social media?
Hi team,just working my way through the training and wondering how can I get more followers on all my…
5 days ago 13 Replies
How referring people to wealthy affiliate?
Hello. I wanted to ask how exactly can I help anybody to become part of WA?I mean in which method?Thank…
5 days ago 6 Replies
Where can I find "my history" feature in the new wa update?
In the previous version of Wealthy Affiliate (before the May 2018 Update) there was a feature called…
5 days ago 15 Replies
Why have I not receive any payment?
I have money in my account at Wealthy Affiliates, why have I not been paid?
6 days ago 7 Replies
How to put emojis on your blogs?
How to put emojis on your blogs without resulting like this after publishing.Screenshot after publishing:
6 days ago 6 Replies
Is there a way to remove domains that once were hosted here?
I have a bunch of domains that were hosted here at one time that I no longer own. I did delete the website,…
1 week ago 8 Replies
My text editor is not working?
Hi folks,I am trying to embed a video into one of my posts.When i click on the text button of the post…
1 week ago 10 Replies
What is the purpose of 25 free. as opposed to purchasing?
Re:Premium Members = 50 Websites (25 free website and 25 on your OWN Domains)
1 week ago 5 Replies
I need to submit a proposed ebook draft (not completed) to kyle for review?
I need to make absolutely sure that what I am proposing is with Kyle's blessing. I have put a lot of…
1 week ago 4 Replies
To earn credits what do they require ?
do they wont comments on what their website looks like, or the content within the site, or both.
1 week ago 5 Replies
Where did they move the log out button?
where did they move the log out button?
1 week ago 2 Replies
Do you know hotels airbnb near new york?
My wife and two daughters will visit New York in the next month of August. It occurs to me to ask the…
1 week ago 2 Replies