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Random commissions ya gotta love it
You gotta love getting these random commissions I have to say that WA is the most value for money program…
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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform - Classroom Overview
This is where you come to get help with how to use Wealthy Affiliate and where you can ask questions…
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Where're my free gifts after sign up for annual membership?
If not mistaken, I remember that after I go for the yearly membership plan, I shall get free gifts like…
19 minutes ago 3 Replies
Does anyone have experience with ppc campaign?
I am about to start a PPC campaign for WA referrals. Has anyone done it before? What is the success…
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How do I unsubscribe from wa?
How do I un-subscribe
1 day ago 3 Replies
What happens to my hosting if I cancel my membership at wa?
This is a question we get fairly often, so I thought I would spend a minute offering some clarity on…
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Kewl Web
Question about the wa email system?
Is there a way to import email addresses into the WA email system? There used to be a button in the…
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Are there any do's and don'ts?
Hello friends,Are there any do's and don'ts on this platform? Is there any guideline document or post…
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Can I change my personal coach?
Hi guys,I must really say that i am fed up with my supposed "personal coach".He is no help at all. He…
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How do I change my paypal email?
Please can you help me change my PayPal email from to
2 days ago 1 Reply
To get a host on publishing website ?
How i get a host i already published a website ?
2 days ago 1 Reply
How do I make my domain transfer work?
I have started the transfer after it says it is ready. It says it is transferring but the next time…
2 days ago 1 Reply
I want to change my existing paypal account ?
i want to change my existing paypal account to please?
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Where can I find backlink details to my websites?
I recall that within the Google Webmaster platform I was able to view websites that were linking to…
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I would like to stop monthly payments , how to do that?
I am taking a break , I would like to stop monthly payments , How to do that?
3 days ago 2 Replies
When we sign up referrals & they sign up to the affiliate?
When we sign up Referrals & they sign up to any of the Affiliate programsthat we're signed up to,…
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What are the best word press > plugins?
Since I just started my 1st Website with WA. I would like to know what is the "Basic" recommended WP…
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How to apply for membership in the agoda affiliate ?
I can't open the theme editor for domain authentication.How to verify the agoda domain to apply…
4 days ago 1 Reply
How can I editchange my money goals?
I would like to edit/change my money goals and can't find how/where to do it?
5 days ago 3 Replies
Downgrade my membership back to starter?
I am a premium member but I'm currently inactive at WA. Can I cancel my membership or will I lose my…
5 days ago 5 Replies
Can anyone give a hand with a definition?
Is anyone able to define what "chaining critical requests" is? I'm kind of guessing links within a post…
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I forgot to cancel my account what can i do?
If i cancel my auto renewal after the amount got declined do is the amount still due or not?
5 days ago 8 Replies
Can't get email forwardng working?
Unable to get the confirmation email sent to the original domain email when forwarding from Gmail. It…
6 days ago 1 Reply
Affiliate links will not open on my pages help please?
i have added some a amazon links to one of ,y pages and it is nit working and when i follow the lesson…
6 days ago 4 Replies
How do you receive the money you earn?
How do you receive your commission’s?
6 days ago 4 Replies
I could not find clear rule anywhere in wa regarding when we get paid for creating a training?
Dear Kyle,I like to create training. I have background on providing training therefore it is my passion.Here…
1 week ago 3 Replies
No longer able to transfer cash credits?
Since we are no longer able to transfer cash credits to other WA members is there anyway to refund or…
1 week ago 1 Reply
How my website can access after i have finished all setting?
how my website can access after i have finished all setting from google?
1 week ago 5 Replies
I would like to cancel temporarily?
I would like to cancel temporarily, how do I do this?
1 week ago 3 Replies
Can i change my paypal email accoun?
i want to change my paypal email?
1 week ago 4 Replies
Membership cancellation & refund request ignored by wa?
I cancelled WA premium membership on 4/5, and was charged the $49 fee the same day. I have already transferred…
1 week ago 18 Replies
How can I fix my posts page ?
Hi everyone I have a problem with my posts page everything has lined up in a straight line for some…
1 week ago 8 Replies
How do i access training i have saved?
how do i access saved trining courses
1 week ago 1 Reply
How do I cancel my membership?
I just need the free site for now. Thank you, Nina Shoop
1 week ago 2 Replies
How to loose your certified commenter status?
Can someone loose his or certified commenter status and what are the things that will make him or her…
1 week ago 15 Replies
Request for comment triggers phishing attempt. report where? on this link triggered…
1 week ago 9 Replies
Will the monthly membership increase?
Hi, folks,Just to be on the same page...I'm aware the yearly price is going up and today's our last…
1 week ago 12 Replies
Email notifications suppressed - strange things going on?
Lunch has passed and I am seriously wondering what is going on? Have I done something wrong or is there…
1 week ago 20 Replies
Site feedback - no pending requests?
Hello there,I was trying to provide site feedback just a while ago and found out that there were no…
1 week ago 4 Replies
How to integrate my websites with ebaxy and amazon?
There is one major item that is keeping me from actually doing business and making money? To me it seems…
1 week ago 4 Replies
Why do all my pictures upload upside down?
When I upload pictures from my iphone to WA, they are always upside down. Each one of them. I can turn…
1 week ago 16 Replies
Is there a banner with the new prices?
Hi all.Does anyone know when we'll have a banner showing the new pricing structure?I'd have thought…
1 week ago 6 Replies
Transferring domain I made on wa to wa for all features?
So I wanted to transfer a domain I bought here on WA to WA for all the features and I need a verification…
1 week ago 4 Replies
How easy is it to move another wordpress site to wa?
Hi Is it possible to move another wordpress site to WA? Is this easy ? How much does this cost?
2 weeks ago 2 Replies
2 pages missing from my website ?
Hi everyone,I just noticed that I am missing 2 Critical pages from my website when I visit it ? This…
2 weeks ago 5 Replies
Anyone else think sitefeedback is important but useless?
SiteFeeback for me is one of the most important features of WA, but complletely useless.I link a specific…
2 weeks ago 27 Replies
Can you post your link inside wealthy affiliate?
The answer is SOMETIMES. I've written about it before here:…
2 weeks ago 47 Replies
How do those certified to comment get paid for their comments?
I reached the certified commenter status yesterday and I was wondering how the payments work. Where…
2 weeks ago 2 Replies
How does 10 comments in 24 hours add to our exposure?
I occasionally do the 10 comment thing within 24 hours, but I've never understood "what it means when…
2 weeks ago 11 Replies