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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform - Classroom Overview
This is where you come to get help with how to use Wealthy Affiliate and where you can ask questions…
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Random commissions ya gotta love it
You gotta love getting these random commissions I have to say that WA is the most value for money program…
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Have affiliate managers networks ever reach out to you?
Have you ever had someone reach out to you in some interesting or unusual way?
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Starters who have not upgraded yet are getting?
a small prompt pop up asking them to upgrade. How cool? Image coming.Did you know? How long this been…
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I am looking for help with niche selection. I am passionate about making money online and I have int
The website I have created is called, “Prosperityaffiliate”. I wanted to create this for…
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Who do I contact for a billing query, please?
I sent a billing query to four days ago, so far I have not heard anything.…
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I added 51 site comments on wa but nothing has happened?
Hey guys, I've been working on reaching the 50 site comments achievement so I can start making money…
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Is there a section for the premium members classes ?
Hello,Is there a section for Premium Members Classes? It is difficult to tell which classes are available…
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What date the wa deposits income to the paypal account?
Hi everyone, I recently cashed out some cash credits from the WA and they haven't been deposited on…
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How do i install pictures on my website?
How does one install a picture,images or picture on to one's website so when someone goes to,types in…
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Do we have many affiliate group ambassadors?
Hey folks!I know that we have Jeannie from Awin on board as ambassador for that affiliate Group. I'm…
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How can I change email password?
Once I setup email account, is there a way for the user to change the password?
4 days ago 1 Reply
Where can we get a list of all the certified commentators?
I have been to Websites>Site Comments and looked up the certified commentators and found 33 of them.…
5 days ago 12 Replies
When do I renew, or will it be automatic?
Hello Everyone,Hope everyone is having a Wonderful Day.Silly question, I know I have to renew my membership…
5 days ago 4 Replies
What is the facebook conversion tracking javascript snippet?
Where do I find this "Facebook Conversion Tracking Javascript Snippet? Then, what do I do with the information?
5 days ago 1 Reply
Stop trying to charge my bank account?
Stop trying to charge my bank account. I tried to pay for my premium access lik 3 weeks earlier, when…
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If I need to take a break and discontinue my membership, what happens to my websites hosted in wealt
If I need to take a break and discontinue my membership, what happens to my websites hosted in Wealthy…
6 days ago 73 Replies
Is the platform slow today or is it just me?
Apologies, but I am finding it slowThanks guys
1 week ago 18 Replies
Is it possible for two affiliate links to be on an article?
Please is it possible to put in 2 affiliate links in 1 article? Let's say Amazon and Noon. If u creat…
1 week ago 5 Replies
What theme does wa use?
Does anyone know what theme the Wealthy Affiliate website runs on? I'm presuming it is wordpress
1 week ago 11 Replies
What happens if I comment all 50 comments available?
What if I comment 50 times in Site Comments to earn credits? Will I be able to comment again in the…
1 week ago 4 Replies
Rank math seo and g4 analytics?
Hi, hope everyone is doing well. Just reaching out to the Rank Math used and wondering if you are using…
1 week ago 8 Replies
Whats wrong with the jaaxy research tool?
Okay.I'm just throwig this out for some inspiration, but I'm looking to write up a balanced review of…
1 week ago 4 Replies
What does the price of jaaxy include?
I'm asking this question for the purpose of researching the keyword tool for review.Now, I think Jaaxy…
1 week ago 3 Replies
If someone has two or more different niches of interest, will that person be required to have differ
For example Miss A has website called R that talks about fishing and fishing accessories.On the other…
1 week ago 4 Replies
Is there a limit to how many words we can write?
On our WA profile spaces (bio's)?Any tips as well are appreciated.Thanks guys
1 week ago 13 Replies
Where do I turn off data sharing button?
I was in the process of opening Google analytics account but couldn't proceed due to the fact that I…
1 week ago 1 Reply
Why is there so few video instructors?
I'm just wondering why, with over 750,k members there is only a handful of video tutorial makers.Does…
1 week ago 7 Replies
Get an expired domain or a brand new?
Hi there, I happen to own two websites, one is still under the SiteRubix umbrella. It has 12 pages and…
1 week ago 2 Replies
What criteria our wa most popular blog posts?
are based upon.What is the priority? Likes, comments or both or other elements.Always wondered but never…
1 week ago 19 Replies
Site content disappeared can I get it back?
I just wrote a content in wealthy affiliate's site content and was almost finished and suddenly it was…
1 week ago 7 Replies
Can I downgrade from premium plus to premium?
Hey guys, quick question. If I buy a Premium Plus membership, can I downgrade it back to Premium? As…
1 week ago 5 Replies
Do I need a plugin installed for google adsense?
If I want to add an advertisement with Google Adsense on my website, do I need to install any external…
2 weeks ago 1 Reply
Where to share my social media account in wa?
Hello Everyone, I think you are well and safe, There was a page to share our social media account to…
2 weeks ago 13 Replies
Are live classes mostly only for premium plus now?
Just curious, are most live classes only available now to Premium Plus members? I'm disappointed that…
2 weeks ago 4 Replies
How do i top up my account?
I've been a member for a few months now and just been paying my monthly subscription as it comes along…
2 weeks ago 4 Replies
Is this social media link sharing page stoped?
Hello friends, I think you are doing well. I asked the last question also same.…
2 weeks ago 8 Replies
Can I change my bank account details?
Hello. Can I change my bank account details here at WA and how? Thanks for you answer.
2 weeks ago 6 Replies
Why am I not getting site comment cash credits?
Why am I not getting Offered Cash credits for my comments after the 50 comment mark?I am a certified…
2 weeks ago 4 Replies
What happens to my websites when i downgrade to premium?
Okay, so i recently decided to temporary upgrade to the PP Plan here at WA. Unfortunately at the moment,…
2 weeks ago 4 Replies
What's happening system keeps logging me out?
Mainly when I click in page this happens. Last night a member wanted upgrade and they could not, when…
2 weeks ago 12 Replies
Why is the login button at wealthy affiliate frozen?
There seems to be a problem with the login button. If we sign out of our affiliate account what happens…
2 weeks ago 8 Replies
Renewal of website or domain ?
Hello everyone and happy Saturday hope that everyone had a good week, I have a question. I am trying…
2 weeks ago 4 Replies
Someone asked I upgraded to pp+ and if later downgraded?
But changed my mind wanted upgrade again, would I get charged a straight $99 monthly subscription until…
3 weeks ago 9 Replies
Following and followers to our wa network?
Am finding it hard to grasp or understand the RATIO of Following versus Followed By - I have been checking…
3 weeks ago 25 Replies
Is there a timeline of your comments made here?
I'm trying to find a comment I made a few days ago to a blog written by a fellow Wealth Affiliate member.…
3 weeks ago 19 Replies
So now I am coming to three months, I was informed I could?
Start adding training to my profile. Something I was looking forward to.Rules findings pertaining to…
3 weeks ago 6 Replies
How do I delete a second meta-tag-description?
Hello, WA familyDon't ask me how but when designing my home page I somehow managed to get a second meta…
3 weeks ago 8 Replies
No payment of cash credits?
Can anyone help with why I don’t get paid with cash credits on site comments?
3 weeks ago 11 Replies
How to group your post into categories?
Hi My posts on my website are uncategorized, how can I group them into categories please?Many thanksEdmund
3 weeks ago 6 Replies