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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform - Classroom Overview
This is where you come to get help with how to use Wealthy Affiliate and where you can ask questions…
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Random commissions ya gotta love it
You gotta love getting these random commissions I have to say that WA is the most value for money program…
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Who likes to read my strawberry adventures wa blog posts?
Let's have a vote, thank you kindly!
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Why do search console and analytics have different visitors?
Hey all. Why do search console and Google analytics have different visitors number stats? Search console…
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Is anyone else having problems with "google search console"?
Hello everyone,Is anyone else having problems with "Google Search Console"? It's been almost 10 days…
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Are some of you already using avif format?
Hello,I would like to know if there are already people who use the AVIF format for their images? Isn't…
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Can I ask for a helper?
As I'm getting older, I need a helper on my land, and a helper for business.. Can I share my nicely…
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How do you cancel your subscription?
I would like to cancel my subscription I'm not working anymore haven't git the money for it
2 days ago 3 Replies
I have a question related to "focus keyphrase"?
Hello everyone,A question related to "Focus Keyphrase": now when I have a post titled "Buy Fishing Rod…
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What is the process of accessing a niche?
I started the training but did not indicate the niche process.
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Just now haha! new accomplishment badge earned?
Hey Google, You've Found My Sites!Your website has been indexed in Google...sweet! The Google index…
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How to cancel membership and get refund?
I was going to cancel my membership and did not notice that it auto-renewed. How do I get a refund and…
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My wealthaffiliate niche, how to best use it?
Hallo everyone? Am planning to promote Wealthy Affiliate, and I already purchased a domain, ""My…
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May I get advice on membership site?
Please advise. What is the best way to build a membership site?
5 days ago 5 Replies
Hello, I have a question about "redirects"?
Hello everyone,Now I see that I have a page that can be completely removed (no content)... So I move…
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I can't view my site on my laptop, how do I fix this?
When I try to go to my website on my phone it works fine, pops up like normal. But then when I go to…
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Question about amazon affiliates and commission?
Hello everyone,What happens if I, as an Amazon affiliate, post an external link, where I later see that…
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Problem with the plugin all-in-one wp migration?
Hello everyone,Today I installed the "All-In-One WP Migration" plugin. The intention is to make a local…
1 week ago 14 Replies
I plan to make a local version of my website, but .?
Hello everyone,I plan to make a local version of my website, but I have a question:If you have a subscription…
1 week ago 5 Replies
Question about images with "next gen" - extensies?
Hello everyone,Is it true that WordPress can't handle images with extensions Avif or WebP yet? In any…
1 week ago 22 Replies
What is the ideal image size?
I usually get all my images from canva. What size is the ideal size for an image for your website?Tai
1 week ago 22 Replies
Do I need to request indexing when moving content?
I am currently moving content from one site to another. I am using the redirection plugin. The content…
1 week ago 14 Replies
Do I have a problem with too few dns servers?
Hi again,In the attachment, you see an image of how and where my DNS is known... It strikes me that…
1 week ago 11 Replies
The speed of a website is an important criterion for google?
Hello everyone,As we know, the speed of a website is an important criterion for Google, but isn't the…
1 week ago 4 Replies
Is my website available in north america?
Hello everyone,Not that I don't believe in WA - support, but can someone from North America confirm…
1 week ago 6 Replies
What do you look at to motivate you and inspire you?
What do you all do when you are at a loss for motivation to keep creating posts? Where do you look for…
1 week ago 9 Replies
Can I use different builders (editors) on the same website?
Hello everyone,I was wondering if you can use multiple builders together on your site, and if so, wouldn't…
1 week ago 32 Replies
Does anyone have experience with fast dns servers?
Hello all,Does anyone have experience with fast DNS servers? On the internet I saw that is the…
1 week ago 6 Replies
Can I use my affiliatelink on the homepage?
Can I put a message on my Home page , that my website is now under construction? Can I then add an affiliate…
1 week ago 6 Replies
What happens to site domain and site email after premium subscription ends?
Hi there,I'm having troubling attaining enough money to continue my subscription as a premium member.…
1 week ago 2 Replies
Do any of you ever use lighthouse?
Hello everyone,Do any of you ever use Lighthouse? I get the following error message and I don't know…
1 week ago 20 Replies
How do I upload a video to my wa blog? please
Hello TeamHow do I upload a video to my WA blog?I have tried converting the video to Youtube and the…
1 week ago 15 Replies
Since this morning I have problems with the backend editor?
Hello everyone,Since this morning I'm having problems with the WP 6.0 backend editor... It loads very…
1 week ago 6 Replies
How do I install these must-use plugins?
Hello everyone,Only today I notice that my plugins mention that I have to install 2 "must-use" plugins...…
1 week ago 18 Replies
Can someone explain to me why it took a dozen times?
Before I could publish a SINGLE blog post, the reason was that it would NOT get added to the feed. The…
1 week ago 12 Replies
A question about monsterinsights and gsc?
Hello everyone,I was going through my plugins and now I'm wondering if I really need the "MonsterInsights"…
2 weeks ago 11 Replies
Why does it says, needs attention when it was approved once?
Hi all,I have this website that I had been putting off for a couple of...maybe 4 years and it's just…
2 weeks ago 11 Replies
Cab using a backslash be incorrect?
Hello everyone,I have a habit of always adding a backslash to the end of my URL... Is that allowed?…
2 weeks ago 8 Replies
Are we allocated a mentor?
I got a message from someone claiming to be my mentor and offering to give me agree template for my…
2 weeks ago 6 Replies
Can we speak to you?
I have a few online courses before and had support can i speak to a real human being or does it only…
2 weeks ago 3 Replies
Seeking: "for hire" websitedesigner-(edu consultant)?
Question? 1. Is there a for-hire designer available?2. What are the fees? ((Goals: Business English…
2 weeks ago 3 Replies
Creator rank- what needs to be done here?
Hi everyone,I have just now been working on the comments, which I've just figured how it works.My problem,…
2 weeks ago 7 Replies
Do I redate or keep original date when moving content?
I am moving content from one website to another. Do I redate or keep the original published date?If…
2 weeks ago 6 Replies
Saw a post yesterday about keywords in quora. can someone?
Saw a post yesterday about keywords in quora. Can someone show me where it is? It was on last night
2 weeks ago 17 Replies
My tablet shows different header-colors?
Hello everyone,Yesterday my brother gave me an "old" tablet. My website loads but is very slow...But…
3 weeks ago 11 Replies
Moving content from one site to another?
I have started a new website and I am in the process of moving certain posts from old site to new.I…
3 weeks ago 16 Replies
How do I find my indexed posts or pages on google serp?
Hello everyone,I don't know if it's possible, but can I easily find one of my indexed posts or pages…
3 weeks ago 14 Replies
I want to close my account
I want to close my account for now. Not just log out, close it completely, how do I do this?
3 weeks ago 12 Replies
Why is pinterest not able to locate my site?
I am in the process of adding Pinterest to my site but have received the below message. When I click…
3 weeks ago 11 Replies
Seek ye first the kingdom (domain name) who owns?
3 weeks ago 6 Replies