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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform - Classroom Overview
This is where you come to get help with how to use Wealthy Affiliate and where you can ask questions…
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Random commissions ya gotta love it
You gotta love getting these random commissions I have to say that WA is the most value for money program…
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Billing contact to contact?
I need to communicate with the billing's rather urgent. Can anyone help me?
31 minutes ago 7 Replies
How do I reverse my account cancellation?
i cancelled my subscription and after having thought through it, I no longer wish to do so. How best…
  1 hour ago 4 Replies
Platform issues? missing menu tabs at top
Hey Guys. I think there is an underlying hidden bug in Chrome and Edge but "Only on certain devices".…
8 hours ago 1 Reply
What happens if our wa blogs were seen on google search?
Hello business friends,What would happen if someone sees your W.A. community blogs on Google search…
17 hours ago 46 Replies
How do you check traffic?
Is there anyway you can check the traffic or clicks to your website?
1 day ago 2 Replies
I cannot ask for help in the section where you ask questions to members?
Hello, I have a site issue with the help section. The box won’t let me type any questions to submit…
1 day ago 2 Replies
Ability to search previous blogs?
Hello WA family,I would like to know if there is a possibility to search your own blogs for a specific…
1 day ago 7 Replies
Do I have to buy a domain if I already have one?
In lesson 1 of Level 2 one task is to buy a domain from SiteDomains here at WA. If I want to keep moving…
1 day ago 3 Replies
Is anyone having the same bug?
Hi all, On my WA Home page, I usually see the same posts appearing so many times with different profiles.Am…
2 days ago 12 Replies
Im trying to add a billing information but it say my card is decline?
can you help or what i can do to add the payment method... my card is working perfectly well with other…
2 days ago 3 Replies
My notifications bell not working properly?
My notifications bell is sending me an alert that I have a new or new notifications. So I go and I click…
2 days ago 2 Replies
I cancelled my membership less than a month ago. why was I charged?
I won't be using the membership. I haven't used the website that much.I would like a refund for a service…
2 days ago 14 Replies
I don't know how i'm going to pay my monthly bill of $49?
Hello,I am just trying to pay my monthly bill of $49 but thanks to the new aged Platform of WA. I am…
2 days ago 8 Replies
Where do I look for my credit card information?
With Black Friday approaching, I want to make sure the right credit card is on file. Where or how do…
2 days ago 3 Replies
If I need to take a break and discontinue my membership, what happens to my websites hosted in wealt
If I need to take a break and discontinue my membership, what happens to my websites hosted in Wealthy…
2 days ago 70 Replies
Why can't I ask questions?
My question button isn't working. I noticed it this morning for the first time and it has been like…
2 days ago 2 Replies
Is there extra training in wa?
Is there extra training in WA to find out how to place affiliate links into your blogs more effectively…
3 days ago 1 Reply
Who else triedlikes the new dark mode?
Howdy! I am wondering with all the new changes, have you tried out the Wealthy Affiliate in dark mode?…
3 days ago 26 Replies
Wa renewal is it automatic to credit card?
Is the WA annual renewal automatic?
3 days ago 16 Replies
Why can't I login to wa?
Hi, support,Most of the time I can't log in to WA? This drives the fear of being locked out and won't…
3 days ago 2 Replies
What happens to my hosting if I cancel my membership at wa?
This is a question we get fairly often, so I thought I would spend a minute offering some clarity on…
4 days ago 12 Replies
Is anyone familiar with "groovefunnels"?
Hello WA family,Today I received an email from "GrooveFunnels" in my inbox. They claim to be better…
4 days ago 6 Replies
What's wrong with the notification bell and not getting messages?
Not getting my notifications...This is a HUGE problem, as I was messaging Kyle and he said he sent me…
4 days ago 2 Replies
Whats wrong with the notification bell?
What is wrong with the notification bell???It's telling me I have 11 notifications but I cannot find…
4 days ago 12 Replies
What is tagging in my blog?
Working on my profile of my bio blog, can anyone tell me how I am to add tags please?
4 days ago 5 Replies
Navigation buttons do not appear at top of screen: home training websites classes etc?
The navigation buttons are appearing on my screen. The icons top right do appear: hourglass chat pencil…
5 days ago 2 Replies
Can I use images from google?
Hello WA family,I thought I saw recently on WA that we shouldn't be using images from Google. Is this…
5 days ago 9 Replies
Erase message already sent or posted?
is there a way to delete a message already sent and to delete something you posted to someone thread?
5 days ago 2 Replies
Idea when black friday happening?
My membership expires Nov 23 and my billing was cancelled on day I sign up but now want only renew for…
6 days ago 4 Replies
Is anyone having issues uploading pictures to wa?
I have just written a short blog post on Wealthy Affiliate and have not been able to upload a picture.I…
6 days ago 14 Replies
Is the latest wealthy affiliate pricingfeatures available?
Hi,I belong to the grandfathered pricing so my benefits are different from upcoming Premium members.Is…
6 days ago 10 Replies
What is current billing unused?
What is Current Billing Unused?
6 days ago 3 Replies
I don't like the free url name I chose, can I change it?
can I change my url to a new one? for example to something else I choose?
6 days ago 5 Replies
Can members still purchase comments credits?
Can members still purchase comments credits?
6 days ago 4 Replies
How to cancel my subscription?
I signed up for a premium account through the wrong account, how can I cancel it and subscribe with…
1 week ago 1 Reply
Best forum for getting feedback on my website?
Is this the best forum to request feedback on my website?
1 week ago 5 Replies
Cancel and permanently delete my wa account?
d I want to cancel and permanently delete my WA account. how can i do this?
1 week ago 3 Replies
Could someone explained my referral stats categories?
Hello WA Fam,Is there any information on WA of the Referral Stats explained? Not sure exactly what the…
1 week ago 2 Replies
Contacting kyle, carson or marcus?
Is anyone else finding they do not get an answer to a private message to Kyle, Carson or Marcus? This…
1 week ago 8 Replies
Funnel support here at wa?
I wanted to know if Wealthy Affiliates support "ClickFunnel" type of configuration? If not what is recommended…
1 week ago 9 Replies
How can I receive a charge without subscription?
I received twice a charge in my credit card and I never make a subscription. How can this be possible?
1 week ago 5 Replies
What are the wa dns servers?
what are the wa dns servers?
1 week ago 2 Replies
When is my subscription renewal due date?
How do I know when my yearly subscription is about to end?
1 week ago 4 Replies
I have a problem with a charge in my credit card?
I don`t decide renewal yet and I received a charge of $49.00 twice in my credit card
1 week ago 5 Replies
Anybody ells struggling with their w.a page?
Has anybody ells problems with there W.A Site lately? Yesterday all my E.Mails were gone. Today everything…
1 week ago 12 Replies
Difference between raw, unique and content clicks?
In my affilate stats it shows I have xxx clicks in the last 7 days. They are all content clicks. What's…
1 week ago 5 Replies
Keywords used as sub-headings within my main keyword ?
Hi,After checking through my post I noticed that some of the sub-headings I made were also keywords.…
1 week ago 4 Replies
Leaving wa can I still use wa as a host?
I have cancelled my WA premium membership (I may come back later). Can I continue using WA as my website…
1 week ago 8 Replies