How to Get Better Google Rankings

Last Update: July 17, 2016

We all want better Google rankings and are always searching for any way we can achieve that goal. But unfortunately there are so many ways that can contribute to that goal and also prevent you from getting there.

Most of what will prevent you are the old and out-dated information about obtaining higher Google rankings. Stuff like keyword density has been out-dated for years, yet people still seem to think they need to do it.

But Robert Yoast says that I need to repeat my keywords a few times. Who are you going to believe, Yoast or WA and Google? Both WA and Google say otherwise. Google says that there is no benefit to repeat a keyword more than twice and WA doesn't teach us to do it either.


Most everything I teach in my trainings come from what I have learned here at WA and then have put into action on my websites. Rarely do I go elsewhere to get my information, and if I do, I will cross check it with what is taught here.

There really isn't that much we need to learn that isn't taught here within WA by Kyle and Carson and other members within the community that have put these actions to the test in their own websites and have seen results.


In another 3 weeks from today, July 15, 2016, I will have been here at WA for 3 years. I am not really someone to write "Success" posts about myself, and only did so in the early training because Kyle said to.

So instead of posting a 3 year anniversary post, or shout out HEY I JUST GOT MY 10,000TH FOLLOWER, or something along those lines, starting with this post and a few more to follow, I will be sharing links to some of my WA training tutorials for those who might have missed them or do not know they exist.

Seeing how I have 50 different training tutorials, some dealing with the same subject matter, I will be grouping them together within this and upcoming blogs to make them easier to find.

The training represented in this blog will be for those who want to know how to get better Google rankings for their websites. Most of what I teach in these tutorials I have learned from Kyle and Carson, then put into practice on my websites, and seen positive results.


Being that there are so many factors that go into getting higher rankings in Google, I focus on the factors we have control over, because frankly there are many we do not have control over.

I did a 4-part training series on different ways we all can do to improve website rankings and actually did a part 5, but didn't title it as such. All 5 of those training tutorials are listed below. This first one teaches you How to Use Keywords.

How to Use Keywords for Better SEO

In Part 2 I talk about some of the other ways we can make SEO work better for us by posting our content using a Posting Schedule to consistently post content instead of in a haphazard way. Google likes consistency. Give Google what it wants and they will return the favor.

How to Use a Posting Schedule for Better SEO

In Part 3 I discuss something that Google really LIKES for us to do with our websites and that is creating Internal Links to other relevant content within our website. Not only does this make Google happy but it also creates a better User Experience (UX), and if you do not know this already - a better UX leads to higher SEO.

How to Use Internal Links for Better SEO

In Part 4 I explain why I like using Google Webmaster Tools, which is now called Google Search Console. NOTE: Some of the images of GWT will look slightly different because when they changed their name, they also changed some of their page graphics. However the functionality is the same.

Using this free Google tool will show you what keywords your content is ranking under. Just because you select a target keyword does not mean that Google will rank you highly on that one keyword. You could be ranking higher for a keyword Google indexed from somewhere else in your post or comments. GWT will point this out.

How to Use GWT or Google Search Console for Better SEO

In Part 5, though it is not titled as such, I discuss the different kinds of On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO we have control over, as well as some that we do not. I provide a Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors infograph that helps to explain the importance of various factors like using keywords and content quality.

How to Use On-Page and Off-Page Factors for Better SEO

NOTE: FREE KEYWORDS = TRAINING TUTORIALS PART 1, 2 & 3 I have listed Free Keywords mainly for those in Bootcamp. However in Parts 2 & 3 I also listed keywords for those in the Health & Wellness niche.


IN PART 1 There is a Google video explaining which Meta Tags matter and which one (namely the Keywords Meta Tag) is no longer to be used.

IN PART 4 There are 2 Google videos. The first one explains about how to find actionable keywords in Google Webmaster Tools that your content is being ranked under. The second video explains about Fetch as Google and Submit to Index.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or on each of the training tutorials at the links above. Thanks!

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Loes Premium
Thank you for this terrific info again Robert, great idea, to categorize your training, I just did that with my blogs, and added my training on request.
You could make it a lot easier for us to find your valuable resources!
This is how I have categorized them:
boomergp08 Premium
Thanks Loes. I sort of got this idea from you and something that Nathaniell did a couple of years ago. :)
Loes Premium
Success, it' s a lot of work:)
gmegs Premium
Great Idea Robert!
... was hoping you'd put together a "guide" to your trainings like this. Perfect!
And thank you again once more .....

Three years already for me as well (July 13) - wow, time flies!
Hahaha - I see you're up early too - I'm headed for the coffee!
boomergp08 Premium
I was up early, too early actually, especially after a long Friday. But it caught up to me and I took a nap around 3:00 pm.

I've been wanting to consolidate my training tutorials into groups to make them a bit easier to find for those looking for specific topics. Also to help out my new followers and those that normally do not check out training tutorials.
HI... when I open traffic will not be the problem I need banners to make affilte cash on the side and pennys from google ad or amazon is a joke... the product does not matter on my site getting paid aff fees does... if you can recommedsome good aff programs thanks
boomergp08 Premium
I would never recommend anyone use Google AdSense unless your website is established and gets thousands of visitors a day.

There are a lot of good affiliate programs but it all comes down to what your niche is and then research the programs in that niche.
tyrellch Premium
Will be going through these as soon as I finish the module I am busy with. Sounds solid.
boomergp08 Premium
There is no rush. Whenever you have the time.
JSmith62 Premium
Excellent Robert, Thank you for all your helpful posting. You certainly have wonderful technique for outlining the details here.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Joel. It is always a pleasure to help this community.