Un-Send an email with Gmail

Last Update: Jun 26, 2015


Update - 6/26/15

Gmail has moved the "Unsend" feature to the "General" tab of the "Settings" menu; it's no longer a beta feature under the "Labs" section.

The delay before sending is also now user-settable with options for 5, 10 (default), 20, or 30 seconds before the email is sent.


Have you ever hit "Send" on an email and immediately gotten that "Oooops!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?" feeling? Gmail has a cure for that. By enabling a feature called "Unsend", you'll have ten seconds to cancel sending the email.

Log into your Gmail account, click on the gear icon, and then on the "Settings" entry:

On the Settings page that opens, click on the "Labs" tab at the top:

Scroll down the page to find the "Undo Send" feature and click "Enable" to activate it:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save Changes":

When you next hit "Send" on an email, you'll have the option (for 10 seconds) to undo the sending of that email:

Clicking on "Send" brings up this popup window which gives you a chance to undo the sending of the email:

Clicking the "Undo" within 10 seconds brings up this popup:

You can now remove those "extra" people on the "To:" list (or tone down your language) and save yourself a bit of embarrassment. :=)

Recent Comments


never knew that I seam to learn something new every day thanks cheers Helen

I use that a lot. Surprising how often you send an email then notice a mistake. 'Unsend' works wonders ☺

Thank you for sharing. I just added that option. Very helpful.

Hooolly Cow, that is so cool. I have run into needed that a few times. Does Yahoo has same feature?

Thanks for blast that on your blog here. Very Bery Helpful.

Sorry, I have no idea if Yahoo has this option. I do know that Windows Live Mail definitely doesn't.

It looks like Yahoo doesn't allow canceling once an email has been sent:

"Can I unsend an email?

By Leo Notenboom

I wrote an email from my Yahoo email account and sent to the wrong email address in Europe. Is it any way that I can retrieve the email I sent from the wrong email address and delete it before the wrong recipient can read my email?


There are a couple of exceptions – one of which isn’t really an exception at all, but the answer you need to keep in mind and always remember is simply no.

Once email has been sent, it has been sent."

Source: http://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2012/08/08/can-i-unsend-an-email/

Wow, thanks for digging so far into that. My hat is off to you, I was just wondering if you knew and did not intend to get you to dig so far but now we both know and can share such.
I lost my orginal gmail kessaudio and can not get it back for some reason so I have to add stuff to the end of it to get it to work. If I could get it back with just plan ol kessaudio@gmail.com I would drop my yahoo account. I like gmail much better.
Anyhow, thanks for your input and a big thank you for digging into Yahoo.

Thanks for that. Very useful to know - just in case!

Great :- ) thanks saved and bookmarked

Very cool, had no idea you could even do that. Could have used this info a long time ago - got a few emails I wish I never sent - LOL

Haven't we all? Wait, I hit "Replay ALL"????

Great instruction, thanks!

I didn't know that. good to know as it might be a life saver one day. :)

Thanks for posting!

I never knew that you could do that. That is really cool - thanks for sharing

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