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When I used to tether my cellphone to my laptop to get internet access through my 4G connection, I sometimes got a nasty surprise in that hundreds and hundreds of megabytes were getting downloaded in the background. The culprit was Windows 10 updates. There are two ways to connect your laptop to the internet through your cellphone:1. You can connect them with a USB cable and enable tethering on the cellphone. While this provides a quick and convenient way to get internet access through your ph
Search Engine Journal ( has an article out regarding some recent changes showing up in Google's search engine results. Titles and descriptions are both being lengthened. They do caution that these changes may be just temporary and could disappear at any time.From the article:"Title tags have been increased to 70–71 characters, which is up from its previous 50–60 characters. That’s at least enough to fit in another word or two.Meta descriptions have been
Just a heads-up for anyone who has used the 000webhost service for hosting. From by Chris Brook October 29, 2015 , 1:07 pm"Information on nearly 14 million users of 000webhost, a Lithuanian web hosting service, was spilled earlier this year when a hacker exploited an old version of the company’s website and gained access to the backend.13.5 million customer usernames, plaintext passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and names were exposed as part of the breach, accordi
If you've recently tried to access the free image site, you may have encountered a login page requesting a user name and password. The old site has been replaced by the new site. As far as I can tell, all of the functionality of (and possibly more) has been transferred over to the new site. It offers both free and premium images for download. There are undoubtedly a number of WA blogs and trainings that still reference the site. Just substitute FreeImag
Facebook has just implemented a new feature to let you follow authors of content you particularly like and, perhaps more importantly, allowing people to follow *your* Facebook posts."Facebook has released a new "authorship" feature that's powered by the Author meta tag. If this sounds remarkably similar to Google's Authorship which was shuttered last year, that's because it is.With a simple meta tag, writers and publishers can now indicate the author profile or publishing page for any given pie
Update - 6/26/15Gmail has moved the "Unsend" feature to the "General" tab of the "Settings" menu; it's no longer a beta feature under the "Labs" section.The delay before sending is also now user-settable with options for 5, 10 (default), 20, or 30 seconds before the email is sent.=======Have you ever hit "Send" on an email and immediately gotten that "Oooops!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?" feeling? Gmail has a cure for that. By enabling a feature called "Unsend", you'll have ten seconds to cancel sending
As many as 1 million sites imperiled by dangerous bug in WordPress plugin As many as a million websites could be imperiled by a critical vulnerability recently discovered in WP-Super-Cache, a WordPress plugin that generates static HTML files from dynamic WordPress blogs. The persistent cross-site scripting bug allows attackers to insert malicious code into WordPress-published pages that use the extension, according to a blog post published Tuesday by security firm Sucuri. Anyone who relies on
December 29, 2014
I've just read a very timely (for me, anyway) article on the most common self-sabotaging thoughts that many people have. Each of these success-crushers is expanded on with details of why we have these thoughts and, more importantly, how to dispel or at least minimize them. The five thoughts are: 1. I am not an expert. 2. It's already been done. 3. I don't know the right people. 4. You need money to make money. 5. I always... I checked off three of the five as solidly applying to me with
I came across a very interesting post on Bing's blog regarding ranking: "In today’s post we take a look at how the Bing ranking algorithm considers content quality for ranking web documents. There are often many web documents on the web that are relevant for any given user query and an effective ranking algorithm should consider not only relevance but also the authority, utility and presentation of the content in order to provide the best search results. My colleague Michael Basilyan wi
November 29, 2014
I just discovered what could be a recently-added Twitter feature. It's new to me anyway. Are there people you follow on Twitter who are *constantly* retweeting things? While I don't follow very many people, there are a few of them who retweet dozens and dozens of items every day (with most of the items coming from other people I'm already following). While I don't want to mute or unfollow these people, their retweets do get really annoying. As I was about to mute one especially prolific retwee