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How do I upload the html to my website for ownership verif?

How do I upload the html to my website for ownership verif?

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Everything Wordpress

How do I Upload the Google Webmaster link to my website so Google can verify my ownership?

You can verify Google using the All in one SEO

Check out this information from Google. https://support.google.com/a/answer/63026

Why are all the google analyticsyoast tutorials outdated ?

Why are all the google analyticsyoast tutorials outdated ?

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Search Engine Optimization

Frustrated how to Use Google+ and attach to Site. Can anyone help?
I have looked through 3 tutorials and getting nowhere.

I prefer AIO SEO because of simplicity.

Google Analytics and Google+ are two different things. Analytics is for tracking stats. Google+ is a social media site like Facebook, but owned by Google.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Nate. Yes, all your input helps. .lol

Thanks, Mel. Spent hours following 4 tutorials over and over.
Do you suggest I go back to All in One instead of Yoast and forget Google + analytics at this time?

No, Google Analytics is a great tool, I thought you were trying to tie your site to your G+ profile.

Yes. That is what I'm trying to do.. I cannot get my site to accept the Google+ authentification number. I have uploaded yoast and deactivated All in one. I think that might be the problem. Part of the plug-in is working to analyze content. But it is not able to crawl.

Thanks for listening, Mel.

There are multiple methods for validation - several tutorials on site. Again, I'm on my iPad and can't search atm, but using the Search bar on the main page should help you get sorted with the analytics.

Google has updated their policies - while users with 'older' Google+ accounts can still attach sites in the method in the tutorials, those created recently don't have access to the same functionality.

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How do you copy and paste lessons and education links?

How do you copy and paste lessons and education links?

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Getting Started

How do I copy and paste to give to members that have questions? I believe the best way to answer questions is by referring to Cert or Boot Camp and training links. How do you d

Hello everyone! I'm trying to post affiliate links into affiliate messages. They don't show as a link when pasted. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

Within WA, just use the regular links that show up in search or in your browser. They are already member, so there's no use in using the affiliate link.

It's totally fine to share your affiliate link outside WA through. Just be careful not to spam any communities with an "opportunity". Just share helpful links!

Hey N. Thanks for the reply. The chain next to the blue gear symbol is what I was looking for above the training pieces.

I will share WA with other communities and be careful.;-)
(not training)

You use the Affiliate link provided on top of the training page you like to refer to besides the blue gear symbol. Highlight and copy and paste into your blog where you give the answer.

You can share WA training only within WA but not outside of it.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

Good advice Sylvia!

Sylvia, thank you so much. Those links are exactly what I was looking for. Newer members ask the same questions as I did and I want to share quickly with them from qualified members.


Glad, Gregory I could help

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