My WA Affiliate Commission Report For July 2018

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Hey guys!

Last month, I decided to create a commission report for my earnings here at WA. You can see my June 2018 earnings here. That commission report was pretty popular, so I thought I'd come back and share my states for July. The only site I promote WA on is Affiliate Marketer Training , so all of the stats I'm sharing here are from that site specifically.

It was another great month, and once again, I am so thankful for WA and the many of you who clicked my affiliate link to help me earn this income. I feel incredibly fortunate every single day, and I hope you're finding my WA recommendation to be on point.

My WA Affiliate Stats For July 2018

Here are my stats for July 2018. I also included the change from last month. Traffic was slightly down, but overall it was basically even. On the upside, recurring sales increased as retention rates remain high, and new referrals are up as well.

Clicks: 3,117 (-56)
Unique Clicks: 2,126 (-63)
New Sales: 43 (-4)
Recurring Sales: 77 (+9)
Resubscriptions: 1 (-3)
Total New Referrals (free account): 357 (+63)
Referral Upgrade Percentage: 12% (-4%)
Referral Credits: $120 (+$8)

TOTAL COMMISSION: $2,582.50 (+281.50)

Most Recent WA Payment!

I was also pleasantly surprised with a nice commission payment from WA to start this month. The payment is higher than my reports because I wasn't taking into account pending sales from yearly subscriptions (those commissions are held for 30 days). I will correct this starting with my report next month. So, what a nice surprise it was to see a payment exceeding $3k. Sometimes, this still doesn't even feel real, but here it is...

My Story & Advice About Diversification

When I first started making money from affiliate marketing back in 2011, I immediately took all of the revenue I earned and put it into a savings account. I then started a second site, and paid a freelance writer to write for the second site while I continued to build up my first one. In other words, I didn't keep any of the profits for myself (at first). I just put it back into the business.

Before I could feel comfortable quitting my full-time job (truck driver at the time), I wanted to DIVERSIFY! At the time, I was only earning commission from one source and a tiny little bit form Adsense, but not much. If for some reason I lost my one source of income, I'd be toast. So, I wanted to create a second income stream and diversify before I quite my job.

Likewise, I usually don't like any of my sites to just rely on one source of revenue. That's why I've continued to diversify

My Failed Attempt At Diversifying This Year

My first attempt to diversify the site was to sell WPengine on top of Wealthy Affiliate. WPengine is a very high quality web hosting company that I personally use, so I was comfortable promoting it, plus it paid really well. I created about 50 pages of 'keyword focused content pages' over a 6 month period trying to promote WPengine, and you know what happened? I made nothing. I was hardly even getting any clicks. All those hours creating all that content and nothing was happening. Very frustrating.

Failure Turned Success?

I thought that maybe I was just promoting the wrong product to my audience, so I decided to contact an affiliate manager at Bluehost. He gave me some great pointers and wondered if I'd try promoting Bluehost instead of WPengine. Now, just in case you aren't aware, Bluehost and WPengine target completely different markets. Bluehost is more for the total newbie, while WPengine is for those who want a robust system for higher traffic sites or dedicated servers. For some reason, I originally thought promoting WPengine would work, even though I was targeting brand new affiliate marketers who have never created a website before.

Turns out, I was just promoting the wrong product. I began switching my promotions to Bluehost, and low and behold, the sales have started to trickle in, and Bluehost has provided me with some free tools and resources that have really helped with my efforts.

I'm not allowed to post my exact stats, but I can say that this month I earned an additional $500 from Bluehost. Nothing Earth shattering, but a fantastic start that I can build upon!

That means, my site earned roughly $3,600 total for the month of July. Unreal! That just so happens to be about what I was making as a truck driver being away from home 6+ weeks at a time and working 80hrs per week. It's so crazy to think about that.

Big Plans For August

I have some very ambitious goals for August. I am in the middle of a huge content strategy to continue pushing WA sales by targeting new keywords that I am not ranking for yet. I am also continuing to diversify my site by promoting Bluehost, and changing MANY older articles that promote WPengine to promote Bluehost instead. This, of course, while continuing to run all my other sites. The work never stops, but it sure beats truck driving!

Thank You!!!

I just want to show my gratitude once again to all of you who clicked on my affiliate link. Now that my income from WA is at such a crazy level, I'm planning on creating exclusive content and trainings here on the WA platform as another way to say thank you to this incredible community. I haven't come up with a full strategy on this yet, but stay tuned, because I plan on releasing some really awesome training modules only available to this awesome community.

For those of you struggling, I know sometimes it can be hard to read about other people's success while you're working your butt off and seeing no results. It sucks, and believe me my path to becoming a full-time affilaite marketer hasn't been smooth waters the entire way. Please make sure you keep things in perspective by knowing how long it's taken me to build up this site. I also wrote a blog post on how long it REALLY takes to make money online that you might want to read. Just stick with it!

This turned into a longer post than I intended on, but I hope you found it helpful! Onward and upward! :)

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Thanks a lot for the great inspiration. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you great success. I am happy to hear you are going to share your knowledge and help us.

One question - May I ask, Since you said you are changing the WPengine post to promote Bluehost. Is that you will change the title of the post or just the content... Because I heard we should not change the title of the post it will affect the SEO... Please advice!

Good question! I will not be changing the titles of the posts. Most of the titles going after "long tail" keywords and are something along the lines of....

- Best WordPress hosting for new affiliate marketers
- Best web host for beginners
- What is the best WordPress web host

So, I don't really need to change the titles, I just have to change the content around the areas I promote Bluehost instead of WPengine.

Hopefully this answered your question!

Thanks a lot and I am your fan. I read your bio on your site (Few weeks before) very inspiring! Really happy for you!

Thanks, Mike- I remain focused and I write content every day so I feel as if I am doing ok for a relative newcomer to the online are inspiring- thanks

Keep going Vicki and don't give up! Thank you for the kind words!

Congratulations, Mike. This is very encouraging for people who are still struggling.

The struggle is real, I know! Keep pushing and keep learning!

Awesome Mike!! So inspired by your story!

Thank you!! :)

Get It Boy!!!

Haha, never quit!!

It's not hard to read about other people's success, in fact it motivates me. I appreciate you sharing your success stories and look forward to your August update!


Thanks so much Janelle! I'll keep posting updates!

Awesome job Mike! I too know what you mean when you say it doesn't feel real. Keep up the good work and keep on grinding!


It's just so surreal to me. I don't think it will ever feel real, haha! Thanks a lot Ralph!

Great results! Congrats Mike!
Thanks for sharing your achievement.
Looking forward to your training :)


Thanks Christine!! :)

This is wonderful congrats, and thanks for the education !

Thank you!

Hi Mike
WOW! Congratulations! Awesome results! ;-)
And THANK YOU for sharing - it is very helpful and inspiring!
May your August be super special too! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Thank you Sharlee, I'm hoping so too fingers crossed! :)

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