Questions by Zarina 25

How would you monetize a poker instagram account?
Hi folks,Just wanted to ask for your advice, especially if you understand…
6 months ago 8 Replies
Several articles unrelated to my main niche topic?
Hey guys,Seeking advice here. So I have the main site that I work on and…
2 years ago 19 Replies
Did anyone use paid dmca takedown services?
Hi, I found several articles copied word for word on one site and I was…
2 years ago 11 Replies
Filing dmca for stolen content or contacting the site owner?
I came across a site which looks like outsourced content (pop times uk…
2 years ago 27 Replies
How do I properly move content from one website to another?
Hey WA friends!I've got a question. How do I PROPERLY move content from…
2 years ago 20 Replies
Publishing a success story today - insensitive or inspiring?
If I publish a new money/milestone success story I achieved this month,…
2 years ago 69 Replies
Help with youtube channel name?
Hey guys,I'm supposed to go to Rio for my language program this spring…
2 years ago 55 Replies
Is there an issue with google analytics "real-time" now?
I'm trying to load it but it shows only 1 visitor/article in the last…
2 years ago 21 Replies
Should I accept these terms? (guest posting opportunity)
Hey guys,Looking for your advice.So not long ago I reached out to a European…
3 years ago 11 Replies
Issue with site speed. which hosting did you switch to?
Hey guys. I really need your feedback/help.Question 1:First things first,…
3 years ago 40 Replies
Why did my site speed randomly drop (significantly)?
Hi guys,I noticed that my site was loading a bit slower than usual but…
3 years ago 44 Replies
Amazon associates: do you get paid for pre-order items?
Hi WA fam,Question to Amazon Associates:Do you get paid for Amazon "pre-order"…
3 years ago 23 Replies
Should I apply to adsense before I create a niche website?
Hey guys,I was of thinking of creating one informational website, pretty…
4 years ago 11 Replies
Google analytics issue, doesn't show a normal stats page?
Hey folks,Can't figure out what's the problem with the Google analytics…
4 years ago 24 Replies
Is it possible that social media sharer made a mistake?
So, yesterday (or two days ago) if I am not mistaken I had zero shares.…
4 years ago 12 Replies
Amazon hasn't shipped a product for a month. is it normal?
Hey Amazon affiliates,On my graph it shows that one person (or so it seems)…
4 years ago 23 Replies
My comments are messed up, help please?
Hey guys,I was forced to change the theme on my new website because people…
4 years ago 22 Replies
Blog comments "you are submitting too quickly" - help! ?
Hi everyone,I was told by someone outside the WA, then when he tried to…
5 years ago 48 Replies
How to remove my wealthy affiliate training tutorial?
Hey guys,Does anyone know how to completely remove the wealthy affiliate…
5 years ago 8 Replies
How important is exclude from navigation plugin?
Today I noticed that my first blog didn't have the Exclude from Primary…
5 years ago 18 Replies
Wa premium referrals - a glitch? shows that I have 4 sales
Hey guys,I have a question - I logged in to WA today and I see this:This…
5 years ago 12 Replies
How to create a forum website?
Hi,I was wondering, how can I create a forum website? Where people can…
5 years ago 14 Replies
Do I need ping thing?
Hi guys,I noticed I keep getting some sort of comments that are not really…
6 years ago 4 Replies
Are trainings indexed just like blog posts?
I know that WA blog posts are indexed, but what about tutorial lessons?…
6 years ago 4 Replies
How do I do the categories on the side bar?
I have a certain image of how I would like the widget of categories to…
6 years ago 4 Replies