Last Few Days Full of Pleasant (and Not So Pleasant) Surprises


Hi folks,

[Before I start I'd like to let you know that by no means do I intend to purposely share negative feelings here, whatsoever, even though the facts that you'll see below may be a bit depressing. I'd rather share my journey the last 9 months as an inspiration to not give up, keep your head up and encourage you not to take certain things for granted].

These last few days were pretty crazy.

Some of you may know that I've had orthopedic surgeries in August 2017 which I HAD to do to avoid back and other problems as I age.

Had these things called "Ilizarov apparatuses" on my legs + right foot. After the surgery in Moscow, I had to stay there for 3 months, so that I could stay under doctor's supervision.

Basically I had my bones (surgically) broken in like 15 places and these "braces" on my legs/foot re-shape the bone structure and hold them together.

Don't let that smile fool you - the 3 months were HELL (even nearly narcotic painkillers didn't help). I literally cried EVERY single day for 3 months straight.

But I was HAPPY because I knew I was going back home Toronto in 1 week from the day that photo was taken. Hence the smile. Never thought I'd miss being home so much.

Anyway, given the situation I had to stay in for a few months, couldn't even go to my backyard because it was winter time.

Yep, 9 months inside.

It isn't fun at all, but I got myself moving a bit more than before, and starting to take online business and blogging seriously, kept learning more and signed up for SWAG.

(By the way a bit behind on SWAG that's for sure, but will catch up).

And by the way, doing a bit of work online probably saved me from getting deeply depressed. I forced myself to move a bit in order not to fall into this trap.

From experience I can surely tell you that being busy keeps depression away.

Anyway, this month I spoke with a doctor and he said 8-9 months is enough so I should go back to Moscow to take these "braces" off.

So, pretty spontaneously my mom and I booked a flight for the 15th of April.

Now, guess what?

When the day arrived, it was SNOWING and was freezing rain out there in Toronto.

MANY flights were cancelled, our flight was delayed by 6 hours (thank God going with the Eruropean airline company instead of Canadian/American one who didn't cancel the flight), luggage from previous flights weren't even unloaded and our luggage stayed in Toronto (I was freaking out because I had submitted my baby walker with all our luggage).

So that was the unpleasant surprise.

Waiting for 6 hours in the airport obviously wasn't affecting my legs positively, as they easily got swollen, well given the situation, that's understandable.

Anyway, somehow with all these complications we made to Moscow by Monday night and Tuesday day (yesterday) I was supposed to have the braces taken off.

And for what it's worth, yesterday was the ONLY day my doctor could see because he's leaving Moscow 2 days after.

Can you imagine how scared I was not to make it? Flights to Russia, or Europe for that matter, are freakin' expensive and wasting 3 weeks in Moscow wouldn't be fun.

I just thank God it all worked out and here I am:

At the moment I also have a cast on right foot for extra protection (it's kinda fragile for now).

Luckily, I didn't have that much pain as the first few months so that's good. I went home the same day and went to sleep.

So that's the first good news.

The second good news is that I won Gary Vaynerchuk's signed copy of a book!

Basically, I just woke up today and I see this on Instagram: "Congrats, you won #FirstInLine!"


I knew I'd win it sometime lol just crazy how it happened right after the surgery and one of the pleasant surprises in the last week.

You know, these little things kind of brighten your day especially when you've been through so much.

I don't share much on WA lately, especially personal stuff like this, but decided to do it this time with the community.

It wasn't easy but I know you guys are super supportive, so thank you for that.

P.S. As I said I am behind with SWAG but I will try to catch up on it as soon as possible, I've had 5 sales thus far, so that's also exciting.

Guys, lessons to take away from this post:

- What doesn't kill you, does make you stronger

- Believe in your guardian angels/your world to protect/take care of you.

- Having an online business you can work on not only helps you create income but also helps keep depression away ;)

Piece of advice: I didn't mention it earlier but the first 5 months I wasn't able to walk, and it's the WORST feeling to be immobile and dependent on everyone. Do take care of your health and be grateful that you have two functioning arms and legs. Much love <3

This experience was definitely traumatic, but at the same time it opened my eyes to things that I took for granted.

To Success!

- Zarina

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Oh my Zarina, you have been through a lot. I'm glad things worked out well for you in the long run.
Yes. It's important that we take care of our health.
Glad to see you back.
Congratulations on your win and sales!

Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery.
God bless!

Hi Zarina,
I wondered why I hadn't heard from you for a while. Poor baby,
what an experience, only hope all your suffering will pay off.
That was a really interesting post.
Were you born with this condition or was it something else?
So was Russia the only place that you could get this help?
Maybe a warmer climate would be better for you....
Cheers Jae ☼

Zarina, glad to see you are becoming mobile again. I have a pinched nerve in my back so find it hard to get moving some mornings.

But you being fairly imobile for so long I hope your muscles are getting back in shape.

If you are doing SWAG do you have a website dedicated to it. I wouldn't mind taking a look at it sometime.

Boy, honey, you've been through it all, but are still sweet and much stronger from your experience! There's always a bright side to everything!

Last May while on vacation in Mexico, I broke my left Humerus bone in two with several fractures around it going up through my shoulder. I was laid up for 5 months while doing PT 2 or 3 times a week and took a leave from here. I healed miraculously (as the doctors said) and didn't have to have any pins or screws. They suggested it at first, but I said I wanted to heal naturally with just a sling. So I did! Mine wasn't as bad as yours, and as much as I went through, I can't imagine what you did!

I'll be praying for you! Erin

Still, you know what it feels to have broken bones! Glad to hear it's was an easy healing for you Erin! For me the actual physiotherapy will start only now (after the "braces" were taken off), basically I have a new, restructured foot and I will have to learn to walk again with a new foot, if you know what I mean.

Thank you for the well wishes, I appreciate your support Erin!

Wow, you have been through a lot but thank Heavens for the online business that has kept you sane and busy. Wishing you a speedy recovery, thanks for the post. It is true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Congrats on winning the book, do enjoy it!!!

Best and warm regards,


Thank you very much for the support, Kele!

Hi Zarina,

Thanks for sharing your journey with us, you have been through a lot! I'm happy your pain isn't as bad now. That's quite the distance to have this procedure done.

Congratulations on winning the signed book and for your sales!

Sending you hugs, prayers and a speedy recovery!

If only you knew how I am happy about having less pain too lol. I literally cried every single day for 3 months straight. Lost so much weight due to that stress too (although I quickly gained it once I came back home lol).

Thank you for the well wishes and your support Patsy!!

You are welcome!

I know what pain is like, I Iive with it every day.
At least it's behind you now :D

Way to go and keep moving forward. I am so glad to see you are still in good spirit. Get well soon!

Thank you for sharing your ups and your downs. It reminds me I have so much to be thankful for. Looking forward to read more of your blogs.

Definitely health is not something to be taken for granted!! Thank you for the support!


I don't even know where to start, there is so much packed in to your experience in this post!

I am just going to wish you well and let's see if we can all catch up in VEGAS!!

Keep the recovery coming along and remain positive and strong!


Hey Wayne, good to see you! Thank you for your support and I hope I will catch up both on WA bootcamp AND heal well enough before the actual Vegas conference!

Well keep us informed of your progress!


Well, I don't often share personal stuff here to not bore WA'ers but will probably provide updates sometime in the future :)

Hi Zarina,

What a story and I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. But on the upside, I’m so happy that you’re feeling better.

Five sales...that’s fantastic and really good news. You’ve been through a lot. The five sales could not have arrived at a better time. Your reward is sweet.

Becky :)

The 5 sales happened within the 4 months but still I am grateful! Thank you for your support Becky :)

Hello Zarina,

Absolutely. Continue to take care of that leg and always be good to yourself.

Wishing you much more success.


Will do, Thank you Becky :)

Hi Zarina,

I was thinking of you today while I was working. I know. Wealthy Affiliate will do that to you, lol. Five sales - that’s one and a half sales per month out of the five months. That’s awesome - you earned it - you deserved it and that’s absolutely precious.

Becky :)

Yeah I agree! Before it could take me a year to make those 5 sales lol


Your simply adorable. Becky :)

My goodness, you've gone through so much! Glad that you are coming out stronger.

I've met Gary a couple of times, so I'll give you two choices - to make him happy, tell him you are a fan of the New York Jets. To make him growl a tiny bit, tell him you are a fan of the New York Giants. I of course said "Giants" cause I love to tease him.

Haha I remember him mentioning New York Jets in so many interviews. I am not familiar with American football, so I will likely just not touch this topic at all! xD

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