It's Getting Better: $500+ in 2 Days (Amazon Niche Site Progress)

Last Update: Oct 14, 2018


Hi WA fam,

Just a quick update to inspire you (and to document my own progress with the Amazon site).

As you know, end of October 2017 I decided to start a new Amazon site using "best of" strategy.

Last month (September 2018) I broke my first $500/month (excluding WA commissions).

September 2018 Marks My First $500+ Month

This month?

I made $500+ in 2 days.

Online business works in mysterious ways...

After Google's Birthday update my traffic dropped (I was getting approximately 200 daily visitors instead of the strong 250-300/day).


My conversion rate increased AND people bought high-end products related to my niche.

(I mean, between $1500-3000 per product.)

Maybe there were discounts or something... I really don't know.


Based on the products purchased, it came from 1 first posts I wrote when I started, which is ranked on the first page of Google.

Lesson to be learned here: Even if 1 post out of 50 gets ranked well in Google, there's a high chance you'll make money.



You never know which post of yours will be a major hit.

And as usual I am attaching this image below...

"Dig" your way to success!

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Congratulations!! That is so awesome and inspiring to us newbies. I am only a month old here hahahaha

Thank you Stacie! Best advice is to follow the WA training and view your website as your BUSINESS. It took me 2 years to get real serious about it.

Your post is so inspiring!

Thank you for sharing this and I wish you continued success with your Amazon site.

Your "best of" strategy sounds like a real winner!

Thank you Susan! Yep, using best of approach definitely works, no wonder why many successful marketers use that approach.

Congratulations :)

Thanks Vik :)

Thanks for the encouraging post! Keep up your hard work!

Best wishes,
Karin :)

Will do :) And thanks for your support, appreciate it Karin!


Great job Zarina! Glad things are looking up for you!

Thank you very much, Tiffany!

Too bad I don't have enough energy for WA site but thought I'd get the Amazon site going for now.

Seems like I've made the right choice to focus on Amazon site for now!

Very impressive! Congratulations!

Thank you, Heidi!

You're welcome!

Great job Zarina

Thank you Shwana

Your welcome.

Brilliant! :-)

I love to hear success stories. Do let's know if the rising curve continues.

Thank you Ian :) I myself always check WA for new success stories to inspire me to do some work haha

Congratulations! Shows that being persistent pays off in the long run.

Exactly. Knowledge + action = power.

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