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How do I change a domain name that I own here at wa ?

How do I change a domain name that I own here at wa ?

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Hello WA community. I have a website with WA and I would like to change the domain name. This will be my first time changing a domain name and I would appreciate any assistan

Hi Yolanda,

In order to change a domain name yourself you require access to cPanel and then to create permanent 301 redirects (and obviously you'll want to change any branding you have on your original website content to your new website branding). Most cPanels have a "redirect" function within the dashboard.

However, unfortunately we do not have access to cPanel here at WA (which is typically why you're told that you can't do it - to be honest, it's something that rarely happens, but that's not to say that it isn't possible, i.e. you CAN change a domain name).

I note you've been a member for over 8 years, so are you talking about an aged website with a lot of content?

If so, this is something that you'll need to carefully consider before making a final decision (you will typically have built an audience who recognises your brand).

There is the option to "transfer" content from one website to another, which can be done by anyone with their hosting held at WA.

This will involve using the "import" and "Export" facilities in your WordPress Back Office.

So, you purchase a new domain, set up the basic shell of a website, then use the export facility from your original website and import facility on your new website (this transfers ALL content, files, even comments, etc.)

This would again also require the use of redirects, as your content will generally be indexed and ranked.

However, as others have said, even though WA backs up your hosted websites on a daily basis, you should also do this yourself via the use of a plugin.


Great stuff, thank you.

Hi Partha, you usually give great advice but I believe you are mistaken about the capabilities of "Export" and "Import". The export file is a text file that lists the location of the files in the media library. If the original website is deleted then the media library is also removed from the server so the media files will no longer exist. The new website will have broken links to all the media files.

Thanks Marion, I stand corrected.

I definitely didn't know about the media library after deletion.

However, the way you've explained about "listing the location" actually makes a lot of sense.

Thank you very much again (we learn something new every day).


Unfortunately, you can't change the domain name.

However, if your domain is still fresh (isn't indexed, doesn't have too much content, etc.), you can delete it and start a new one.

I would suggest creating a backup of your content (in case you don't want to lose the progress) with the All In One Migration plugin and saving it on your computer.

Then, once you create a new site with a domain name that you like, simply install the same plugin once again and upload the backup content.

Hope this helps!

Hi Yolanda
There's a little ambiguity in your question.
Is this your own domain name, or a siterubix subdomain?
Are you wanting to just change the domain name while retaining your site?
Are you wanting to build a new site?
If you can answer these questions then I/we can give you more precise guidance.

You simply create a new .siterubix name and delete the one you don't want. You have to pay for the .com,.net and .org names to make a new one.

If you are talking about using the free Siterubixc.com domain name you can delete it and create a new one. Here's how to do that.
How to delete and build different free website.
Menu Bar -> websites -> Site manager -> find your website
Look in lower right hand corner for "details" click on it.
Then scroll down and look in bottom left hand corner for "delete"
Click it.
To create a new one
Menu Bar -> websites -> Build Website -> Free website.

That is the advantage of starting with the free sitrubix.com website because it can be deleted.

If you asking how to change the domain url of one that you purchased, You cannot change it.

You are the owner for a full year and can be renewed for same length of time. If you want a different domain name you must buy another dot com domain name. You cannot change a purchased domain name because of industry standards for domain name registrars.

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How do I make a fillable form to put on my site?

How do I make a fillable form to put on my site?

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Everything Wordpress

How do I put a form on my wordpress site that can be filled in, but not edited by the people filling it in? Will it need to be a page or a post?
The form will be filled in

WP forms works well. But do you want to send them an acknowledgement or a thank you note as well. Then we are getting into plugins like email subscribers and newsletters plugin by icegram..

I would recommend either WP Forms, Forminator, or Ninja Forms.

Hi Yolinda. There is free online software to make pdfs fillable. It's pdfescape.com

hi, Its not clear what do you mean by not edited by the people filling it, You mean the form fields or the labels at the time of applying or once it has been summitted . because if I am applying and filling the form I need to have the options to edit the details I am keying in like spelling mistakes or wrong mobile numbers etc.


You may try forminator


How do I set up ways to accept payments for online classes?

How do I set up ways to accept payments for online classes?

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Website Development & Programming

Greetings WA family. My site will be about helping adults improve their reading skills. The classes will be taught online and I will supply all of the materials that will be

Thank you AbieAJ. I will look into PayPal. Yo


If you have an account with PayPal, they have exact instructions how to embed payment in your blog.

And so I follow up with PayPal. you can use straight payment, subscriptions or donations and that's also dependent your location, however for most it is accessible.




You can try with Lifter LMS


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How do you change your theme without losing your work?

How do you change your theme without losing your work?

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Everything Wordpress

How do I change to another theme, without losing all of my work from the confusing one that I am using now. Can I just use the same information when on the 'Building a Website

Hi Phil,
I knew there was an appearance button, but I haven't used it. I am very step by step when it comes to the computer. I appreciate the recommendations. I need fast and lightweight, until I become more confident with building sites.
Thank you very much for your answer.

Hello Warren,
Boy, have you put my mind at ease. My niche is teaching adults to read and I thought this current theme would be good for it, but there are block widgets and other items that were not shown in the level 2 training. I am taking your advice and finding something that is a easier for me to set up.
Thank you for your answer and time. Yo

you don't need to rebuild your site ...
in your current site goto hte dashboard ( where you have logged into your site)
and click on appearance ....
then on themes....
then on add new
and popular or new and you will get a list of over 5,000 themes...
if i could recommend a few that are very responsive, fast and lightweight, easily customizable and easy to use...
blocky, astra, oceanwp, kadence and neve...
although hte last one is very customizable..i would suggest that if you know how to customize a theme...
good luck
changing hte theme wil lnot change your work....but you may need to reset some of your stylinglike header, footer and other bits controlled by your theme....

You will not loose your work but if you change themes you may see some adjustments to the layout of your site and you will need to put that right

If you change your theme then do it this way

Activate a new theme then take a look at your site if you don't like the new layout then just reactivate the old theme and all of the old settings will come back

Hope this helps


Hi. I just did this a few days ago. First of all, all your posts and pages are still in Site Content.

What I found out....from this great community, is that in Word Press, you
pick a theme that works best for what you are doing. I have a blog, so a member of WA gave me an excellent theme to move to and so I did.

In WP, I wnt to THEMES and clicked on change themes. Then I searched for the one that was suggested to me and installed it. Not only did I not lose ANYTHING but it looks so much better.

Hope this helps.


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How do you delete websites that you are not going to use.?

How do you delete websites that you are not going to use.?

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Getting Started

How do you delete websites that you are not going to use?

Hello Joe,
I have been working on this new site for a short while but I am still nervous about deleting items (I still have the old ones that I practiced on). I have never clicked on this button.
Thank you very much for your answer and time. Yo

Simple, go to your back office, click on details and scroll down to the bottom of that website and click 'delete this website'.

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