Seriously now...Do you know how valuable you guys are?

Last Update: Apr 1, 2014


Joke or guys stepping down would devastated many people's lives and the perception of Wealthy Affiliates.

I am sure many of you within the Wealthy Affiliates community, like myself, had a minor heart attack this morning when you saw the title to Kyle's post " We are stepping down..".

I was personally HOPING it was an April Fools Day joke!

However, that thought sparked another thought....that would really discourage me.


I would still have the training material.

I would still have the community.

I would still get the valuable seasoned leadership of our Ambassadors.

So, ultimately I really wouldn't lose anything when it came to accomplishing my why would it matter so much? certainly would!

Kyle and Carson have created an atmosphere...a stage...a platform where we all feel comfortable, valued and included in the ongoing evolution and success of Wealthy Affiliates.

They have ultimately created a brand of can't hand that over to capable hands! They have proven their value in the successes of others by teaching, supporting and maintaining their high standards of information and leading by example.

Kyle and Carson have built a foundation based on their positive personal values, building confidence and trust in a diverse culture of entrepreneurs.

They are innovation leaders!

They are qualified authorities!

And, they are genuine people we put our trust in.

It certainly would not be the same inspiring and comfortable environment that Wealthy Affiliates IS!

Please know that you are highly esteemed, respected and valuable teachers to all of us within YOUR Wealthy Affiliates community. You have our trust and undivided attention!


Sunshiny Smiles


Recent Comments


that smile slipped for a moment...first time for everything! LOL

Yes it husband is such a prankster I was prepared for everything that day....not that though. I sure loved all the reactions too...what a chuckle. Sunshiny smiles Andy!

Hi Amanda,
You said it all! I know that post had me going there...I was in a state of shock for a bit, until i realized what was going on, lol. :) -Sherry

Like I said...I was hoping it was an April Fools joke. was. Sunshiny smiles....AMANDA

I think you just spoke for everyone at WA!!

Then i achieved what I set out to do. Sunshiny smiles!♡

I think you said it all :-)

Awesome....thanks! Sunshiny smiles

Thanks so much for your kind words Amanda. We are one in the same, at no point would we use the word "us" instead of community.

Sure we do drive a lot of the decisions behind the technology and landscape here within the platform, but equally so WA has evolved over the years based on feedback from members and their wants, needs, likes and dislikes.

So thank YOU and thank everyone for being part of the awesome community. There is honestly no other place I would rather hang out than within the awesome group of folks here at WA. ;)

It was quite a profound feeling...kind of caught me off guard...none theless...I really wanted you guys to know how valuable you are.
sunshiny smiles

Really , thank you for your valuable words . Yes, we are in a respectable , friendly and helpful community.

For sure! Sunshiny smiles

Beautifully said Amanda! Even though it was an April Fool's Day joke, I know there was a collective shudder through the WA family! Some were reduced to tears, some close to a heart attack and others just absolutely stunned! Yes, there were those that perceived early on that is was a joke! For the majority of us though, we realized with crystal clarity of just how valuable Kyle and Carson are to the strength and integrity of WA. We are proud of them and we are proud members of the best community on the Internet!

Amen to that...glad to be a part of this community...and vety thankful! Sunshiny smiles

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