"Some Wealthy Affiliate hosting servers DO NOT allow plugins to make outbound requests, if you site is on one of these servers you're going to get errors"

Step By Step Video & Instructional Tutorial

This tutorial is going to cover how to backup wordpress to Dropbox. I'm going to show you how to have your site scheduled to be sent to a free dropbox account every day/week or month.

It’s very straight forward and after you watch the How To video tutorial you'll be able to complete this process in a few minutes. However to follow along you’re going to need a free Dropbox.com account and a selfhosted wordpress site as we need to install a plugin called BackWpUp.

If your site is hosted here on Wealthy Affiliate hosting or perhaps Hostgator or BlueHost etc you'll have no problems creating backups of your site, but if you use Godaddy hosting this isn't going to work because Godaddy hosting does not allow outbound FTP access.

What Is DropBox And Why Do I Need A Free Account?

Dropbox.com is an online service/site that will give you 2GB of online storage when you create a free user account. We need an account at Dropbox so that we can have our wordpress blog backed up and stored on a server at Dropbox that’s not part of our hosting.

What Is The Plugin BackWpUp And Why Do I Need It?

Well first off there are several plugins that will allow you to backup your entire wordpress site, but BackWpUp is the only plugin I’m aware of that will allow you to automatically upload it to your Dropbox account every day/week/month. The plugin has also been around for a long time and is well known in the wordpress community, plus it’s updated often.

Do I Even Need To Backup My Wordpress Site?

It’s entirely up to you, but let me try answer that question for you.
Would you be ok if someone just deleted your entire site?
Silly question right, of course you should be backing up your site and that’s exactly why I’m creating this tutorial to show you how to backup a wordpress site.

Backing Up Wordpress Step By Step

I recommend watching and following along to the video tutorial above, but I’m also going to give you some short step by step instructions on how to backup wordpress and send to Dropbox.

Step 1: Create A Free Account At DropBox

Simple head over to Dropbox.com and create yourslef a free account. Please note that you do not need to install or download the dropbox software to follow along.

Step 2: Install BackWpUp Plugin

Login to your blog dashboard, now via plugins/Add new search for BackWpUp, this is the plugin we're going to use and it’s by Inpsyde Gmbh. Once installed you can activate the plugin.

Step 3: Plugin Intro

After activating the plugin you should now see two new menu buttons, one in the top menu and another in the bottom of the left menu. Click on either one to see the plugin welcome page, now this page will talk about the free and Pro version of the plugin. Again to follow along you DO NOT need the Pro version. Just scroll all the way down and click the backup now button.

Step 4: Creating A Backup Job

Creating a full backup job if relatively straightforward and I’m going to briefly run over each TAB of options. But first you'll need to click on Create New Job, you can also get to this page via the BackWpUp menu.

General Options:
I personally change the backup name to “Full Backup” but this is totally optional. By default you can leave Job Tasks and Backup File Creation asis. Then for Job Destination you need to select “DropBox” as the backup destination. Log Files should already contain your email address, just double check as this is the email address errors get set to should something fail. “Save Changes”.

Schedule Options:
We want to select the second option “with wordpress cron”. Then you should see more options appear. Here you select how often you’d like the job to run and backup your wordpress site. If you only add one post per week, then consider setting it to backup weekly and select a time/day when least people will be visiting your site. “Save Changes”

DB Backup Options:
Click the ALL button so that all tables get a checkmarked, scroll down and press “Save Changes”. Please note that in the video I made a mistake and that’s why I added an overlay image.

Files Options:
Again by default everything is set to be backed up, but if you’d like to exclude folders/directories from being backed up you can by adding a checkmark next to the folder name. If you’re not sure what anything is, backup everything. If it turns out the total backup size is over 150MB+ then I’d consider asking someone what could be excluded. “Save Changes”

Plugins Options:
Nothing much to do on this page unless you'd like to change the file name or compression type..

To DropBox Options:
If you this TAB is missing go back to the first tab and make sure you have Dropbox selected as the destination and Save Changes.

First click on “Authenticate (Sandbox)” or “Authenticate (Full Dropbox)”. If you're not logged into Dropbox it’s going to ask you to login, then you’ll see a screen asking you to allow the plugin to communicate with Dropbox. Select “Allow”. It should bring you back to the option page. The folder name is what will be created over at Dropbox and file deletion I recommend setting too 3. 3 being the number of latest backup copies that will be stored on Dropbox. In other words, when a new backup in created and uploaded, the oldest copy in deleted. “Save Changes” or you’ll need to re-authenticate again.

Step 4: Run The Job
At this point if you've followed along everything should be working and on the next scheduled date a backup will be created and sent to dropbox, but it’s always recommend to “Run Now”. You may see a “Run Now” link on the page you’re currently on, if not via either BackWpUp Menu you can select Jobs.
Under the Jobs overview you’ll the new job you just created, hovering the cursor over the job will reveal a few more option, press the “Run Now” link and it will start to perform the complete backup.

It should only take a minute or so to complete, depending on the size of your site/blog, once it’s finished you can double check over at dropbox to confirm everything worked.


If you run into any problems you're welcome to comment here and myself or others will try help. Or you can also visit the plugin support page, I'm sure you'll find the answer to the problem http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/backwpup

If for some reason after you press "Allow" to connect DropBox with your Blog it redirects you to the Google Analytics plugin setting page, please deactivate the Google Analytics plugin just while you authenticate with DropBox, then Activate once BackWpUp in setup.

On a final note, if you found this video tutorial helpful, please hit the Like button below.

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Tsusanami Premium Follow Me
no use to me, can't get backwpup
welshy Premium Top 50 Follow Me
You will need to locate the plugin via "Add New" see screenshot.
Tsusanami Premium Follow Me
not on my wordpress, it doesn't exist.
Nastazia Premium Follow Me
Thank you so much. I finished my back up with no problems at all.Very useful video.
Tsusanami Premium Follow Me
Is WP Super Cache the same as BackWpUp???
mjpd Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Hi! It is not called backup in wordpress. Go to TOOLS and then EXPORT and save the file (do not open it)
welshy Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Just be aware that the "Tools Export" option, is not backing up your images, themes, setting, widgets etc. It only will only backup the content.
mjpd Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Thank you for that info. So I need to back up to dropbox?
Tsusanami Premium Follow Me
Yest the tools export/import is what is known as 'the quick and dirty' option. I have no idea how to get this backwpup installed, it is not actually there for me to choose. People do download it, but it has to be a zip as far as I know, but I can't seem to save as a zip. Good luck with your end.
Tsusanami Premium Follow Me
So can you help me to get the backwpup installed please, as I said before it isn't there. I've seen it on other wordpressess while searching web, but the one I have with wealthy affiliates, hasn't got it. Susan.
welshy Premium Top 50 Follow Me
You can install plugins correct?
If yes, click on "Add New" then in the search box enter "backwpup".
See this image http://take.ms/QPYvw

This should then return the option to install the plugin.
Tsusanami Premium Follow Me
No backupwp exists in my plug in on dashboard on word press. So can'to do it.
DougD Premium Follow Me
Thanks for sharing.
blubutterfly Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Hey there, I was wondering would I bother to do this if I have already set up Up Draft Plus back up? I have set this to back up every day
welshy Premium Top 50 Follow Me
No, if you backup via another method then no need for this.
blubutterfly Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Cool thanks Welshy :)
DaisyB Premium Top 200 Follow Me
HI Welshy, I got the dropbox set up. I installed the plugin. I followed your step by step settings instuctions. I authenticated the dropbox in the plugin. Here is the error I get when I try to run the backup now
"The HTTP response test get an error "couldn't connect to host"
the only other place that I can see that might be upset is under the plugin settings, it asks if I need to add this kind of info.
backup plug-error    backup plug-error  view image
welshy Premium Top 50 Follow Me
This is most likely WA blocking the outbound request.
You could try creating a support ticket asking them "if requests from backwpup to dropbox are being blocked."

On another note, if you want to create the odd manual backup, I would highly recommend "WP Clone by WP Academy", install and select Create Backup.
Few seconds later you'll have a .zip clone of your site, then download file to computer.
welshy Premium Top 50 Follow Me
No need to add details to the area in screenshot.
DaisyB Premium Top 200 Follow Me
OK will try.
DaisyB Premium Top 200 Follow Me
bMarr Premium Follow Me
very nice training, thank you
PLarkins Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Every time I try and back up I get this msg. ERROR: No destination correctly defined for backup! Please correct
SuzetteH Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Backed up my site with dropbox. Got this same warning 7 times. It is WARNING: File name "wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Online-Entrepreneur-Certification-Getting-Started-Level-1-Google-Chrome-2015-01-30-20.59.30-150x150.png" is too long to be saved correctly in TarGz archive! Can I get help on how to resolve this please? Thank you
PLarkins Premium Top 100 Follow Me
I did mine the other way, with export.
welshy Premium Top 50 Follow Me
The warnings are related to the image filenames being too long.
I believe the backup is still created and sent to Dropbox, you should double check.

Personally I wouldn't worry too much about the warnings but be aware that it may not be backing up the images with warnings.

When creating a JOB you select different compacting options, you could try selecting .ZIP and not TarGz.
welshy Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Please be aware that if you use the wordpress Tools Export option, this only backs up your content.
No images, themes, plugins, settings, widgets etc are backed up.
PLarkins Premium Top 100 Follow Me
I didn't know that. I'm about to sleep for the night. I'll read your response in the morning. Is drop box better then export. It will some everything
SuzetteH Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Your training never ceases to amaze me! You have a way of making everything so easy and stress free. Thank you Welshy
whitsunday Premium Follow Me
Such a great training. Thanks Welshy
MarieKi Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Thanks for sharing! Now I feel safe...
Miss Angee Premium Follow Me
Hi, I did the backup, and it went fine other than many of my pictures had to long file names. I deleted and uploaded some of them after shorten their filenames, and then did another backup. This time I get the error "couldn't connect to host", why do I get this the second time and not the first? I don´t have Google Analytics to turn off, so how do I fix this?
Really appreciate your help! :)
welshy Premium Top 50 Follow Me
I would recommend that you try again, it may have been a server down at the time it was attempting to connect.

If it doesn't work, try to re-authenticate with Dropbox again.
MarvH Premium Follow Me
I set up Dropbox and BackWpUp. Got interrupted in between and now Dropbox gave me a Key Code to put into BackWUp., Does anyone know where? I also got this error:RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: couldn't connect to host.
NormandyMktg Premium Follow Me
it looks like the answer to your question is below here in several posts ... let us know if those recommendations fix your problem and answer your question
PLarkins Premium Top 100 Follow Me
It says not authenticated. I did all the steps. How do I fit that.