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Last Update: October 18, 2014

I came across a very interesting YouTube video I thought all of you would like to see or should see. I also did research on my own likes and this video hits it right on the head. If you enjoyed my blog or found out your likes come out with the same results, like this post and share.


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MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for sharing, Tommy. This is something we should all know about. ~Marion
bazboy247 Premium
great video
Terell Premium
Thanks for sharing. I was wondering about buying likes and I heard it was a waste of time and money and that video proved it. Thanks again
CarlaIves Premium
That's VERY interesting, Tommy. So it looks like there's no difference, eh? I didn't have paid likes on one of my pages but I DID have likes from ladder exchanges, which is where you like someone's page in exchange for them liking yours. One night I had about 4,500 on that page and then next day. . . WHOOSH. . . . 2,500. I tried getting an answer from FB, but nothing was forthcoming. They just snatched 2,000 likers. I still don't know why. Oh well. Live and learn.
mrpeter Premium
Yes, this is really interesting, and just goes to show how easy it is to waste money, and also how immoral it all is.
tommydillard Premium
Yes and most of my likes came from India and Pakistan
mrpeter Premium
All part of the learning process I guess!