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I have 3 pages reporting broken javascript?

I have 3 pages reporting broken javascript?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi all,

I have 3 pages reporting broken Java script through a Hhrefs crawl.

The fix advice is;

The 404 (Not Found) HTTP status code indicates that th

Hi Stephen,
I have been wondering how you are getting along. Did you get your indexing issues cleared up? There always seems to be something complex going on.
Take care and keep forging ahead!


Hi Erlene,

Thank you for asking, but no, I still have many pages that were indexed but now are not. I have given up trying to fathom it out.

I have even tried re-writing posts, but it makes no difference they do not get reindexed.

Google seems to be holding my indexed posts at around 60, and I have 87 published. It is frustrating as many of them are on page one or have the snippet spot on Bing.

For instance, a post I published on the 5th of October was initially indexed by google but now it isn't. Yet it has the snippet spot on Bing, and a screenshot is attached.

As I said, a mere mortal like me can't fathom it. So I will carry on writing but mainly because I won't let an artificial intelligence like Google beat me.

Again thanks for asking. I hope all is going well for you and you don't have any significant problems.

All the best


Hi Steve

Hope you heard from site support and this has now been resolved.

Kindly let us know.

Thanks Abie,

site support said;

Please note that this JS file is related to SiteSpeed cache so you need not worry about that warning as it will not cause any issue with your website.

So if they are saying don't worry about it I won't

All the best


Thanks Steve.

I'd probably sleep on it now, however do more research.

Will let you know.

Appreciate your reply.

Hi Abie

It seems the error has sorted itself as a Ahrefs scan today reveals no errors. All very odd, haha

All the best

Yes, ask site support.
Sometimes we have remnants of pages we have moved or deleted.

Clear you website cache, clear the WA website cache(found under details), and clear your browser history.

Check all of your permalinks.

You can do this while waiting for a reply from site support.


Thanks, Rudy will do.

All the best


You're welcome, Steve.
Hope Site Support was helpful!


I try site support
But found this
Thank you.

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How many facebook groups can you post too?

How many facebook groups can you post too?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hi all

Thank you for your help in advance

I want to post my articles to multiple groups I have joined on Facebook.

If I post the same article link to multiple

I think you can post to many groups as you'd like to. You can join up to 6,000 groups on FB. I also think Each group is independent of the other.
Posting in each group once a day should shield you from getting suspended by FB.
Try not to be spammy about it. All the best!

Thank you yes I am not attempting to post multiple posts every day to a group just one per day.

All the best to you too



Fifty groups is too much to post in a day.

There's something with Facebook, if you do same thing few times, it may detect a Spam activity.

So I post in moderation.

You want the groups to be relevant and not just any.

Have your own group, you can create one to accompany your business page.

Get involved, help around. Give first then ask, I'd try and keep it simple, am sure you do :)

Follow the guidelines, not sure, ask permission.

Have fun.

You may review below resources Hope this helps.

Thanks, Abie

I do currently have my own Facebook group with 70 members. So it is growing

All the best

That's awesome Steve and I am so happy for you :)

You're very welcome.

If you just post articles to FB groups before you've helped other people most groups will count that as spam.

A more natural way is to ask a genuine question in a group. Then if your article helps solve the answer you can share it in the comments... or better yet find someone who is asking a question that your post can solve... so for you you will want to find FB groups that talk a lot about PSP's i.e. camping/ RV/ fishing etc.

Ok Thanks for your help once again Mike

All the best


I would take caution. It doesn't seem that it takes much for Fb jail. Spread out your posts for sure. Don't do it all at once and be sure to offer helpful advice before linking to your article.

Thank You, Lisa

Lots of the posts are reviews and the groups I am posting to are marketing groups

All the best


Your welcome. Yes, just change up the posts and spread them out. :)

Facebook is a fickle creature! I would avoid a large number of multi-posts. In addition, you will have the moderators to deal with. So use caution in your endeavors.


Thanks, Canty

5 per day it is

All the best

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Why do I have an an addl.sitemap?

Why do I have an an addl.sitemap?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi all

Once again thank you for your help in advance

I have something called an addl-sitemap.xml which first appeared in my Google Search Console indexed pages on

Did you get it sorted then Steve?

Hi Mike, don't know yet waiting for the Google bot to crawl the site.

It's still not indexing the new pages I have written though !!!

All the best Steve

Looks like Phil has you covered. I hope it worked out well for you.

Yes got site support on it Yvonne

All the best


That's great Steve site support are the best.

I hope you get that sorted out, Steve!


Thank You Jeff

All the best


You're very welcome, Steve!

Likewise, my friend!


if that exists on your site then you can examine it by going to
and you will see the content...
have a look in the aio seo sitemap section.. change the switches so you can see all of the sitemaps it is creating and what it is adding
there is help on the aio seo site for this...
i hope you find a solution

Hi Phil

It has my complete URL in the sitemap file. Says it has 100% priority and 100% change frequency. But I also asked SiteSupport because I have been trying to find a solution for the last month. I only noticed the correlation with dates last night.

I do understand that Google will not index all of my content for whatever reason. But over 25% of the site is not possible. As I have written all the posts myself from scratch.

And my overall duplicate content for the site is 11% so not overly concerning.

SiteSupport has got rid of it. So the only site map Google will be reading is my posts.

Hoping that will cure the problem. Thanks for replying

All the best


I was going to suggest Site Support for this but glad you got it fixed!

My best to you! I am cheering for you and hope these endless problems stop! 🛑
Take care,

Hi siobhan. Not fixed yet. Need to wait and see what Google does now.

All the best


Thanks for your Support Erlene. I hope so too. Just seems to be one thing after another.

Hey at least I am learning more about the back end.

Always a silver lining

All the best


I love your mindset! You are absolutely spot on to accept it as a learning opportunity. I have had many of them and still need many more!


I think you just might Erlene. I am sure I have many to come myself ha ha

All the best


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Has anybody else problem getting their new posts google?

Has anybody else problem getting their new posts google?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi all

Sorry, it's me again and this time it's an essay !!!

Has anybody else had a problem getting their new posts indexed by Google?

This problem started on

Hi Stephen, I really know how you feel I have been going through the same headache for the last week. I finally contacted Kyle and he assured me that this happens from time to time with Google.

Rest assured that when it is happening to other people that it is an issue with Google, not you.

Get writing as it will fix itself soon. Mine just did yesterday.


Thanks, Lilly

I didn't think things like this would be so mentally difficult to deal with. But I guess it's all part of learning to be an internet marketeer.

Glad your problem has resolved itself

So it's onwards and upwards !!!

All the best


Absolutely Stephen.

Don't get hung up on post indexing. Focus on writing new content (original and helpful). It is impossible to figure Google out..

I think you are right !!!!!! ha ha

Just remember, Steve, that Google is a fickle beast! As PP said, keep writing quality content!


Yes Jeff

Just going to sit down and start another post now !!!

All the best


Sounds awesome, Steve! Content is king!

Jeff 😎👍👍

Hey Steve,

Would you like me to say it?

"Stop Obsessing About it and Get On With Writing Posts."


Firstly, it's not just you, it's pretty much everyone.

We are all experiencing indexing issues or SO WE THINK according to Google Search Console.

Basically, the issue at the moment lies with Google and not ourselves.

And GSC may not be providing accurate data.

So, always do the "site:youdomainname.com + your article subject" check in Google to see if you are actually indexed.

I have seen one explanation, but it was more an educated guess on the person's part.

A lot of people seem to have the "Crawled - Not Yet Indexed".

So, the Google bots have crawled your site, but not yet indexed that specific post.

Basically, Google can handle whatever is thrown at it in terms of publishing frequency.

However, the "explanation" that one particular person came up with was the influx of AI generated content,

Years ago, people were producing content en-masse via articles spinners.

And you could get away with choosing a keyword and simply placing that keyword in your article about 50 times.

Google was nowhere near as sophisticated back then, so they simply ranked these posts.

Then cam the "Panda" Core update of 2011 which basically done away with all this "crap content".

Google had wised up.

Then people started purchasing thousands of backlinks and throwing these at their articles and websites in order to rank higher.

Once again, Google fell for these tricks and ranked these articles and websites.

But then came the "Penguin" Core update of 2012.

Then we had everyone and their mother providing health and financial advice and getting ranked, but without any form of expertise.

But then came the "Your Money or Your Life" Core Update of 2019, which meant that to rank well in these niches you woould do better as an expert or someone qualified.

Basically, people are always trying to trick or con Google and manipulate rankings.

The latest appears to be AI content.

So, there are people out there publishing 100+ posts a day and ranking and getting huge amounts of traffic very quickly.

Admittedly, some of the AI content is still pretty good and can be helpful to searchers and readers.

But yet again, there is a lot of crap content once more.

Google is not going to fall for these old traick again.

So, in effect, Google's taking her time to index some content.

There's no real "rules" for how and why they're doing this, but it just may mean that Google decides to do additional "quality checks" prior to indexing content.

The best thing to look at is on GSC to see when the date for "Site Last Crawled" and then check back again at a later date to see if the previous not indexed articles have now been indexed.

Google will typically index all articles, some may take 2 hours, whereas others may take 4-6 weeks.

I think they're just trying to weed out the rubbish content that is simply produced to manipulate rankings.

Plus, I have a feeling that there may be another BIG Google core update in the next 6 months.

All of this could of course be completely WRONG!!

As always, just an opinion.


Thanks for your comprehensive reply Partha.

The reason I am so frustrated is that I am having to start to write more technical posts for my niche to find a way to rank.

For instance, it took 20 hours to do the research and write a 1600 post about blocking diodes. Even I was bored by the end of it haha.

So I will go away and "Stop Obsessing About it and Get On With Writing Posts."

Thanks again

All the best


Yes, there is a problem with the index tool. It is slowly getting back to normal. It looks like the post is online, but they are not showing in the index tool. It has been referenced elsewhere on the web. You are not alone.

Thanks for your answer, Phil.

I have input one of the pages into an incognito window. It doesn't show the page in the results. It shows other pages from my site referencing the page.

Can't help stressing about it though. ha ha


Yes, I had one indexed and one not. It went from 24 hours to 14 days! They have started to come right again now. Worth resubmitting. Good luck, I share your pain!

Thank you Phil

I feel a bit better now. Nothing like a bandaid and sympathy from the community


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