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Hi, I'm Lily from Australia,

I've been a professional Singer/guitarist for most of my life. 40 years of performing has just flown by. Retired now with my wonderful husband and our fur baby. We've made the sea change and loving it.

I enjoy singing with a local ladies' choir, playing live gigs solo, or with other professional musicians. Ballroom dancing, and golf. I've had several businesses in Sydney years ago and enjoy working with others to reach their dreams.

I'm in a jazz trio so we do the odd gig when it's a really nice venue and people. I have been studying guitar in Nashville online with Steve Krenz for over 8 years now and it has made me aware of the power of the internet to reach out to like-minded people.

Update 24 August 2019

Well, move over Dorothy and Toto! I've definitely found my new home. I can't believe it's only been 3 weeks since I first joined WA. It has been a whirlwind with following a lesson each day, deciding on the niche that really called to me, and creating my first website ever.

I could not have achieved all this without the help of these step-by-step lessons, a wonderful helpful community, and my awesome coach Jack. There were a few days when I felt overwhelmed but I would check my emails and there would be a like from someone or a comment. A new welcome and more follows. It lifted my spirits and I trusted the system and went back to study. I enjoyed watching my rating come down as I reached out to new friends and my network grew.

I have miles of notes. Lists of ideas for posts and a shiny new website that just received 18 comments on my 4th post. I was touched by talking to real people who enjoyed what I wrote.

I've never felt alone learning all this new technology and when I was getting to the hair-pulling stage, I would ask my coach and he would help me out and keep me moving. I can never repay you Jack for your ideas, talent, and kindness.

This is an exciting journey I'm taking with friends.

Update January 2021

What an exciting journey. I've been here for around 18 months now and have two websites up and running. I started making a little trickle of commissions after 10 months on my music website. It is still going strong. I started my MMO website in January 2020 and have recently employed a copywriter/mentor to help me write 3 articles a week and 2 Quora answers to improve my SEO.

It's a joy to have a writing buddy and I can see it reflected in my analysis with lots more visitors. Definitely worth the cost. Still heaps to learn but 2021 is going to be a very good year.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
$10,000 a month
Money I would be ecstatic earning
$50,000 a month
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
14 - 20 hours a week
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Jul 29, 2019
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Aussiemuso Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
$10,000 a month

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
$50,000 a month

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
14 - 20 hours a week
Carson Premium Plus
Great to see that you've added some goals Lilymunday!

Working towards achieving these goals will happen as you take action on the lesson tasks here at WA. Ask questions when you have them, and take your time. This is not a race, and your time investment will have you up and running before you know it!

You're going to do just great!

Aussiemuso Premium
Thanks for the support Carson. Lilymunday is awkward. Can I change it to just Lily? I didn't realise it would become my moniker. I'm pretty green to aspects of the computer and the at home distractions.
udaraduminda Premium
Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live your dreams.
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Fredeim88 Premium Plus
Hi Lily, thanks for following me. The community are golden to help you out on the path of success. There are plenty of like minded people striving for success. We are all in the same boat together and lift each other up in difficult times. Keep it up.

All the best,
Wayne66 Premium
Good day, Lily and a BIG WELCOME to WA. I'm glad you are enjoying it here so far and discovering that it is all that the reviews have said it is. all we need to do is contribute the work.

That said, thanks so much for adding me to your network and I am more than happy to add another Aussi to mine.

If you're not already, you might want to add Marion Black to your follow list. She is a fellow Aussi and has been with WA for several years and is very knowledgable when it comes to stuff WordPress.

All the best as you continue this journey and always remember to,

Keep Moving Forward,
Aussiemuso Premium
Thanks so much Wayne. We live in a beautiful country and it's wonderful to have the opportunity to meet such lovely people and grow in this community.

All the best to you and your wife.

Lily 😊
Wayne66 Premium
Yes, it is a beautiful country. My wife and I had an opportunity... well, let me rephrase that. When my wife and I got married 24 years ago, she had been planning a trip to Australia to visit her sister and her family. It was only a couple of months away (between Christmas and New Years) so, naturally, I HAD to go.

It was my first flight to anywhere in the world and it and the visit to Adelaide was an amazing experience, to say the least. We also took in Kangaroo Island for a few days and did a little hiking around the hills of her sister's home town.

It was amazing. OOPS, I already said that.
BarbaraN Premium
Well, Hello Lily and welcome to WA. You're going to have a great time and learn so much here. Great to have another musician with us. I'm along time organist, singer and pianist. Technically I'm retired, but I still play some. And I sing with a choir.
Thanks for the follow, and I'm following you back.
Aussiemuso Premium
Hi Barbara, thank you. I love singing in the local choir as well as with my Jazz trio, it's so joyful.

I am learning so much everyday from WA and the community. It makes me feel a little more confident about this new world I've stepped into.

I'm thrilled when I get comments on my posts and get to chat with real people about music.

All the best for your success.

JoshuaHorton Premium
Thank you for the follow. I love your bio and sounds like your having lots of successes here at WA. No surprise there. This place is amazing. This is my new favorite saying "That is OK! Fail forward!" I don't know where I heard that at though.. :)

I wish you a massive amount of success.
Igor13 Premium
Hi Lily!

Thanks a lot for connecting and the follow. I am glad to be part of your WA network. Following you back.

Music is a great area of interest. Music is connecting people, as does affiliate marketing as you can see.
The online world made it possible to connect quickly, from everywhere around the world.

Wishing you success.

Best regards,